Hi everyone!

Hot enough for you all? It’s HIGH 90’s here today and the humidity is KILLER!

It’s been a busy Summer here at our house, with the 3 kids 😀

We are doing many day trips with the kids, and Amber is in her first play, Snow White, this weekend. She is the Magic Mirror and Happy, from the 7 dwarf’s!

We are also getting ready for our town annual hot air balloon rally, in which we celebrate Amber’s 7th Birthday and will have our house warming BBQ! We have much more landscaping to complete before then 😀 Then it’s onto my brother’s baby shower!! BUSY! BUSY!!

I wanted to take some time to announce more publications (that I am aware of) using My Time Made Easy ™ LLC! I am a bit late posting this, but better LATE than never!

Now I first have a shout out that isn’t CRAFT related, but my design team member Katie Cotton did makeup for People Magazine! Her name is featured for the make up she did! I think its the current issue, on Page 102. :) So a HUGE congrats to the ever talented Katie 😀

Now to some of the pub’s I know about. I know there are others, that I am not aware of, but this is what I have today!

First up is one of our most loyal customers Katie Berberich.

You can visit her blog HERE!

She has written about me on Craft Journal in the past (how sweet :D) and recently but has been published in “Quick Cards Made Easy” magazine June Issue #88—> BUY IT HERE!

Not only did one of her cards using My Time Made Easy ™ LLC make the front cover, but there are a total of 8 pages in this one issue of her designs using  My Time Made Easy ™ LLC stamps. Also at the back of the issue, we made the “Places to buy” section!

Isn’t that exciting?!

Now we also have one of our stamp designers Catherine Doucette has been published in the latest issue of Stamp It Magazine!

She has 3 cards using  My Time Made Easy ™ LLC in that issue…pg. 17, pg 41 and pg. 86

MTME has alot of future publications coming, so stay tuned and watch all your amazing crafting magazine resources 😀

You don’t have to wait for publications to get some great ideas,so check out:

 MTME blog

the gallery

 and our amazing video tutorials 😀