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OK I know you have all been chomping at the bit here for the next peek at the 2nd NEW! Release from My Timeless Templates © from Papertrey Ink, which will become available with the next release on the 15th! WAHOO!!

First, let me say Happy Easter to everyone! I so enjoy this time of year. I am so happy because we are having my mom over for the day and some dinner. She won’t have to cook a thing. Just relax. She is usually the one always running on the holidays. We are also celebrating her birthday today too (it was the 8th). Plus I get to hoard my niece Gabriella who is getting SOOOOOO big. The kids are obviously excited for the day too, since my mom and the baby are coming 😀

We are going to have a fun egg hunt in the yard, and just a day of fun and family. I hope you have a nice day too.

OK, now let me get this done so I can do up their Easter Baskets! Its like SO late here, and Im already exhausted.

Sooooooo…………………the next template is called “From the Desk of“.

Crazy for Daisy Gift set


This is a FABULOUS template, that YES! Sits out on a desk!

The idea of the name was because I made this box for my friend Robyn  (I’ll share that later). I personalized it “From the desk of” then added her name. My thought was HOW cool to make this set for everyone?! AND make it personal, hence the name.

 You can fill it with cards, stationery, organize your supplies, and as you will SOON see, SO MUCH MORE (as always).

Are you able to see I was on a serious “desk” gift set kick ?

I don’t know, I just LOVE giving and receiving great cards and gift sets. I love when things are packaged all pretty. It just speaks volumes to the thought and time you put into these gifts. Especially when you take the time to MAKE cards of other items, they deserve to be represented properly!!

OK so with this $5 template purchase- you get the PRINTABLE template for the base, as well as the 2 angle cut decorative side panels, and the decorative front panel layer as well! So no fussing with the perfect decorative layers!!! You also get the option of including a center divider panel for the inside of the template. Let’s not forget the EXCLUSIVE Idea Catalog-with 5 projects, that include photos, step by step instructions, and a complete supply list-to make gift ideas even easier 😀

So lets see the SAMPLE!!

Who wouldn’t FREAK if you presented this to them?


This is the photo of the front view.

Here is the top view


Now I will show you the side panels


This is the other side.


Here is the set with the card sample out


Now this desk set will easily fit your A2 size cards, and envelopes, but also, so much more 😀


This is the collection of items featured in the desk set I made. (only 2 cards featured in photo).


In this set I included 8 handmade cards to match-with the envelopes as well.

I love the card design. Clean and simple-yet nicely detailed.


I altered a Band-Aid tin (for stamps to mail the cards or little return address labels!)

In the box I cut down a Square trendy tube so make the little tin raise up higher


I covered 3 little white notepads, so you can keep notes, or jot down addresses or events!

I think this is so pretty.

Here is the flower detail on the box


I stamped it on vellum cardstock, dry embossed from the back, then colored with varying shades of Copic markers.

I then layered the 2 flowers, and added a button center! I love this box.


Now this is a photo with the band aid tin and notebook out.


From the Desk of template

Stamps: Friends Till the end , Everyday Classics (unavailable for purchase-Anniversary set)

Cardstock: Hibiscus Burst, Vellum cardstock

Patterned Paper:2008 Bitty Dots, Friends til the end

Ink: Black

Buttons in true black

Trendy Tube (not shown)

Copic markers

circle punches

May Arts velvet ric rac ribbon

Band Aid tin

There is the option of adding a divider panel in the center, as I did use for this project.

So……………what do you think?

Do you like it? LOVE it? Not sure if you NEED it?

Well, then lets do another project!


This one used JUST the template base as a gift box.


Now I think THIS alone is FABULOUS.

That is what is SOOOOO great about the templates. The IDEA of WHAT kind of gift presentation is done for you. That is the hardest part. All YOU have to do is decorate it, in your own style. Personalized gifts, every time. IN MINUTES!!

Anyone who has bought a template Im certain, can say they were amazed at how fast and easy these are to put together. Its made many ONLY card makers GIFT makers! From little kids to beginner stampers, to seasoned paper crafters. You have not idea how much hearing stuff like that means to me. It means MY DREAM of helping everyone be able to make more affordable gifts, has become a reality!

Now looking at this in a GIFT BOX way, I’m sure your brain gets FLOODED with ideas. If not, no worries! Over the enxt few days I will share MANY ideas for this template that is sure to spark SOMETHING that suits your own creative ventures in gift giving.

