So here we all are, and I am still in disbelief that it is DECEMBER?!

Even though Christmas is coming soon, I know many of us are literally wrapping up our holiday gift making/shopping, sometimes up till the last minute. Well if that is you, we aren’t ever done providing you all with more and more gift ideas each month.

No matter what time of year, I am sure you can find the ideas useful and inspiring.

Check out the following designers today:

Thankfully I did get all my holiday shopping done, and am almost done all my gift making for those special people in our lives, such as my children’s teachers.

I used the Card Wrapper template to keep costs down and limit the time it would take for me to create all of them.

Group 1 (Set of 12)

I made each of my children’s teachers a set of 8 customized cards/envelope, complete with their name, and then wrapped to perfection! Teachers can never have too many cards!

The circled layerd in the lower right hand corner was cut/layered using the Well Rounded Tag ©.

 I love using black, white and a pop of red!

Each card set only cost about 0.65 CENTS (not including the cost of the ribbon)!

 I made 19 gift sets (featured here) for a whopping $12.35!! Then add 2 rolls of ribbon at $1.99 each (on sale), that is still ONLY $16.33!

What can you BUY for under a $1 that looks better than this, AND is customized? Not much!

Super quick, and simple because I created the actual card design ONCE then changed one minor detail. My printer did far more work than I did 😀

Wonder if printing your own paper/images is afforadable? READ THIS!

 These are single layer cards that I created digitally. By doing this I could easily whip up a bunch, and just change the teacher’s name along the bottom! I used the Dainty Damask Paper Collection, and recolored a pattern to be black, for the top layer of the cards I created.

I added a strip of red along the cropped edge of the card.

The frame on the cards is from the Framed Elegance ©set , then my bird and branch images used on both the  Card Wrapper template and the cards, are from the Singing Silhouette © set. Each set has the specific name of the teacher along the bottom, and they can use them at their discretion.

A truly personal gift, made with lots of ♥

Group 2 (set of 7)

This group is similar, I just used a damask patterned ribbon instead and in this group the design is the same, but instead of having personalized cards, I did some “general” cards for other people who may be on my list, and to have on hand. I titled these “Just a Note” hence the bird 😀

 I kept the cards general putting in (2) With Appreciation (2) Just a Note (2) Just Because (2) For Your Kindness.

Not too shabby huh?!

Thank you again for stopping by, and your continued support, which allows me to share what I love with all of you!

Return for more ideas tomorrow from myself and our amazingly talented design team.

See you then!