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My Copic Coloring Tutorial Video’s

Jan 26, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, MYTIME MOVIE/VIDEOs, Tutorials

OK! Kurtis is a genius! He fixed me up-so now everyone should be able to see the tutorials from Veoh on my site!

Let me know what you think! Especially those from other countries, unable to view others.

I’m going to embed the other videos, into my older posts. 

Part one 

 Part two

Be sure to read the post below for information, and the completed card project!

Thanks again!

Quite honestly this video has got to be the MOST intimidating thing I have had to do-to date!

That, and the fact I considered (for a very brief moment) sharing a video of me in my “before” jeans and “after” jeans! LOL! To hopefully motivate you all some  more. That will not be happening! LOL! Just like a commercial-I could so be on with my clothing-too funny. The good thing is bathing suit shopping won’t be pure torture this year. I just can’t stand spending $40 on a suit. They are insanely pricey.

OK back to the subject.

So for today’s video’s I did the much asked for Copic Coloring Tutorial.

I am not a coloring expert. Nor do I claim to be. I honestly don’t even feel qualified, but you all wanted to see how I color, and some asked about making my scenery-so its my “job” to share it all with you! LOL! So be gentle! I do hope you gain something from it-even if its pure amusement.

This is the finished image I have colored to create my sample here

I used my Saturday Sketch #21-mytimess21


Now for the videos:

EDITING TO ADD! My videos are ON my site in  the post above!


Kurtis DID enable them so we are all set, from here on out!

The rest of my babble below was my frustration with the video situation, but now its all smooth sailing!


GOOD NEWS!! My plug-ins will be enabled soon. I tried to do it myself, and only got a black box to work. That is huge progress.What that means is in the future you can ALL watch it here, on my blog-without going to Veoh! Just like the YouTube one’s I am able to feature.

 Again I did post on Veoh. There are MANY reasons I like Veoh more.

Easy to upload, better video quality. No time restrictions, and the list goes on.  I tried to do 2 parts so that I could post to YouTube. Obviously-of course, I went over! After MUCH editing too! So Im no longer breaking it up into segments, after this. Im uploading to ONE place, ONE video. It is too much more of my time to try to keep editing down, and then to split it up, save and load 2 or three segments. Stresses me out just reliving it in blog land! LOL!  This is the part of the process that causes me the most duress-TIME! So I’m done with it.

I offer these videos for a fresh approach, and something fun. I won’t want to do them if I have to keep doing so much just to keep everyone happy. (Not that I dont want you to be happy )

I know YouTube is more “popular” but I don’t need to be popular, or use the most popular place. I want to use what site can best accommodate me, and right now that isn’t YouTube. I’m actually in PURE awe at the girls who can whip up an under 10 video. My personality and chatty nature just can’t handle it-sadly. I’m a talker, and a visual person. so I feel its all relevant

We are women-Its impossible for us to ALL be happy ALL the time! LOL!

I apologize if you cannot view it where you are from :C I do not know how you could view it otherwise. Once my plugin gets working everyone should be able to view it right here, no matter what Country you are from-so YEAH! Let’s cross our fingers shall we.

Now onto the details:

What better image to use than my Dress Up Lily Amber set from Pink Cat Studio? (remember you can personalize those! So I got Amber stamps!!) In this video I show you step by step (OK so severely edited steps in some parts) how to get Lily colored, and in this scenery!


She is so cute, I think.

My colors are Sweet Blush, Pure Poppy, Ripe Avocado, white, and some paper I got at Target a year ago! LOL!

The sentiment is from Papertrey Ink- Mailbox Greetings. That set has some rockin sentiments.

OK I hope you enjoy the video’s. You know I love hearing your thoughts on them. I think I improve a little each time.

Please don’t be harsh in judgement on my coloring-since I seriously have no claim to be a “professional”. Just a regular, self taught stamper, trying to show you some of what I do while playing around 😀

Thats the best way to learn-hands on.

OK I do enough blabbering in the video’s, so I’ll hush up now.

OK I need a nap. I have been up all weekend with the kids being sick so I need to take advantage of the quiet. I’m wiped out.


And as always thanks for stopping by with a hello,  the kind words and support 😀

Oh, and thanks for watching.

PS Yes I know I look exhausted in the video too-I was.

OK  girls I had a REALLY bad day.

One of those days where something comes up, and takes you by surprise. Just hurts. Not the end of the world kind of thing, but just makes you feel awful about yourself, and self doubt settles in. Makes you question everything you do, and why. I was going to take a break from blogging and dive into some chocolate.

