Happy Holidays!

Yes, I am posting during a non-release week. Shocking I know! I do miss blogging and wish I had MORE time but owning my own company, designing the products, creating the samples, taking photos, writing up descriptions, managing a team etc is just a few of the work related “to do’s” that I have to do on a daily basis, on top of running a home and family (which will always be my #1 priority) keeps me busier than I ever imagined. But, I had a moment today and thought I’d share another project I have yet to show you all.

I’m really enjoying the holiday season this year, as the most “stressful” part of the holidays for me is over-my shopping and gift making!

I was done this year before Thanksgiving and it felt SO good to get ahead. I now get to sit back and enjoy my family. We have several traditions each year that I look forward to like getting hot cocoa and going to see the Festival of Lights, Breakfast with Santa, the annual Make A Wish Holiday Party, baking cookies for Santa, Cookie Swap amongst friends, making new holiday ornaments (my trees is ALL homemade ornaments from the kids, or special ornaments from family) to name a few!

I always make as many handmade gifts as I possibly can, and this year is NO different. I usually start in August 😀 and finish the first week of December depending on what I’m doing. This year I’ve made ton’s of stuff, all in which you’ve seen here, and some you have yet to see because they are TOP SECRET yet to be released items, but all ready to be gifted to someone NOW 😀

One of my favorite gifts in a snap uses the Oh-K Dokey © cut file!

Pepprmint Mocha K-Cup Gift

(For some teacher’s who I KNOW love this coffee/flavor)

Gift Cost $3.68 (K-cups cost $0.92 each)

Who doesn’t LOVE coffee, tea, or cocoa? Most people DO have a Keurig Coffee Maker by now, and if they don’t they need one! LOL! With its popularity I had designed a wrapper is the perfect gift when you want to simply “wrap” and share a little of something that you love!

My label is from the Apothecary Labels © set, and I also combined it with the marshmallows, & stripe straw from the Grab a Cup © set, to create my cup as you see it.

I used the pretty chocolate candy cane printed paper pattern from the Mrs. Candy Claus © paper collection.

This wrap is sweet and simple, and easy to whip up.

The best part is when you DO use digital images you can print/cut as many tags as you want, only taking the time to create the tag ONCE! I love that.

This is an adorable “wrapper” that was designed for wrapping up 4 of those simply sweet K Cups that are sold for use with the Keurig © brand coffee machines. The K cups come in a variety of beverages like coffee, tea, mocha, cocoa’s, lattes and chai!

OR another FUN idea-when you are done using a K Cup, recycle it! Simply  peel off the top, remove the filter (if there is one), wash and dry thoroughly, add adhesive to the edges, and fill with something else that is wonderful!!

Not a hot beverage lover? Well then this wrapper can also be used with a set of 4 Votive candles, tart warmers, Crystal Light drink mix cups (2 oz), 2 oz condiment cups,  and even a set of 4 mini flower pots.

Yankee Votive Candle Mixer

Gift Cost: $7.96 (or UNDER)

Yankee Votive Candles cost about $1.99 each (not on sale). You can also easily exchange a scent if you don’t like/prefer it, without hassle! You can also use other store variations of votive candles, which are just as “scent-sational” but far more cost effective.

I packaged up 4 different candles in this one, all which match the colors in my project too 😀

If you are using votive candles you will want to increase the size of this cut file to 102%. The votives are a little bit taller, and this will allow you to easily wrap them up, no problem!

Use a pretty patterned paper and you don’t need to go over the top decorating it. Here is used the ornament pattern in the Mrs. Candy Claus © paper collection. Given the Sugar & Spice scents of my candles, I used the The Gingersnap’s with Sugar & Spice © set for the tag on my gift.

To adorn the top of my gift, I chose to use the Beautiful Baubles © cut file to create my own paper ornament for the top.
There are SO MANY layering options for this ornament file its outstanding. It’s a great project for the kids to do too 😀 They can actually get involved in making gifts, and teachers love to have stuff made from students that they can use or remember their class by. I would put a class photo on the back, and even laminate it, so the teacher can have it year after year.
So there you have it! From coffee, to candles, and many ideas in between, this simple Oh-K Dokey © cut file wrap can really save you big on money, and time, this busy holiday season. So make sure you can take the time to enjoy the holidays, and give gifts from the heart, without feeling like you missed out on the true meaning of the holiday!
I wish you and yours the happiest and healthiest of holidays!
Here at My Time Made Easy I want for my design team to enjoy time off this holiday season, to spend as much of it as possible with their own family and loved ones, so our next release is being delayed to Previews beginning January 5th, with our January Release being on January 7th.
So, thank you for your understanding, and  please come back to see what we have in store for the NEW YEAR!