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WOW! Are we ever getting hit hard with snow.  I have to say it makes the holiday season very festive, and pretty. Although makes my last minute shopping difficult.

I’ll be sledding with the kids, all day today I have a feeling. Note to self: Get ski pants!!

I felt like an awful mom, when the other day Amber said to me (after playing in the snow for 4 hours!) “Mom I had so much fun playing in the snow. You know, I never did that before.”

That hit me like a ton of bricks.

 I realized, OH! MY! WORD! She never has got to “play” in the snow. She has sledded a handful of times, but she was only 1 when Alexa got sick, and I spent what seemed like forever in the hospital. So for the last 2 winters, (she was really young anyway) she never got to just go out and PLAY! Even last year, Alexa couldn’t really risk being outside for too long. I felt SOOOOO terrible. I saw what a backseat she has taken in some areas and felt terrible. Talk about a “bad mommy” moment. I seriously almost cried. So, now every chance she gets she’s goin out! She’s at a better age anyway. Under 4 seems so small to be out in the freezing cold. Maybe that’s because I LOATHE cold.

I’d love to hear a bad mommy moment you had recently, so I don’t feel so awful. This is the place to unload the guilt. We can’t do it all, all the time. That is why I’m starting to take note of things like that, and try harder to change them. Like Dr. Phil says “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge!” Granted some things are beyond our control, like when Alexa was sick, but doesn’t mean I can’t change the fact that Amber may need a little more attention, time to time, now.

Anyway-back to the point of the post. On design teams we are ALWAYS months ahead of holidays, and we are currently gearing up for Valentines Day. (I know-INSANE!) I’m trying to finish Christmas stuff, and I’m working with hearts, and LOVE stuff. Too funny. I don’t know which is more amusing-the fact that its JUST before Christmas and I’m  working on LOVE stuff, or that I started Christmas stuff in AUGUST, and I’m STILL not done! Jeepers, that is insane.

Well as you know it IS Saturday, and that means Sketch Time!

Thank you to all who give it a go. I do my best to peek around and comment when you do. I’m always in awe of everyone’s take on things too.

For the sketches, just use them as inspiration. If something doesn’t work, don’t kill yourself to get it there, just go with the flow.

OK I am totally LOVING this week’s sketch-keyword mytimess


I definitely want to use this one again and again.

SO for my card I got this image from Stampavie the Rachelle Anne Miller Collection-Lily & Milo.


I felt it was PERFECT for me at my “in between” holiday faze of Christmas & Valentines day!

Embrace Happiness


Isn’t it beyond adorable? I’m giving this to Jay with his Christmas gifts 😀

I LOVE that sentiment! It’s from Mixed Messages. Its just perfect.

In place of the “circle” I used ribbons.

I think its important to embrace happiness and love when we can. Acknowledge the one’s you love. I rarely make cards for most “holidays” to give away, but I think Jay will like it. He loves when I make him cards, especially for no reason. He does love the DETAILED ones, and holds me to a high standard I think. That can be stressful! LOL!

Close up view


OK so I LOVE these colors together!

Poppy, Regal rose, dark chocolate, caramel/kraft, pink.

THIS is why I LOVE my copic’s! That POP of color is so WOW! (I just realized I’m capitalizing a lot. Yes I am that passionate about my points here today I guess. :O)

I have to say for me coloring is so soothing. I love it.

I also have to say that ANY time I have boy/girl images together, I totally STRESS about WHAT colors I am going to use on the boy! He HAS to match her, but he shouldn’t really be in PINK! KWIM? This is always a safe route, since I never want to throw off my color scheme.

I know I sound a little crazy, but these are the weird things that throw me in a frenzy sometimes. Plus not using ANY patterned paper can be hard, as it is often a jumping point for me when coloring detailed images as well. I think the sketch and image are detailed enough without needing the busy look patterned paper can sometimes bring.

Well that is all my rambling for today. My mojo is in HIGH gear , which of course always happens when I have stuff I HAVE to do, and it makes me trail off and just “play” which I shouldn’t be doing. I have some super projects to share with you because of that, really soon.

In the mean time, try the sketch. Maybe it will be what you need for something.

Also check out the sketch team-hopefully they got some time in to stamp too!

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  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
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  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Till tomorrow-stay warm!

    We interrupt this weekend of countdowns to bring you a sketch challenge! Oh and a uber cool new template peek too!

    I have NO IDEA where the month is going. I’m no where near done my Christmas stuff! YIKES!

    We have had no power on & off due to ice storms so sorry this is late.


    Keyword mytimess15 (thank you Dawn for making the image for me :D)

    Here is my sample


    I used the Out of the Box image-popped out with a circle punch. The sentiment is Heartfelt Basics (love that set). My “patterned paper” was done using the background basicis stars, colored in olive and blue. I stamped them in blue first, then colored the edges with a marker before stamping them. I used my glue pen to add some bling to the centers. I think they look like cute flowers.

