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  • Today I have a super cute project alternative to our latest template release of It’s in the Bag!

    While in the process of designing my samples for the August Release at MTME, we received an invitation to our niece Nora’s 1st birthday party. The invite had a little owl on the front. Too cute! While we were away during the party, I decided to mail a gift along in our absence (I was so late in mailing this, but did actually mail it out :C), and wanted to make it special for her first birthday. So, given the invite, I knew I had to do something OWL themed!

    After seeing Lisa’s Year in Review project from last month, I was inspired and I KNEW I could turn the It’s in the Bag, into a new version of  Whooty-Love ©!!

    So I did!

    Whoo’s having a birthday?

    Could you die?!

    I was seriously over the moon with this alternative project idea.

    I LOVE Whooty-Love © done up using the It’s in the Bag template don’t you???

    Since it was her birthday and the invite read “Whoo’s Turning 1?” , I knew I had to have Whooty-Love © holding balloon!! 

     I used a stick pin, punched 2 pink circles, then stamped the sentiment from the Critters with Heart © set. It was PERFECT!

    Note: I used ONLY the cutting file for this, and I did enlarge it by 10 or 20 %. EEK! Sorry I don’t recall now :C For the head piece I also “welded” and oval piece that I got from the decorative flap of the template, so that it would fit perfectly over the flap of my bag 😀 Worked like a DREAM!

    Check out the back!

    No straps used here, obviously, but I used the owl “wings” to make my owl tail 😀

    This is just another way to show the the attention to the little details matters. I think it really completes the whole owl project.

    I adhered the wings to the front panel prior to adhering the template sides, for a clean and finished look.

    Now the feet….

    those are from Cute Lil Chick ©. The size was NOT altered at all.

    (note the belly…that used paper from next month called Color Infusion! LOL! Sorry about that.)

    Think of all the cute animals and party favors you can make from a BACK PACK! I mean really! I made it and I can’t even believe it! LOL!

    P.S. The bow does match perfectly! Not sure what happened with the photo, but trust me. I wouldn’t put in all this work and then add a mis-matched bow! I own TONS of ribbon 😀

    Since we weren’t sure what she wanted, we enclosed a gift card to Target! You can get any and everything there, so I figured it would be a good place in case she needed clothing, or something besides toys (although she CAN get toys there too!)

    So there you have it!

    A cute alternative to the typical “back pack” you think/see when you look at the What’s in the Bag template.

    Come back tomorrow for more gift deas, because we are just getting warmed up!

    See you then.