Welcome back to my blog everyone. I know it’s been a while since we last shared some samples, but it seems like only yesterday! Of course, as usual I am always pretty busy between things with my family and running a company. I do at least get to enjoy release week by posting any samples I get time to create. I always wish I had MORE time to do more, and share more, but until we have MORE than 24 hours in a day, I just can’t.

Here in new Hampshire we are battling Hurricane Sandy, and I am hoping everyone affected is able to remain safe!

 I’m so excited to announce that despite the storm, I have become an Auntie again! My brother Robert W. Vigeant the III and my sister-in-law (and of my best friends) Heather Dwan welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world today during Hurricane Sandy!! (Photos to come soon I hope :D)

Welcome Robert W. Vigeant IV … He arrived yesterday morning October 29th 2012 at 0849am. 21 Inches Long and 7lbs. 13 oz. He is quite handsome ♥ and all are doing well despite the storm.

OK so back to the first previews of our upcoming release….here is who you want to visit!

Keep in mind if you don’t see anything NEW, it could be the awful weather we are having so check in againa t a later time.

NOTE: Many items you see in samples are previews for the November 1st Release

I’m quite excited to share with you the latest template we have for this release!! It is called Crazy for Candy!

Crazy for Candy $5

Look at all you can make using ONE template!

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

3 Inches Wide

4 1/2 Inches Tall

5 Inches Long

If you’re crazy for candy  then you will flip with excitement over this new template! The Crazy for Candy was created after the old fashioned glass candy jar that you’d find the sweetest of treats displayed in. That recognizable circular body, with the silver lid, floods me with many wonderful memories of my childhood.

Here is the “original” version

I remember big gumballs, penny candy, rock candy, sour lollipops that are like big sweet tarts, wax bottles with juice inside, licorice by the foot, gummy candy in all shapes, colors and flavors…to name a few.

Here I packaged up a bag of pretzel M&M’s! They were a perfect match to my pretty Cute Critters © paper collection

So I used the gumball machine image from the On Display 1 © set, and the sentiment from the ApothecaryLabels© set. I used the hearts for gumballs, using the colors from my paper 😀

See, the lid pulls off just like the glass version! How fun is that?!

You can package just about anything delicious in here.

I wanted to be able to bring such amazing memories to my own children as I package up my own sweet treats for any event, all year long. Now I can do just that with an affordable, and versatile cardstock version, which lends itself to endless possibilities. There is no end to what you can package up in your candy jar.

To “sweeten” the candy pot, I have also included (2) special files called the Crazy Cat, and the Adorable Dog. The contents of these files allows you to quickly and easily turn this candy jar into a dog or cat in just minutes! Perfect for gifting something to a new pet such as treats, collar/leash, gift card, something fun for the pet lover, or for a animal organization, or how about an animal themed party?!

With a little creativity you can change the candy jar into any animal you want! You’ll go crazy with all the many ideas for this one template.

First up is our feline friend…

This is the Crazy Cat! She is definitely a cutie! Love those big eyes! Just like the REAL thing 😀

His tag was made using the images from the *NEW* Paws-itively Sweet Stamp Set!!

I made this one from gray cardstock, and sponged on some "stripes", for a more realistic look.

Easy Peasy!

You could package up a variety ot feline friendly items like cat treats, toys, collars etc….or as I did here, Swedish Fish 😀 Since I am giving them as a gift to someone special who just loves all our furry friends 😀

Whether you love cats, or dogs, or just candy, this is a fabulous template!

So here is my Adorable Dog…

Is he not adorable?!! I just cut the entire template in Kraft cardstock, sis a little sponging, and got this *uber cute* puppy! It didn’t take much to make this puppy perfect!

His tag was made using the images from the *NEW* Paws-itively Sweet Stamp Set!!

 It was super quick, fun and easy.

Perfect for the pooch lover in your life, or a child who just loves dogs 😀

You can package up a variety of items in this dog jar. You can make your own bone shaped cookies, package up real dog treats, buy a name tag or collar for the new pet, or give a gift card to a local pet shoppe, or to a local groomer for the new puppy owners too! Really the possibilities are endless for this.

The bottom line is, it doesn’t take much effort to get a whole lotta cute!

You may want to view our amazing collection of Pretty Impression image, and Pretty Printables papers for a variety of ways to decorate this template. We also have a special set called the Paws-itively Sweet Stamp Set, for the perfect accent to this super fun template, as well as many treat themed sets!

As you can see I used the Paws-itively Sweet Stamp Set for my samples here!

Here are some details about that set:

Paws-itively SweetDigital Stamp Set of 23 Images $8 By Chrissie Tobas

This is a paws-itively adorable pet themed set for that dog or cat lover! The uber cute images, and super sweet sentiments will make you fall in love with creating some pet themed gifts for your little furry friends, or those who love them.

Sentiments Include:

Fur Baby






Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

You’re paws-itively purr-fect

Life would be RUFF without you!

Pets leave pawprints on your heart

You will want to check out the Crazy for Candy template, and the No Bones About Ittemplate for some sensational projects to use with this set. We also have several other products you may find to be the purr-fect companion for this set if images.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Weather pending I will be back tomorrow! I am typing stuff up in this dreadful hurricane, and am not sure HOW far I’ll get before losing power :C

I hope you all stay tuned, and stay safe!