Here is the detail photo


I love the cut out flowers. I airbrushed the originally white panel, so soften it, and layer onto my Amethyst box base.


Having the decorative cut out templates makes what would be the hard work, easy. No messing up and cutting 6 pieces to make it all perfect! I already did that for you! LOL!

Now what to put IN the box?!


How about a dual planter, with paper flowers!

I got this mini plater at the Christmas Tree Shop! I knew I wouldn’t DIRTY it up with REAL flowers that I could kill! LOL! So I make a paper bouquet, based on a seed packet of flowers I purchased *just* for flower inspiration!

Here is the basket


I have to say I jumped up and down when this was completed.


How much more pretty can paper flowers be? I mean REALLY!

What a great MAIL-ABLE, gift! No wilting, no watering.


Now you may not believe that it actually FITS in the box!

But, it does, I swear!




Its just so pretty in here


And a side view so you see its not SQUISHED in there. It fits perfectly.


That hardest part to remember is to NOT pick up the handle! To carry the box base. If you pick up the handle then the flower planter, obviously comes out.


From the Desk Of template

Stamps: Remember

Cardstock: Amethyst (non-PTI) White, Plum Pudding

Ink:True Black, amethyst, plum pudding, lavendar moon

Ribbon: Plum Pudding Satin, leaf couture ribbon

Buttons in true black

Copic markers/air gun

Adhesive pearls

Martha Stewart Butterfly punch, scallop circle punch, circle punch


various punches

So there you have it! My first peeks of “From the Desk of“! One being a desk set, and the other SO NOT a desk set, but rather a gift box. A very pretty gift box at that.

The ideas for this one are ENDLESS!

Add ribbon handles, punch a handle in the back-put them together…………….OOPS! I gave away another peek idea!

More on that tomorrow 😀 and many more ideas to follow.

Now you know WHY I’m so insanely busy 😀

So PLEASE share your thoughts on this here! I love to hear what you think. Plus I busted my butt on these samples, so its nice to know if you like them 😀 I think we all like that validation at times. After the loss of mojo I had post surgery it was hard getting back into it. I’m actually still struggling a bit to get caught up, but it will happen………….. eventually!

In the meantime, check out Kelly’s blog for her peek at this template D

Also check in on Nichole, Dawn , Heather and Lisa,as they are all sharing samples too!

Enjoy the holiday.

Till tomorrow…..

Do you get totally stumped when it comes to Sports, or anything related to it? Like GIFT ideas?!

Well, then MAYBE today’s post will help you out with some ideas. I have to admit this really stumped me! Not be sporty and all. Despite my sporty inabilities, the set is really cool, and great for ANY sport.

My kids play soccer, basketball, baseball and dance. None of that ambition comes from me. Now DANCE is so up my alley, all the other sports, not so much. So when it comes time to highlight that Im usually just as clueless as the next valley girl!! LOL! I swear I sit there there during the games absolutely clueless. Granted I do know WHEN my kids score (hahahhaha), but that is usually it.

Nichole gave the team a challenge to take Team Spirit to a new level, and create some sort of card and gift centered around SPORTS.

This group post today features Heather’s new stamp set is called All Star Team & Additions.

I decided on making a gift for a Soccer Coach (since my hubby Jay is the kids soccer coach, and I enjoy that sport most)

I took my NEWEST template Get a Handle On It-and made a Sports Jersey themed gift box.


Now how cool is that?!!!!!!!! I told you this one was versatile! You can add about anything to the FRONT of the box. Like the baby onesies 😀

PS-NOW I KNOW you are DYING to see the next template-that will be posted TOMORROW! I will share a COUPLE samples with the template you have NOT seen yet. Trust me, its heaven! I’ve been bustin my hiney 😀

I just made my box, as directed, then made my Sports Jersey panel, and adhered it to the front of my box! I love it!!


Now the hanging whistle is totally cool to me too. Really makes the gift.

NOTE: I removed the original string (and put it in the box) so it would look more like it belonged on my box. Plus I could shorten it.


The All Star is embossed with white EP.

My BIG gift idea was to get a whistle, and have the team pitch in, to get it engraved! Things Rememberedengraves ANYTHING you want (for a price of course! LOL!). Its a great keepsake, that the entire team can give. Since the engraving isn’t THAT pricey on a small item such as this-you can put any extra 4 collected towards a gift card or other gift item, and put that IN the box 😀

Side view


When you open the box……


You see the mini jersey card


Inside the mini jersey card- is a gift card to a sporting goods store.