    Don’t miss the sketch team samples too!

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Now I’m moving on with a template peek 😀  This time using the Desk Top Stationery box. Only 2 more sleeps! Unless you stay awake for the release 😀


    Now how is this for a gift presentation?

    Black and shimmery white is just an elegant and stunning color combo. Perfect for any style.

    I made this gift to re-package a jewlery kit. This will be for my MIL. She loves making jewelry.

    I purchased a make your own photo bracelet kit. I cannot for the LIFE of me remember where! I want to say Michaels, on SALE for $3 after Christmas last year. I KNEW it would come in handy-someday.


    In this Desk Top Stationery holder, I have put 3 of the small hinge tins. They are a PERFECT fit. I think you can fit 6 of the tins in this template. Not positive. I covered each tin which is stamped with the leaf pattern label from Limitless labels ( I LOVE that set-and not just for candy nuggets!). I just created 2 sections for my gift. the 3 tins on one side, with my jewelery supplies, which tie in with some satin ribbon, and my necklace.


    You can see the gift packaging in the background.

    The bracelet kit included 3 heart shape photo holders which I put in one tin (and I already put the kids photos in there) and 3 rectangle ones, which are in the other tin (that has myself, Jay and a photo of Daisy in there).

    The third tin had the string and additional beads in the kit. I whipped up the necklace myself by purchasing the butterfly charm, and necklace separately.

    Another great, inexpensive gift idea D

    Well I hope you get inspired to try the sketch, or more uses for the templates!

    My Favorite Things gets sketchy

    Dec 6, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    OK I am off to Breakfast with Santa so this is uber fast OK!

    OK Update: Moo moo is still alive. Seems to be feeling “normal” no signs of string yet, or obstruction. Family issues looking positive, and I may have found and apartment for my brother and his girlfriend! PRAISE GOD!! Amber got better and we went to Alexa’s concert-although she didn’t sing, it was cute. I am feeling better-exhausted but can’t complain. Lost 4 more lbs! Go me.

    I have a bajillion emails that I will get to. With my computer service going in & out and being sick (and deadlines for my Templates (YEAH!) I have been so busy your head could spin.

    Lastly all the awesome stamp and stores having great sales for us stampers is a KILLER isn’t it? I know I can’t be buying anything for me right now-not that I NEED anything KWIM? CRAZY.

    Here is the sketch


    Keyword mytimess14

    Todays sketch was a fun one for me. I want to apologize for the AWFUL lighting. The photo was taken LATE last night. I may re-take it later. My computer has been running awful, and with everything going on this was taken at like 1 am.


    Upon looking at the sketch – I noticed how I even altered my own design! LOL! I really wanted to used this NEW! Release image (and sentiment) from MFT called-Toteally Fantastic-which I adore, loving handbags myself ! I cut it down to fit my layout preference.

    So I made it work! The sentiment was rather larger than my sketch block so I improvised. I was going for the funky Vera Bradley style look for this one 😀 and in place of the circle I chose my paper pieced handbag! The paper is a fave of mine from K & co.

    Speaking of handbag-


    Then I went on to use My Timeless Template Purse-onality Clutch to create a purse to match (this time of year I need to maximize every creation I can for gift giving, and this is for a teen!).

    I used the same fun papers, and created a funkier handle-then was done.

    OK Im running so check out the sketch team to see what they did OK!

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • I hope you get to try the sketch, and send us a link here. I do plan on visiting those who have done last weeks-Ive just been crazy here.

    Enjoy the day, and I hope you get some MY TIME in 😀

    UGH! Im FINALLY sitting down here, about noon on Saturday. We lost our Internet/email since early Friday morning. That mean I had no connection to the outside world, OR the ability to post on my blog or notify the people I work for that I had no Internet. You don’t realize how cut off from the WORLD you feel when your Internet goes down. Im so disgusted with Verizon-let me tell you! LOL!

    I had so many great things planned and now no time for it GRRR!!!

    OK thanks for letting me spew all the negativity out. Feels good to get over it. I have to say I really don’t do well under a lot of pressure. I don’t procrastinate, and when things are beyond my control, and puts me behind its a killer

    Lots to share today!!! Some I just HAVE to put off till tomorrow because my kids are pulling at my legs to get the Christmas tree put up! We usually do it the day after Thanksgiving ( yeah I know it seems early but my kids LOVE to maximize the holiday feeling and I don’t blame them), but I haven’t felt too great, so we waited until today.

    We had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I hope you did too! Thank you to those who sent emails and kind words for the holiday! You all made my day. I didn’t go shopping on black Friday-which is INSANE! I always go, but there wasn’t anything overly appealing so we skipped it.