Well, if you didn’t know….. that was how I USE to deal with things when I was upset or stressed. Now that I’m down over 55lbs (yeah me!!) I’m so NOT going there again. Not anymore! Instead I decided that I would DIVE head first into another project, for all of YOU, who always cheer me up (and lock up all the chocolate in the meantime!). I will just be positive, and push through this time, like I always do. No sense in getting upset over something I can’t change. Right? It is what it is.

Now to make me feel even better-I am giving this project away to one of you! You all cheer me up everyday, and giving you a chance at today’s video project will definitely cheer me up! I hope you like it.

Just leave a comment on the project here, and I will pick a winner on Saturday! OK!

So this is what you have a chance at winning……….


As high as your dreams-I created the sentiment and LOVE IT!

I love the whimsical feel it has, and the colors are perfect! It  has the perfect amount of shimmer too. Can’t go wrong 😀

Woot! Woot!

So this project is up for grabs, and is the subject of a 3 part video I have for you all.

You KNOW Im too long winded to stick to UNDER 10 minutes! Seriously!

 I hope you don’t get sick of hearing me. Let me tell you this project for you all was a true joy and stress reliever for me today. I had fun.

What I LOVE about doing these videos is I get to ENJOY teaching, without all the prep work! My own little classroom from home-heaven!

Video 1-Start to finish My Timeless Templates-card box pockets

——–>Click Here!!<———

SORRY YouTube REJECTED this because it was 44 seconds too long!! GRR!! So you need to go to Veoh. Now I just wish I uploaded it all to ONE place. Im very annoyed with YouTube. Plus I couldn’t edit it any more than it was :C

Video 2-Making the box base

Video 3-Creating the center sentiment with JustRite Stampers


Thanks for watching 😀

After much anticipation, many of you asked for a few things:

1) To see My Timeless Templates used-start to finish-CHECK! see video #1

2) For the directions for the Birthday Card Organizer-CHECK! That is what the video is for-all 3!

3) To see how theJustRite Stamper’s sets work-CHECK! See video #3

4) Most you you didn’t like Veoh because you couldn’t view it, so you asked that I separate the videos into 3 parts-so I tried! Honestly that was a HUGE ole pain in my derriere, and my site crashed 3 times, making me re-do 2 of the 3 videos! UGH! I should soon have the plug-in here for longer stuff. Im just waiting in the SCS guy to fix it 😀

5) Longer wording in between segments-I tried that too. I can read these just fine, and with so many wordings, it cuts into precious video timing-so pause if needed. I think I timed it well this time. I am getting better. Its only #3 and I see a big difference.

PS tell me if you like me shooting from that angle instead or not!

6) Written instructions for my videos, along with the video. OK Im not sure how often that is going to happen because this is all so time consuming already. I pour so much of myself into my projects, and the behind the scenes stuff, now videos…….AND updating here DAILY. Lets not forget I have 3 kids, so not sure if thats always going to happen.

Bottom line-you talk, I listen! So I hope you know I appreciate every comment and email, and ALL the feedback. Thanks!


Now for more photos, and an IMPORTANT note

After video #1 I had to re -create 1 & 2. After re-doing it twice, I forgot the put the segment in the video where I made my label tabs on the pocket segments :C


Sorry about that. I think you will agree, the videos share enough info, and this was a minor detail. I do apologize!

I stamped 2 months per label, and made sure they were all staggered! Not too much more than that was shared.

I put them on AFTER all my pockets are done.



My Timeless Template: All Boxed Up

Stamps:JustRite Stampers Upper/lowercase New Times Roman alpha (sentiment made using these)

JustRite Stampers Harmony Circle III border (butterfly border around sentiment)

Butterfly of Happiness from Stampin Up!

Wedding Day -used for label months/butterfly on labels

Punches/Die Cuts: Stampin Up! Label punch, Circle nestabilities , corner rounder

Cardstock: White, True Black, Raspberry Fizz, and SU! Gray

Ink: SU! gray, raspberry fizz

Other:  Scor-Pal , Shimmerz in Magenta, SU! Felt flower, Maya Road black velvet flower, diamond brad by Making Memories.


Now I have the quick directions for the basic box!


1) Print 8 pocket templates using All Boxed up Template (linked above).


2-Raspberry Fizz

2- Gray

2-on copy paper to make true black pockets

2) Cut, score and assemble.

3) Punch 8 white tags. Stamp with months using gray ink. Stamp butterfly in scattered pattern.

4) Adhere tags to pockets, being sure to stagger them for easy viewing.