Now, also in the box is the gift of a Sports Watch/Timer.


 Every coach needs a good one of those.

So this is the set together-Gift box and card.


I’ll be putting the gift box/whistle up on my Etsy Store sometime soon!!


Get a Handle On It Template

Stamps: All Star Team & Accessories

Cardstock: New Leaf, White, Black

Ink: Versamark, Black

Embossing Powder, string, whistle, grass filler, circle punch


Now for the questions, answered! Many of you asked HOW this template opens! So I figured I’d share.


I made this box using the Get a Handle On It template, and the Everyday Classics (PTI anniversary set)

As I told you, the handles fold in first, then the sides fold in to hold it closed


Now this is the box, unfolded.


Its REALLY cute.

I LOVE that the largest Scallop Square nestability fits PERFECTLY on the bottom too 😀 Make a nice finished look if you want it, with NO FUSS.


Stamps: Everyday Classics

Template: Get a Handle On It

Cardstock: Ripe Avocado, Dark Chocolate, Snow White, Vellum

Ink: Ripe Avocado, Dark chocolate, Melon Berry

Punch: Martha Stewart butterfly

Ribbon-chocolate twill

Large scallop nestability

So there you have my peeks for today. I have LOADS more. OH! BOY! My head is spinning.

Make sure you check out the entire teams projects!

  • Becky Oehlers
  • Betsy Veldman
  • Dawn McVey
  • Debbie Olson
  • Geny Cassady
  • Heather Nichols
  • Lauren Meader
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Melissa Phillips
  • Michelle Wooderson
  • Nichole Heady
  • Niki Estes
  • Kelly also has her first template peek to share too!
  •  Till tomorrow!

    Well its the 10th already!

    Can I get a WAHOO!!!

     Im so not ready, but I’ll do my best to keep up this week. Having 2 weeks “off” from stamping, KILLED my time and assignments schedule. Oh, yeah, and my MOJO! Not too happy about that.

    Its S-L-O-W-L-Y making a come back.

    Every month- during this week, I feel like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh! LOL! Just bouncin with excitement! Seriously. This usually gets me motivated to kick my own butt! We shall see.

     Time to share a sample using a My Timeless Template© , and of course, a new stamp set called Scattered Showers,  with you all!

    You have had a view of this template a few weeks ago-it is called Get a Handle On It © 

    This is due for release on the 15th.


    Get a Handle On It © is the perfect box for SO MANY great gift ideas-as you will SOON find out for yourself!

    Its a SUPER cute box, that has fun, cut out side panels, in which the box handle pops through.

    I can’t tell you enough how much I love this particular template! LOVE!

    Its cute, and perfect size. I love that the largest square nestability PERFECTLY layers on the bottom of this too, for great finishing touch.


    Looks can be deceiving. You may think this is a SMALL box.

    Well, NO! Its actually quite a nice size-measuring 3 1/2 inches squared.

    This allows you to fit some awesome stuff in there. When we used this box at Stamp New England, we were all able to fit over 38 bite size chocolate candy bars/pieces. Now that ROCKS!

    Wait till you see the box of beauty that I put in this creation! The little umbrella makes the perfect image since we are using this box/gift to brighten someone’s day. You will want to start making one for anyone you know- weather they are  celebrating something, or not feeling well. Any excuse will do!! It is sure to make someone’s day-rain or shine 😀


    So today I am sharing a video that shows the SIMPLE technique I used for my Get a Handle On It © project

    I’m calling it the “window treatment” because it allows us to add interest, and color to the windows of our boxes, or other projects, that may use acetate. Getting a small peek at what is IN your gift is so fun! Now you can make your “window” even prettier.


    Here is the close up view of my “window treatment”.

    This is where the Scattered Showers Stamp set comes in. It was PERFECT for this technique of dressing up the window of my box.

    I used Papertrey Inks Clearly Creative Cardstock for my window.

    You just stamp your image with White Stazon.

    Then use your Souffle Gel pens, to color the acetate, from the back.

    This gives you nice color on your window, and a great fresh look! Cute eh?

    Now when you OPEN the box, this is the SURPRISE inside 😀


    Now we take it out……..


    This is what you are getting IN the box!


    A bitty baby booty blooms box-(say that 5′x fast).