    I want to share our holiday family photo with you. This is all of us on Thanksgiving and will get sent with our family Christmas cards

    So let us be one of the first to say-From my family to yours-Happy Holidays! We truly wish you all a upcoming year of the love of family & friends, health, happiness and dreams fulfilled!


    I feel like I can finally post my Christmasy stuff without guitl now! Once Thanksgiving hits, its all good! LOL! I am also feeling the overwhelming need to get my holiday everything DONE!

    See there is Daisy! So many ask about her. She is doing great. I haven’t posted photos since she hasn’t been too naughty these days! LOL!

    As you can see Noah is HUGE!! Is is now 50 inches tall and only just turned 6 (Alexa is a mere 46 inches and is 9. She won’t get to be much over 5’2 I think). They say he will be looking me in the eye by 12. (I’m 5 “11) And YES Noah was difficult getting to smile saying he doesn’t like getting his picture taken, and we are all taking TOO long. In this photo he looks so old and like “Hey! How you doin?” LOL! Very funny.

    Amber-she had a cute smile for every photo. She loves the camera. I wish she didn’t hang her down but at least she co-operated.

    I wish you could have full view of the girls outfits-they are really cute, and they match! I love that. But taking the photo outside of our home this was the best way to get a photo.

    Getting Alexa to look at the camera is like asking someone to donate a kidney without anesthesia! You should have seen her school photos! YIKES! LOL! Some of the faces this girl can make are pretty funny!!

    As for Jay & I- we basically wrangled Daisy the entire time. A photo the kids look great, Daisy decided to ear my earring, that kind of fun family stuff. Or she’d chew on her pay, of my fingers. So NOT regretting going to a photo place to get a picture. To have to PAY for the pain of a family photo-no thanks! I’ll wait till January after the holiday.

    Anyway-out of over 50 photos this one was the best of the bunch with the majority of us all looking at the camera. With 3 kids and a dog, its near impossible to not have one of us looks REALLY funky! LOL!

    Just thought I’d share that with you all.

    Anyway this post will be JAM packed as I need to play “catch up” on sneak peek samples for C.C. Designs newest release which is available December 1st.

    Check the BLOG for more design team samples, daily, and your chance to WIN a free set 😀

    OK OK now before I get into the NEW stuff let me share a Saturday Sketch

    There is no time limit, or restrictions- just have fun with it, when you can.


    Use Keyword mytimess13-

    I want to thank Dawn as she helps me tweak my sketches when I can’t get something to work right. She is seriously awesome for always figuring out what I can’t!! Dawn you are just the best! THANK YOU!!!

    Now here is my sample:


    So Stinkin Sweet

    Is this lil skunk not adorable? I had to use her.

    I had some black & white paper from Imaginisce, and I used my copic’s to color it in to match my colors! Cute huh? I have done that before but wanted to point it out in case ya’ll were wondering where I got that paper! LOL! I used PTI white,  Lemon Tart, and Ripe Avocado for my solid cardstock.

    This was made using a set that released last month by Jen Ofiana called Forest Friends. I really fell in love with the skunk image. I also have a few other cards using this set to share but have others that NEED to be posted, so will wait-again.

    Now on my sketch there is a flower cluster-that is meant to be any sort of swirl of image in the corner. Use your imagination!!

    This is what I did-more piercing and flowers! I LOVE my Onare piercing template, and use it endlessly!!


    Isn’t that so pretty??

    Now check out my sketch team for more samples using the sketch

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  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara
  • Now onto more piercing and another peek I was suppose to share yesterday, but had no Internet!!

    Snowman Friends-OK I have to say my layout is LAME, but I wasn’t feeling good. I do LOVE the hanging mittens in the corner though! ( I also have a 3D items to share but it deserves its own post I think)


    This uses a new set called Winter Bear-to be released December 1st. I LOVE it! The snowmen particularly adorable, as is the bear. I fell in LOVE with the mittens too.

    I did the piercing and free handed a heart to match that of the sweaters and mittens. I think its cute. You can’t see the shimmer on the snow, but its nice in real life-PROMISE!

    I chose to get inspired from a Slab of Christmas themed paper by one of my FAVE paper co. K & Co. Isn’t it yummy??? Its like Berry Sorbet, and poppy! Just love it. I also decided to try the faux texture technique that Debbie did using Copic’s on her blog. She is the best! You have to try it-so fun. I need practice but Im OK with that. More excuses to color 😀

    Some close up details-

    The hanging mittens, the snowman to the left is totally cut out, and the head of the one of the right is cut out and popped up. I also see I went a little too happy with my singlo white gel pen 😀 Oh well.


    I just has fun with it.

    So that has to be it for today-I am so behind and lots to do.

    Thanks for reading my blabbering. I hope you all get to try out the sketch, and something here imspires you to get inking!

    Thanks for checking in-till tomorrow!

