We are ready to literally “wrap up” our samples for the October Release. Each of the team members have some great gift ideas for the impending holiday seasons to share today. We always have our monthly Year in Review, and today is a little different. Since we had SO MANY items to share this month, our designers are mixing older products with new templates.

Here is what you can find on our design team’s blogs:


Candy Wrapper

Wreath of Wishes

Now I know I should be sharing something with one of our NEW templates, but I sorta went backwards!! I designed something using our new images, and cut files, with an older template. When the idea hit, I couldn’t resist. As you all know, sometimes you just have to go exactly where creativity takes you.

Santa’s Sweets

Here is used the Carry It © template to create a Santa Box!

I wanted this to look just like Santa, complete with the red hat and maribou trim.

I cut my base template from a white cardstock, and the lid from red, to create the “hat”.

I printed an enlarged version of the Santa face from the Homemade Holiday set! Ah! The beauty if digital image!!! They really do lead to endless possibilities.

I actually printed it twice so I could create a 3 D moustache.

For his pom pom top, I went with some glittery snowflake printed ribbon, and a homemade tag.

This was easy peasy!!

 I colored, printed my tag from the Homemade Holiday Labels set, which was cut out using the Homemade Holiday Labels cut file. The sleigh, Santa sack, and candy cane image are from the Homemade Holiday set. Santa’s Sweets sentiment are from the Homemade Holiday Sentiments set.

Imagine all the gifts you could package up in here! The *BEST& part is, once you spend your time making your tag, or printing the face on a gift box, you only need to to the “work” once! You can save it, and then remake it over and over again. Need to change colors? No problem! Just a click of a button in your photo editing software.

Don’t forget we have a link on our store website to GIMP! It’s FREE 😀 So NO excuses!!

You actually SAVE money when you make your gif

As we wrap up, remember that the ideas are never over just because we end the release projects. You can quickly and easily find ideas for any of our products in our gallery, or go to the item in the store and select the Gallery Tab in the product description page. It can’t get easier. Or if you have NO IDEA what you want to do, just browse around. There are endless ideas there that is sure to spark that creativity you may need to jump start.

I’ll see you back here next time!