     Its a nice little gift, instead of giving FRESH flowers, that wilt and die, you can give them this.

    I decorated the large square tin, that I made 5 baby booty flowers for.

    A sprinkle of glitter-and VIOLA!  A gorgeous gift, or party favor-completely perfect in the gift box-which is a gift in itself.


    The large square tin fits perfectly into the Get a Handle On It box.


    Isn’t it so pretty? Simple and elegant.


    Perfect size to keep on a desk!

    Did you think that something like this could fit in the box?! Well it DOES!

    Here is the close up of the little booty buds I made 😀


    Aren’t they just adorable?

    I put this up in my Etsy Shop, along with another version I created 😀 I hope someone finds it a good home 😀

     Supplies used:

    Get a Handle On It © template-due for release the 15th

    Stamps: Scattered Showers and Background Basics Dots & Spots-also being released on the 15th

    Cardstock: Clearly Creative cardstock, Spring Moss, white, amethyst

    Ink: Amethyst, spring moss, sweet blush, lemon tart

    Ribbon: Spring moss collection

    Spellbinders circle nestabilities, Prima Flowers, Souffle Gel Pens

    Large clear top tin-square

    Tomorrow I have another great sample using this template. I will share the FIRST peeks at the other template on Sunday-the 12th. You will love it 😀

    In the meantime, check out Kelly’s blog for her peek at this template 😀

    Also check in on Nichole, Dawn , Heather and Lisa,as they are all sharing samples too! If this stuff doesn’t get the creative juices flowing I don’t know WHAT will 😀

    As always I love to hear your thoughts-so let me know what you think!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Till tomorrow……………………..

    Everyday Classics

    Apr 9, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Papertrey Newsletter

    HOLY SMOKES BATMAN! Tomorrow is the 10th!!!!!!!!!

    That means that the peeks for the Papertrey Ink countdown begin! You will also start to get to see some more samples with my newest template release! I’m in love (again! LOL!)

    There is some exciting news about the montly template releases —> HERE, and SOON! we will be sharing something else about the monthly template release, that I hope gets you ALL excited. I get so much from the excitement you all share with me every month, so thank you.

    What I enjoy more is seeing YOUR projects with the templates too. I especially love the ones where people get their kids involved too! See they are for ALL ages. SO easy a KID can do it 😀

    OK I’m way behind! LOL! That being said, I better get to the point.

    Enjoy todays post-and I hope you will join me tomorrow for the first of the release peeks!

    These were in the Anniversary set gallery, but figured I’d share them here!

    Im so excited about the Papertrey Ink Anniversary set–>Everyday Classics.

    This set is BEYOND amazing. One of my favorite sets to date. If you earned it, you will be BOUNCIN!! I know I have been DYING to share samples with it here. (I have a ton more but they use future templates 😀 So I have to wait.

    This set ISN’T available for purchase, you have to earn it!

    For information on how to qualify for next years set (if you weren’t able to get in on this one :C)

    Read the –> Come Grow With Me <– program!! Really cool program. EASY to get in on, and as you will see-well worth it because Nichole rocks the anniversary set special.

    So here is my FAVORITE design I created with the set.


    heartfelt thanks

    Heartfelt Thanks


    Stamps:Everyday Classics
    Carstock: Spring moss, ripe avocado, aqua mist, teal
    Ink, snow white, aqua mist
    Perfect Match buttons,, rectangle, heart nestablities
    Prima flower, bridal confetti

    I LOVE it. I don’t know that it is, but I just do. The colors aren’t my norm, but I think that is what is fun, and I ADORE the bird peeking out of the heart frame, with the flourished corner 😀 Add the flowers/flower button and Im in PTI heaven!

    Now my other favorite (I can love them all right?)


    LOVE the layout here. From the tag sentiment at the top, to the pierced border, down to the stitched ribbon and scallop border.

    Red, white, Kraft & chocolate are such a HOT combo to me these days. I love them together. I actually have to try to NOT use them too often.

    Do you not LOVE that bird?

    Now-Notice how this set has the same image in a large and small version? Love that!! The bird wing is separate which ROCKS because NO MASKING or piecing to get a wing in another color. The bird is my favorite image from the set. Then I had to use the Beyond Basic Borders (a perfect match in my opinion) for a branch! 

    I added soe punched flowers, and Cloud 9 dots and VOILA! DONE!!

