Welcome back to my blog!

We are ready with another NEW! Release! Can you believe it?

Seems like time flies between one release and the next! I get so busy before I know it is time to prepare for sneak peeks at another NEW! Release. My family keeps me busy as does all my “work” for My Time Made Easy ™ LLC. I’m not complaining, as I LOVE what I do, but admittedly juggling “work”, “family and play can be tough. I know I don’t post here as often but I am constantly working on FRESH ideas, and spending time with my family. I have not lost sight as to WHY I began this venture in the first place….share what I love by working from home,and doing  so I can be there for my children, for everything. My kids will only be little so long, and I refuse to let my ambitions get in the way of my first job-being mom. I am fortunate that I can do that, and thank God daily!!

So all that being said we have an amazing design team, itching to share the first previews at some of what is to come for June 1st!

Check out the Designers Projects today:

We have some AMAZING new items for the warm weather, to celebrate my version of Summer FUN!!

Today the team and myself will be sharing a sample using the CUTEST template ever!!!

I want to introduce you to Trendy Turtle!

Trendy Turtle $5

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

5 1/2 Inches Tall w/Legs

Shell 3 Inches Tall

5 Inches Round

Yes!! This is a three dimensional turtle shaped gift “dome” !!

Now you can make your own turtle gift “box” for any occasion. Super cute table centerpieces, party favors, gift holder for baby, or gifts for the young and the young at heart!

Items can be stored under the large shel, l but no one will care about what’s inside because the turtle itself is beyond amazing!

I chose some yummy scented cupcake shaped bath “balls””. Makes a super sweet gift for any little boy or girl.

Just remove the shell and your gift is splendidly displayed in a trendy new way!

It doesn’t get much cuter or creative does it???

Look at his (or her) cute little face! Who wouldn’t smile at the sight of it?!

I love the scalloped shell detail, the feet, and toes…. and with all the decorative pieces and a little patterned paper (here I used the super cute Cute Critters © collection-recolored :D) you can really make each turtle fun and unique with little effort!! The team and I will share more ideas as we share more samples through the week 😀 So stay tuned!

Every detail makes this turtle so precious, from head to tail!

  Thanks for stopping by to see what NEW! stuff we have to share. I could go on and on, so I hope you fall in love with this one, as much as the team and I have. 

There is so much more to be shared, so please  come back again tomorrow for more peeks and projects 😀