    I can’t believe I got this post done EARLY! I have been so busy and slacking on the Saturday stuff! 

    Well its Saturday. My most LOVED day of the week 😀 Thanks for stopping by to join me in celebrating today. Well I guess technically we should really celebrate everyday we wake up, shouldn’t we? There is something good in every day. So think about what is in your own life that is good.

    Hopefully my post will be one of those good things that get you inspired to get stamping 😀

    Now every Saturday I host a sketch challenge here on my blog. This week I decided that we would use one of My Timeless Templates © for the sketch instead!

    Today’s “sketch” will use Stocking Stuffer © Keyword will be mytimesstuffer if you upload to a online gallery.

    UPDATE: I am happy to also update you and say that with all future template downloads we will include a general guide for instructions of how to put it together. We don’t want the instructions to limit you and prevent you from using creative liberty, or whatever works for you personally when assembling, just to be used as a general guide for some whom may need it :F

    Many of you aren’t too into 3D projects, or are afraid to even try. This template makes everything so much easier. Just print, cut, score and go!  It’s free and you have nothing to lose. You may get hooked 😀

    Now this isn’t a template you have to PURCHASE, it was part of the Freebie downloads, so there are NO excuses 😀 If you have been putting off trying the templates, or already downloaded, but procrastinated making something, then KNOCK IT OFF! LOL! Procrastination is a BAD thing. Get crackin.

    If you haven’t downloaded YET please read the INSTRUCTIONS!!!  

    You also want to make sure that your Page Scaling section when printing is set to NONE.

    You may also check the Q & A section I have HERE.

    Now don’t feel limited by the “stocking stuffer” name. You will receive an Idea Catalog when you download , with 5 exclusive ideas (non-holiday :D) to use this template for. So get creative. That should get the ideas flowing. You can also view all my own template creations HERE.

    Now for the FUN part! My sample for this week 😀


    Stuffed with goodies-For Emma

    Is this not adorable? When I saw the position of the lil elf in SugarPlums North Pole set I thought how cute would that be hanging from MY stocking template?! So I jotted down my idea in my creative notebook to pull out when I had more time or needed a great gift idea. You never want to forget a good idea when it hits. I have lots of that stuff jotted down in hopes to get to it, someday!

    NOW is that time

    I know I said to NOT get limited by a Christmas stocking but I have gifts to make for the holidays and this is doing double duty for me 😀 Maybe you too? If you have a secret sanata gift or a holiday swap ANYTHING is appealing when wrapped in the right package 😀

    I loved that holiday paper by SEI. Its so pretty, and it is double sided, so perfect for my template 😀 It also inspired my colors.

    Now Amber is in Ballet class, and the girls swap a gift with a classmate. It just so happens she got her little BFF Emma! (I wonder if that was rigged by the dance teacher? :D) Now the monetary limit is $5 per girl and it is important that be stuck to. Don’t want anyone feeling awkward. I don’t know about you, but gift packaging where I am ALONE can cost that! Well I decided I would make the most of it, and create an UBER cute Stocking Stuffer © package, and STUFF it to the tipity top with fun stuff from the Target $1 spot. Then how fun to personalize it too 😀 Gotta love being a stamper.

    Emma Tag


    I used my JustRite Stampers circle border and alpha from the Two Monogram Stamper Kits (Normally not sold together but) I about fell over when I saw the deal…………………….

    Now how cool is this-upon linking I found this:

    JustRite Stampers is having a Thanksgiving Buy one Get one FREE! Sale!!! Details HERE! Sale ENDS on the 30th!

    OK you so need to RUN to get in on that! OMG! If I didn’t own it all already I know I would. (Yes I have a shopping problem, I know about it already, no lecture needed)

    Back to the template details- I printed my template and for the heel and toe patches I used pinking sheers to trim down the design a bit on the heel. That is what I mean by taking creative liberty. Don’t be afraid to change something up to suit your design. White gel pen used for faux stitching. I also rounded the top corners of the stocking cuff. After it was all assembled I added some furry white trim stuff I got at Michaels for that little extra holiday UMPH! Loving that stuff too.

    I hope she likes it.

    I know Amber was mad I put Emma’s name on it because SHE wanted to keep it for herself 😀 That made mommy feel so good. Plus getting a huge leap on these Holiday TO DO’s is always nice too. Never too early. I hate running like a mad woman close to Christmas. It takes away all the JOY of the season.

    So that is all for me today. I have many more things to follow, so stay tuned.

    Be sure to check in on my Sketch Team to see what they have created with the Stocking Stuffer Template.

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Now it’s YOUR turn! Send us a link here, to wherever your fabulous creation is posted, so we can all check and see what you did.

    Till tomorrow.

    WOW! How can it be the MIDDLE of November ALREADY? Jay’s grandmother already called with confirmation of Thanksgiving Dinner plans! CRAZY!

