(NOTE: This was a OLD post I found never published!)

Today I am featuring my samples using the NEW! On the Mark, which is a book marker cut file.

On the Mark $2.50

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

On the Mark is a fabulous take on the good ole’ fashioned book mark!!

Its design allows you to easily “mark” your page, while you get the fun of creating a customized book marker for everyone who loved to read!

 I made a book mark for each one of my children, using the NEW! On the Mark cut file.

I think they turned out so cute!

 Now they can keep track of their reading all Summer long. They each have to read daily for a half hour (at least) during the Summer so they keep up their reading skills. Each time they finish a book I let them go pick out another new one at the local library. It’s funny their favorit things are the non-fiction books. They like learning about catepilars, bees, sharks and other topics like that. They get a monthly subscription from National Geographic Kids, that my dad bought them for Christmas. They look forward to that coming every month!

This is Alexa’s The maker was designed for the book lover in your life. It’s perfect for kids, and grown-ups alike. The rounded top tab has a slot so that it can attach to top top of your page, to keep your place.

So the orchid layer has the slit in it, and the decorative circle “covers” up the slit, so it looks pretty 😀

Just slip the page into the slit, and it holds snuggly in place.

The perfect book mark!

 The toppers were made using the Back to School set.

Here is Noah’s Marker

I digitally colored the kids, then hand colored the faces, drew in the sidewalk & grass on each. Cute eh?

This is Amber’s

It’s great to be able to customize/personalize each one for the person you are gifting it to!

I went a little further with personalzing mine by using the apple image from the Back to School set, and adding their name to it.

Some gift ideas:

Let your children create their own, and keep track of all the books they read on the marker!

Give one with a gift card to your local/online book store for that special someone who loves to read.

Insert one into a new book as a gift

Gift one to all the school staff, like a reading teacher or librarian

Book Club members will love a handcrafted one!

OR…..add a candy cup  to the top (filled of course) and give them out as party favors, or at Halloween!