You will NOT want to miss what our design team has created for our monthly Year in Review group post because we are making *NEW* projects using *OLD* products!

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I want to finally share a project idea I’ve had for the last year! Yup, a whole year, and had yet to find the the time to make it until now 😀 That is one reason why I love the “year in review” because it makes me make the time to go back to older products and make my ideas in the present! Its not good to always only focus on new stuff. It’s great to have new ways to use stuff we already have and may have forgotten, or maybe you are new to our products and you never noticed the older stuff 😀

Warm your ♥

How seriously cute is this?

I took the To Go! cup template, made from palin white cardstock, and made it into a “snowman” cup.

I just used some Googlie eyes I got ager Halloween for just a few cents for the package, cut my nose using the Topped Off © template (but you can free hand your own), and then I drew on a cute/goofy smile using a fine line marker, sponged on some pearlescent chalks for my rosey cheeks!

I am using this as a holder for my Peppermint Mocha K-Cups and some Rafaello truffles. The Rafaello’s are a fave of mine and they are these yummy almond coconut treats that look like little wrapped snowballs.

Over the top is a pair of super warm socks, used as a hat!

I tied the end with some embroidery floss, and tied a tag (cut using the Homemade Holiday Labels-resized) that I made using the sentiment from the Fancy a Cuppa? © set. I cut a heart into the center using the heart from the Flag ‘Em Down © cut file (resized).

It’s a super simple gift that costs about $0.09 cents to make. It’s cheaper than purchasing disposabThen add your cost for your socks (you can find some cute one’s in the $1 section, and choice of “filler”. You can put cocoa packets in here, and make snowman “soup” and any holiday treat you wish. Also makes a great gift card holder too.

We have all had such a great time working with all the new products, and we each hope our samples have inspired you in some way.

We hope these projects will allow you to look  at ANY of our Pretty Packaging Templates, and try to see the uses and possibilities in each one.
Remember:  If you are “stuck” for ideas most times the descriptions list the many possible ideas for filling them or creating things with them, and don’t forget we have an amazing gallery of already made projects to help you SEE what you too can create. You will find the direct gallery link to projects made for the product of your

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Lastly we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a happy, healthy, and safe New Year!