    Tomorrow is my son Noah’s birthday party so Im going to be working like a mad woman to get his party things done today. I am NEVER a last minute type of person so this is a KILLER for my OCD! We have about 18 kids total! Should be a total blast.

    I hope you all enjoyed thePapertrey Ink release  with all the countdown’s and design team samples. I really hope you are also loving the latest My Timeless Templates ©. I also hope if you have not already, that you try the 2 FREE templates we have for you! There is NO EXCUSE not to TRY one! You can’t get any better than FREE 😀

    I have to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who get so excited right along with me, and enjoy this new venture of gift crafting 😀 Preparing for that each month keeps me REALLY busy. I LOVE it. I really put in a lot of time to think of great ways to present these templates to you. Now while you are all downloading the newest of templates, I am getting started on next months! LOL! I know I find these templates REALLY useful, especially with the holidays approaching, and I hope that I have helped some of you save some $, creative time, and ideas this holiday season, making home-made holiday gift giving that much easier.

    Now speaking of templates, I was holding out ONE more sample for you, just for today! It is my favorite project for this release!

    I would LOVE to hear YOUR feedback on what you enjoyed here, and why. Im always amazed at what I love vs what YOU love 😀

    OK the projects-

    Teacher’s Apple- LOVE this set.

    This uses the All Boxed Up © template in a fun and new way! It also uses Teacher’s Apple which I am TOTALLY in LOVE with! LOVE! You have no idea. For those of you wanting to mix up teacher gifts this year, you may just fall in love with this idea 😀

    I mentioned before that the pretty pockets make a great base to many gifts on their own! So here is another example of that .

    In & Out Hanging Mailbox


    This holder hangs in the classroom, either by the desk, or by the door. You can even put it ON the door knob. It helps the teacher keep organized with letters IN, that need to be read, and letters OUT, that need to go home! This isn’t just stylish but its also practical.

    I think its a super cute gift idea useful for ANYONE, not just teachers! Alter the design to suit receiver’s favorite colors or decor.

    stamps-Teacher’s Apple, Simple Alphabet

    paper-Polka Dot Parade, Olive, Spring Moss, Sweet Blush, Berry Sorbet, white

    ink-Spring Moss, Sweet Blush, Berry Sorbet, Ripe Avocado

    other-Spring Moss Stitched ribbon, making memories flower brads, making memories ribbon slot, circle punches, corner rounder

    Now insert your Teacher appreciation card into the INBOX, and some monogram notecards, as a gift for her to send out, and place them in the OUT box.

    View from the side-cards IN


    View from the other side-no cards. I like to line the inside of my pockets. It makes it look a little more finished, don’t you think? It’s the littlest details that make you say WOW!


    This is the view from the top


    Now for the gift to go with the In & Out box


    Well upon presenting this gift, I think a nice Teacher Appreciation card is in order!


    This is the card that I created to write my appreciation to the teacher. I love the layout, and message it reads. I created some monogrammed note cards, to include as a gift, with a SIMILAR layout to match.


    For Ms. Trefrey

    This note set is for Noah’s new reading teacher! She is over the top AMAZING! I called the Principal just to tell him how much Noah has enjoyed his reading program with her. She has gotten him excited about reading in a way I could not. How can you thank someone for that? I hope this gift set will cover it 😀 Alexa is my “reader” and Noah is my Math wiz, but now I have hope 😀

    I think a NICE set of monogrammed notecards would be PERFECT for the teacher! I have this simple design, PERFECT for nice notes home to parents, and I would put a set of 8 (with envy’s) in the Out Box, for the teacher to be able to send out notes 😀

    Isn’t that so cute?

     PS-Don’t forget when you purchase ANY of our My Timeless Templates ©, that you get an idea catalog of 5 EXCLUSIVE (full color photo) project ideas with step by step instructions, and supplies.

    Before I begin the rest of the peeks, let’s share today’s Saturday Sketch, and my 2 designs for that! (using new release stuff)


    Saturday Sketch

    KEYWORD mytimess12

    I love this sketch 😀 I interpreted it in 2 ways.

    I am TRYING to spend more time getting creative with my photos. it is the part I loathe about this whole stamping thing. I think it makes a difference though. I take the time to MAKE the project, may as well make it LOOK as good on screen right? I think Santa needs to bring me a new camera! I think I could even have him write it off as a business expense 😀 Oh Santa…………if you read this, I need a new camera 😀

    So here we have a card titled Every Happiness.

    It used the New! Heartfelt Basics, and an older set-Flower Garden. I LOVE that sentiment set. I am a sentiment JUNKY, and this set is ROCKIN my world.

    I love the colors, and the way the sketch worked for this design. The tag is such a cute touch. Not sure you can clearly se the vellum butterfly, but its a pretty, subtle touch.


