When the holiday’s creep up on us, last minute gift giving can get crazy. I try to keep gifts on hand  in case someone unexpected gifts me with something, as I always like to return the favor, or for any time of year I don’t have time to “shop” for that extra person, or there is any occasion popping up! I’m sure you can all relate. That being said, you cannot have enough ideas for gifts this holiday season, and you can apply these ideas towards gift making all year round.

The goal isn’t to have to package up EXPENSIVE items, or drive all over finding that PERFECT gift, its about MAKING the simplest of gifts PERFECT, or seem like so much more than just say a candle, or bag of candy.

So here is who you need to visit to get some great gift ideas before you end up in a time crunch!

Today I am finally sharing my sample using the Gifted Template

Gifted $5

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

3 3/4 Inch Wide

3 3/4 Inch Deep

5 1/8 Inch Tall

This may just be what you need if you are looking for the perfect “gift” box. Anyone who receives this box will see it truly is a gift within a gift. I really love this box, and think there is just so much you can do with it.

I’ve always been in awe of nicely wrapped gifts, but hate actually “wrapping” them. Now, you don’t have to.

This box is perfectly wrapped to go, with its unique inter-locking bow closure on the top!

It’s literally already wrapped for you.

Bow prior to decorating.

Just unfasten the top, open it up, and you have your stunning gift to reveal! Seriously that simple, and it looks really cool!

 Now you can present your gift in style with the optional window, and simple circle tag panel to help you dress this up quickly and easily. With so many gift possibilities you will use this template all year round, year after year! I love having the window, but you may opt to not use depending on what you are packaging.

This gift box was super simple to put together. I love being able to use dual colors for a real nice contrast of color. I was inspired by the Tis’ the Season collection of digital paper.

For my project I used the round label and sentiment from the Sentimentally Yoursset. I just colored in the flowers with my Copic markers.

I packaged up a simple jam jar with some strawberry candies. The label was also made using images from the Sentimentally Yours set.

I mean really, look how a $3 bag of candy can get dressed up in here! Imagine all the items you can package in a inexpensive jam jar. It looks so much nicer than a “bag” of candy. Buy some special candy from a local candy shoppe, or package up some jams or jellies. You don’t have to pack jarred gifts in here, you can put whatever you want really.

Just something simple to say thank you! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and the fact you took the time to package it to perfection means so much more. It really is the “thought” that counts.

If you have a favorite simple, inexpensive, or homemade gift you love to give other, feel free to share those ideas here! Or if you have something that you’d love ideas packaging up, let us know! Maybe we can help.

Tomorrow is another day of gift giving ideas as we share our last group post of the release. You won’t want to miss what our team has created for that.

See you back here then.