Birthday Box Base

8 1/2 X 11 piece of cardstock for base

1) Along 11 inch side score at 2 1/2 & 8 1/2

2) Along 8 1/2 side-score at 2 1/2 & 7

3) Along both 11 inch sides-cut on scored tabs, to scored edge.

4) Assemble box (there will be ONE long end that is shorter-this is what your back panel will adhere to/cover)

Apply decorative panels if you wish.

Back Panel

1) Take 6 X 11 sheet of cardstock for back panel. Along 11 inch side-score at 5 1/2

2) Apply adhesive to entire back, and fold over adhere to back (of short panel) on assembled box.

Stamp panels as desired

Insert pockets-then fill with cards and envelopes!


So that is it!

So leave me a comment telling me your thoughts, or whatever.

Thanks for the pick me up, and enjoy the video 😀

Tommorrow is another day.

Check in Saturday too, for another Saturday Sketch.

Till then


Monday’s with Mytime Video-My Craft Space

Jan 19, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: MYTIME MOVIE/VIDEOs


Watch My stamping space in Faith Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

OK Crossing my fingers that this video loads!

Thank you again to Sara Williams!! I LOVE YOU!

The most requested video I have had was for all of you wanting to see my craft space!

So, this video is of my stamping space! I hope you enjoy it. Its jam packed with stuff.

As I said there are 2 parts I would like to have had music during the “tour” but that didn’t happen :C

My upcoming videos include :

*the Birthday Organization Box (I know you are ALL anxiously awaiting that) called File and Find

* Copic coloring tutorial-no idea why you want to see ME color-but OK

* a template project with My Timeless Templates-start to finish

* and how to take professional photos-Im not a professional but I do think I have some really good tips on using a photo box and lighting!!

Now I need some more ideas for what YOU want to see!! This only gives me a months worth!

Thanks for checkin in here

Now just in case this video DOESN’T load you can view it here!

My Stamping Space by Lauren Meader

Let me know what you think-

Till tomorrow

Hello from Mytime! First video

Jan 15, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: MYTIME MOVIE/VIDEOs

Please scroll down today! I have like 6 new posts :D Yes, I am insane. Blogging took longer than my projects! LOL!

Thanks for reading.


OK everyone-I actually got this to work! Im seriously doing a dance in front of my computer right now.I KNOW it's NOT Monday, but I planned on featuring my videos on Monday's, and this was suppose to be done yesterday, so go with me here. Thanks to Sara Williams-my blog girl!! She designed my blog and helped me with this concept for WordPress and enabled my video features, which I didn't have before.Now, before you watch please realize I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I just tried fiddling around with everything, just to see if I could even get this to work. I just wanted to get my HELLO WORLD uploaded.I do have my first video tutoiral ready to go for my Papertrey Ink newsletter! YEAH! So be watching for that. I am including directions for those who don't have high speed internet :DI felt like the biggest geek, sitting there, talking at the camera. No one even around to "listen" or guide me. If anything you will get a good giggle :D I hate my voice, had a bad hair day, and don't forget the camera adds 10lbs! LOL!I swear my next video will be more professional and I hope I can figure out some of the cool editing software my program has. I didn't have "segments" like I would if doing a tutorial so even attempting some of the features was pointless.Also note-this is like talking to yourself. I honestly hate watching this video, but after a million tries figured I better just go with it. Just be myself, and no focus on every little mistake, or my talking with my hands, and moving my head constantly. You will see Im definitely ALL valley girl :D Oh and my voice-gosh I don't sound like that in my own head. Oh well.

 I think once I get into the stamping part of doing a tutorial then it won't be so awkward. I'll be in my element, and not starring at a camera making a one sided conversation with myself! I'll have the camera over my shoulder instead.

Anyway-I am just excited that this will open up a whole new, hopefully more exciting venture on my blog with this new year!

So here I am-feeling like I am naked, in front of the world :C EEK!

All in all I'm still excited.

PS! I will work on the lighting! I had to film it at night because during the day the kids were running around and wanting to be on camera. Then I had Daisy chasing the cat, and then again you could hear the kids KILLING eachother upstairs! LOL! So, Ill do daylight stuff from now on and you can get a chuckle from my house drama! LOL!

OH BTW my video tutorial is going LIVE 10pm on the 15th. It was kinda dark like this-sorry :C

PPS- I have NO IDEA why its instant playing but promise they won't all do that.I have to figure out what I set, and HOW I set it. Told you this was a big process! LOL! For now just hit stop so my Fran Dreshcer voice doesn't play endlessly :C

Thanks for the feed back :D

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