    Close up of Every Happiness


    Stamps- Heartfelt Basics, Flower Garden
    Cardstock- lemon tart, pure poppy, black, vellum cardstock
    Ink- black, ripe avocado, pure poppy, lemon tart, red marker
    other- poppy satin ribbon, nestabilities square & tag punch, Martha Stewart butterfly punch, treading water punch by Fiskars

    Now I have card #2 with the sketch! (I know Im over achieving this weekend! LOL!)

    Ships Ahoy-


    I love this little boat! Men of Life is awesome. Its great for those masculine cards, boy cards, or baby cards. I used my patterned paper as my inspiration for my sails. I didn’t follow my sketch EXACT, but this creation was certainly inspired by it. I’m loving the little anchor!

    Here is yet another view of the details


    The sentiment is from the Out of the Box sentiment.

    Stamps- Men of Life, Out of the box (snetiment)
    cardstock- white, pure poppy, dark chocolate, bashful blue, Ship to Shore stripe
    Ink-markers from SU!
    gingham from PTI, corner rounder, silver cord

    I made the “ocean waves” use a stitched square image in the set. LOVING the colors and desings of the new patterned paper. LOVE!

    Be sure to check out the Sketch Team for their samples with the Sketch!

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara
  • Background Basics Stars set:

    I love the bkgd set. I am a HUGE fan of Polka Dot basics, and this is another great set. I really wanted to use it as a MAIN focus on my creation here, and rather than seeing STARS, I saw posie’s!


    Pretty lil posie stitched stems

    I think this was my favorite card! I love the black & white, with the contrast of a rainbow of colors from my “star” flowers. The spring moss ribbon is my “grass”.This is one of those under 10 min. cards. By simply piercing the “stems” you get a whole new look.

    I also see PINWHEELS! Really cute.


    Stamps- Background Basics, Heartfelt Basic
    Ink-black, various markers for direct coloring on stamp
    cardstock- vellum, white, and black
    Other- Spring moss twill ribbon, butterfly punch by martha stewart, paper piercer for stems

    You know me & my butterflies! This is the latest punch from Martha Stewart. Its perfect!

    I used my glue pen to add some glitter to my flower centers.

    I also used Heartfelt Basics. Let me tell you that set is a MUST OWN!!!!!!!

    Next up we have Lisa’s set Out of the Box.


    Stem of Friendship

    Stamps- out of the box
    Cardstock-sweet blush, pure poppy, ripe avocado, black, white
    ink-sweet blush, pure poppy, ripe avocado
    other-black brads, corner rounder, polka dot ribbon, clear bead

    What stood out to me was the single flowers (of course) and vertical sentiments. I decided to create a simple color blocked style card, that really stuck out to me due to the colors I chose.

    The little Robin’s Nest bauble was a nice little touch to the flower center.

    I like making smaller images the main focus of a design. I had fun working with all the images (more to come!).

    Well I am truly wiped now. I always have my Papertrey Ink “hangover” as I call it. I go into creative overload for like 3 days. This month I can’t afford that! I have Noah’s party to get things done for.

    So there you have it for me.

    Scroll down to the other posts through the last few days if you missed some stuff.

    Thank you all again for taking time to check in! I appreciate being one of your “stops” on a busy weekend!


    Dad (saturday sketch)

    Nov 8, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    NOTE: SORRY this is WAYYYYYY late :C My brother and his girlfriend bought a car! YEAH! So I had to drive them to get it, and all that blah blah blah, so YES! That cut into my stamp stuff.

    Today is my father’s birthday.

    We are meeting up with him to take him out for dinner.

    Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I haven’t seen my dad in 3 years. Dinner is a HUGE deal. Haven’t seen him since the Christmas before Alexa got sick. He hasn’t seen her ONCE. That is a long time. He always worries about his bar room friends dying, but never cared enough to see his own granddaughter when she got sick. I can’t forgive that. I still have his Christmas gifts wrapped for all the past holidays. My dad is much older than my mom by 15 years. We aren’t as close as we should be. He is getting up there, and I don’t want to keep letting the years pass, until the next time I see him I’m planning his funeral.

    My dad was IS an alcoholic, and continuously chooses that life over one with our family. It’s hard to explain. I’m the only one who chooses to distance myself from that. That also means I’m the only one less affected by his disease. I won’t get into all the drama that living with an alcoholic can do to a person. If you have been there then you already know. He was just never there for me- ever. Lots of broken promises. Who knows, by the time everyone reads this there may even be another “excuse” to NOT meet. I almost expect that! Sad isn’t it?

    My dad’s years are catching up with him. He has no relationship with my children either. I don’t think he even really cares about that. I have a lot of anxiety about our meeting today. I want to see him, but his life makes me so sad sometimes. Mainly because he chose the bottle over us my entire life. He likes his life. I wish he at least regretted everything, but he doesn’t. Holidays come & go and he has all kinds of plans with his bar friends. He is happy that way. A loner of sorts.

