This adorable little boy is Ethan Weiman

Welcomed into the world August 5th 2004-Welcomed into Heaven June 12th, 2009 

Heaven has gained an AMAZING little boy! Such a precious life. His smile contagious. His courage was amazing. A true little cowboy!

Please read his mother’s post—> CARING BRIDGE SITE 

Today Ethan’s family will say goodbye in a ceremony from 4-7 at Duker and Haugh in Quincy, IL. They will fill the room with balloons, in a tribute to him.

Please put them in your prayers today, if you can for ask strength and peace during that time.

You can also view his mother-Alicia’s blog with many posts full of photos and memories of Ethan (TISSUE ALERT!)

I have no eloquent words. I sit here typing in tears, not even knowing what to say.

I have a very heavy heart, and so many tears pouring out for them, over the last 2 days, since learning of his passing. I don’t even want to imagine the pain in their hearts right now.

I don’t know where to begin, to express how much I feel for this family that I have come to know over the last year or so. I have become so emotionally involved with this family, I have never met! Yet, I feel like I lost a part of my own family.

My own daughter has fought this scary battle. Not everyone wins. To lose such a life, so young. I want to scream that it’s not fair.

I’m trying to keep Faith that there is a purpose in everything. Sometimes Faith is hard. Sometimes we don’t see the rainbow after the storm. Sometimes we never feel like we get an answer.

I want to just reach out to this family, that I have come to love. I feel helpless, knowing I cannot ease the pain and burden in their hearts.

I have a few things I NEED to work on, so I don’t feel helpless. I am going to do what I can to help them in ANY way, to honor the life and memory of their sweet little Ethan.

If you want to help them in any way, we have set up a donation fund for them here

No amount is too small. A little bit from a lot of people, adds up quick.

There are many medical bills left unpaid, as well as other expenses.

If you want to send a card-please email me.

Kristen wrote a beautiful post, that I only wish I had the strength to write! View that —> HERE

You will learn more about what I am doing later.

In the meantime I just ordered 25 balloons to help fill the ceremony-asking for a special Mylar horse balloon for little Ethan.

My children and I are sending his little sister Ava-a pony from Build a Bear called Pawsome Pony (he isn’t being released til the 26th! UGH!). So we will buy him un-stuffed.

We will let her fill it and put a prayer and kiss on a heart to stuff inside for Ethan. We are also sending hearts from our family and for his mom and dad to put in too. My kids each said a prayer and signed their own little heart for him.

Explaining what we were doing, and why was extremely difficult. They seemed to really understand, and were eager to par-take. They will spend the afternoon making cards for Ava. I don’t know HOW I am going to make a card.

We got the pony a cowboy hat, boots, vest and jeans just like Ethan! We hope this little pony will make Ava always feel close to Ethan, when she misses him. She can just give him a big hug, when she misses him.

I have a few things to work out for his mom & dad. I want to do something special.

In the meantime, please pray for them. Alicia is expecting a new baby in November, and this has to be very hard on her body. I pray her and Dave will lean on each-other, and are able to get through this day.

Everyday will be hard.

I just ask God for his peace, comfort, strength and mercy.

Again, I’m sorry I have no eloquent words. I just can’t today.

Thank you for reading and caring.