    It is his many mistakes as a parent that make me strive to be a “super mom”. My mom was and is super mom. She always “did it all”. I always knew I could count on her. I think she was forever trying to make up for what my dad didn’t do, or lacked. I knew if my dad DID show up somewhere, Id most likely end up getting embarrassed. My mom was married to him for so many years, yet she was alone. She never even realized it. That is just so sad to me.

    Anyway, I hope it goes well. I want to get some photos. I don’t have any really.

    SO here is my card for his Birthday, and the Sketch for today


    If you are uploading to a gallery use keyword mytimess11


    One person

    I ALWAYS go to Father Knows Best for my guy cards. Its perfect. I had to add the little wise owl in the tree.  I used some of my dad’s favorite colors. This is dark chocolate, Kraft, vellum, and teal. The “leaves ‘ are cut & colored bridal confetti. So pretty.

    This sentiment, to me was what I wanted to convey to him. No matter what, he matters to me and my family. I think he feels like a failure at times, that his life didn’t go as planned. In the end it doesn’t matter, you need to try to pull together with family.

    Anyway, my sentiment is from a favorite set of mine-Out on a Limb sent. set . I love how the flourish from Silent night draws your eye to it.

    Thats it for now. I’ll share photos of our dinner tomorrow, and the card I made for my brother to give to my dad.

    Thank you all for coming here to visit me. Sorry to be such a downer today. I never know when this stuff gets dredged up! YIKES! Oh well, feels good to get it out there.

    I hope you get a chance to play and check in on the Sketch Team!

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  • Till tomorrow 😀

    Yeah I have 2 samples!

    Nov 2, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    OK so I got to spend the ENTIRE day stamping yesterday! Can you hear me screech with happiness over getting that much UNINTERRUPTED MY TIME!! Oh my gosh did I feel amazing. The creative juices were flowing!! I know why I LOVE stamping so much. After not getting anything done for days, I was getting with-drawls I swear! Stamping is such an important part of my life. Its my sanity. With all I have going on in my house I NEED that sanity break, especially before the start to another week. I usually spend time with my family on the weekend, but this was needed before I burst at my seams.

    I also have a new stamp set find! I know you all went NUTS for the Princess set, so maybe you will like this one too. Keep reading.

    This week is going to be JAM packed here on my blog with lots of eye candy! I have release peeks ALL week from C.C. Designs, My Favorite Things, and Pink Cat Studio! I am super happy with the way everything came out. So many ideas flowing. I can’t wait to share it all.

    So yesterday I really enjoyed my stamping time, and having my sketch to work with really got my gears turning. When I have a few days on NON stamping, my mojo can be on pause. Having the sketch as a starting point was a great way to warm up. I got to create 2 samples using my sketch from yesterday, since I had so much fun with it.


    So that is the mytimess10 sketch

    Here are my cards

    Warm little hedgies


    Isn’t this so cute?

    I LOVE little hedgehogs! I missed out on the old Stampin Up! ones years ago, so when I saw these I HAD to have them.

    So I stamped and colored them all cute. Sponged the sky. I used some cellophane sprinkles I found at Michaels in the kids craft section, with lots of other glitters as my snow. Trust me you are going to be seeing this stuff A LOT over the next few days! It makes the COOLEST CHUNKY snow-ever. Having many winter themed cards this is my newest product must have. Much cooler than regular glitter, in my opinion. A BIG container of it was like $2.99. I used my Martha Stewart clear decoupage glue to adhere it.

    My paper is Kraft, and dark Chocolate. I used patterns paper by Basic Grey-figgy pudding, and Lizzie Anne’s Winter Wonderland.

    On my ribbon I used another favorite, which is silver snowflake table confetti, from Target. I put it on my ribbon (May Arts)center, and put it on the ends of my ribbon bloom, by pulling it through the centers of my snowflake confetti.


    I found these at Walmart. The set was $2.99! Pretty cute huh? Its just a generic type of package, no known company on there. I think it was well priced, and too cute to pass up 😀

    There is a hedgie couple (I used them on my card), super cute owl with earmuffs, an adorable bear/polar bear, and that moose has leg warmers on!! I also used the sentiment from the set on my card today.

    I love it. The sketch was perfect for my new set.

    Now I have a little MFTeaser for you! I love Annie LaPointe’s monthly release of floral image. This month we have 2 coming out.

    I used the Scented Geranium single for my next sketch card.


    I used my paper by Imaginisce  as my color inspiration.

    Its a cranberry crisp, spring moss, and olive combination with a hint of regal rose for the pink.

    As you can see its NOT an exact follow of my sketch, but it was certainly inspired by it! I didn’t need ANOTHER sentiment, so I used a punched vellum butterfly in its place. The buttons are arranged differently than the sketch, but in the end it was more balanced this way.

    What I did for this main image,  was stamp my floral image onto white cardstock, I then stamped the SAME image onto vellum cardstock. I layered them perfectly over eachother, then die cut with my circle nestabilities.


    I separated the 2 pieces, and using an embossing stylus, I embossed the flowers from the back. This gives a puffy- 3 D effect. I then layered it back onto my white circle, and secured with glue dots. I then colored the front with Copic markers.

    I think it looks really cool.

    I hope you get to try the sketch today, or sometime soon. Its a great starting place for when you want to get stamping. I hear many of you say you often don’t know WHERE to begin when you DO get my time in. I have a link on my sidebar to all the past sketches, so if this one isn’t what you are looking for try another. There is NO time limit on these, just do what inspires you most.

    Well that is all for today. I have lots to do, more posts to write :D, you know the story.

    Thanks for checking in, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

    I have a sketch, but no sample :C

    Nov 1, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    NOTE: This is post #2 for today-scroll down please 😀 

    I know! I KNOW!

    I wanted to stamp and do a million things, but when you have family living with you and 50 million MORE errands than normal, it just doesn’t happen. I need to new schedule!

    Well here is the sketch. I swear I am going to stamp this weekend! I usually don’t but I deserve it!

    Keyword mytimess10


    I have to say even though I haven’t tried it I love it!

    Check the desing team member blogs for some ideas though. Unless they were as busy as I have been!

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  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
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  • Send us a link here if you get to try it out 😀

    Thanks for sharing my upset over the teacher incident. Yes its the SAME teacher who complained about his coloring. Many of you mentioned newer teachers not knowing better. Well she has been teaching since my husband was in the school! OVER 25 years ago. She is well seasoned. Maybe its even time to quit teaching. I will take the advice of you all and let the principal know about what happened. I agree she could have at least apologized.

    Have a super weekend 😀 And thank you all again for the support here. It really helps me et though these crazy mommy moments, knowing Im not insane or alone!

    Saturday Sketch Time

    Oct 25, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    My favorite day is here! Saturday!

    Im a bit late with this post, and foggy headed because I have the Flu! What a great thing stress is for your body huh? Makes you STOP in your tracks. The part I hate the most is I am losing my voice. Me being a big talker, that is AWFUL for me! LOL!!! Oh well. Lots of fluids should help, and maybe getting some rest too.

    I have gotten some great suggestions out there from you all re: my templates, which I will definitely be bringing up to Nichole (thank you) and ideas for my Saturday Sketches. One is from Kristin Butler , and it is to have a click-able button that you can copy/paste. Kristin actually made her own which is super cool! Thanks Kristin 😀 Im actually having my blog girl Sara Williams, who does all my super cool stuff, come up with something for that when she gets some time 😀 She did make my banner on my side bar for My Timeless Templates clickable!! Thanks Sara – you rock!

    OK so this weeks sketch is a tricky one!! But that is the point. Get you out of that rut!

    KEYWORD: mytimess09


    This sketch was inspired by this card that I did for the Papertrey ink release.


    Now I think this sketch has many possibilities.

    The large squares I believe were 2 inches, and the little square are 3/4 inch. Olive panel was 2 1/4 X 3 1/2.

    Now for my sketch sample.


    I LOVE my Elzybells Fairytale collection 😀 I have been dying to ink them more, but got a little busy. I thought it would be perfect for this sketch so I went to work! I wanted to show people that think you always have to use the entire portion of a LARGE image, that you really don’t! Just cut it down. While I love the large image of this stamp I used, I like the cut down version just was much.

    I used the Knight and Princess, as well as the Castle for this card. Sentiment is Fairytale ending

    I stamped them on WHITE! I them used some sponging to age it like my patterned paper.

    My squares on this sample aren’t the same size. I used my sketch to inspire my creation, but I didn’t let it LIMIT me. That is the important thing to remember with these sketches. Use it as a starting place! I point of inspiration. If something doesn’t work, or it inspires a new creative idea or take on the sketch, then go for it!! The point of this weekly challenge is to get you stamping 😀 I find sketches the PERFECT starting place for when the mojo is low too.

    I sketch endlessly. That is how I get so much done 😀 Later I will post what my “day” looks like. Many of you asked how I fit everything I do into a day. So I’ll share  my typical day with you all. Trust me, its not all that exciting. Im a SAHM just like you, with lots to do. Maybe after seeing my “schedule” you will see a way to fit certain things into your day! Or maybe see there is no magic just creative planning! 😀

    Well that is it for me today.

    Send us a link if you get to try the sketch. I still have comments to make from last week. Sorry. Life has been a little upside down here this past week!!

    Make sure you check out the Sketch Team! More creative takes on the sketch!

  • Alicia Weimen
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  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Till tomorrow.

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