    Sending you

    Sending you


    Stamps: Everyday Classics, beyond basic borders
    Cardstock: White, Kraft, dark chocolate, pure poppy
    ink-pure poppy, dark chocolate
    stitched poppy ribbon
    Labels 1 nestability
    flower punch, paper piercer

    Now we have the card I made using my Sketch—>mytimess24


    Who doesn’t LOVE cupcakes? Especially POLKA DOT ones?
    See there is the red, chocolate, kraft and white combo again!! Throw in some avocado and Im in heaven again! LOL!

     cupcake duo

    Cupcake Duo

    Stamps: Everyday Classics
    Cardstock-pure poppy, white, avocado, dark chocolate
    Ink-snow white, dark chocolate, avocado, poppy
    Other ribbon, and adhesive pearls

    Tomorrow I will share my peeks-so stop by then!


    Featured on Etsy Front Page!

    Apr 8, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me

    Hi everyone-


    Im short on time, but had to share this email I got!!!! Which for me *JUST* starting my Etsy Store is really exciting. Yes, I KNOW I need to add stuff. Trust me, the stuff I will be putting in there is worth the wait 😀 Lots of gift ideas, but FIRST deadlines to be meet!


    Anyway-here is the email (my item is the first one second row-Little Bee card I made using Pink Cat Stamps)



    Hi Lauren 

    i hope you’re having a great day! i just wanted to let you know that this great listing is featured on the FRONT PAGE for the next 24 hours of our website, from one of our member???s HANDMADE WISH LIST!


    ETSY STORQUE/BLOG featured us last friday in it’s spring series “HANDMADE WEDDINGS”!


     each day we feature a handmade registry member???s WISH LIST and PROFILE on our FRONT PAGE

    siempre – dorana



    OK I have stuff to share, but work has to come first!! I was just excited about the mention 😀 so had to share.

    ON now back to my template samples 😀

    Hugs to ya, be back later!

    JustRite Stampers Spring Release!!

    Apr 7, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items

    I think personalizing gifts is one of the best parts about being a paper-crafter!

    If you purchase something personalized it always costs MUCH more, or if it is pre-made, is generally hard to find. Especially with ALL the unique names or spellings of names.

    That is what I love about alphabet sets. Limitless personalization.

    Not only is anything handmade nice, but when you personalize it for the recipients, they REALLY seem to feel extra special. I know I LOVE getting stuff with my name on it 😀

    I attended a wedding over the weekend. For the Bride & Groom I purchased a silver clock/frame combo-that I had engraved with their names and wedding date. I swear the engraving costs as much as the clock/frame itself! LOL! But, having something so personal is truly priceless.

    As you know I ADORE making gift packaging, so  I wanted to make a very special, custom box, for the frame to fit it in, since it was rather large. I wanted it to really stick out from all the other gifts on the table-so I personalized it.

    I think it is gorgeous 😀

    Now EVERYTHING is paper!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of this one.

    BEFORE you ask: Yes! THIS WILL BE A VIDEO! I will share how I got the entire look and flowers to shimmer! I will make another special box to go for sale in my Etsy shop, when I do that video 😀 (yes I have stuff to add! It won’t be for another few days though. I have WORK to get done)

    I made it to fit their Wedding color scheme which was Ivory, Chocolate, and Pink.

    This is a hinge style box, in 2 colors.


    I used a gorgeous Pink Satin ribbon from May Arts for the front decor

    This is view going towards the box top


    Now we move onto the top


    OK I’m sorry for the BLUR.

    This is a rather large box, so the  FULL view was difficult to get in the picture, in my photo tent.

    My project today uses items the NEW! Spring Release from JustRite Stampers ! These items are all available for PRE-ORDER!

    For the Bride & Groom Monograms I used the following

     Celebrations Demi Phrases -the congratulations 1/2 border

    Tromphe Upper & Tromphe Lower case alphabet -the date, and initials.

    Make sure you check out the following blogs for peeks with the Spring Release:

  • Barb Schram
  • Becca Feeken
  • Debbie Olson
  • Heidi Blankenship
  • Kellie Fortin
  • Lisa Somerville
  • Michelle Wooderson
  • Sharon Harnist
  • Sharon Johnson
  • Taylor Van Bruggen
  • This is a close up of the customized initials, and wedding date


    Its truly stunning in person.

    I added pearls to the ends of the “Congratulations” sentiment. Just a nice, elegant, finishing touch.


    I MADE those shimmery paper roses and flowers!! The ONLY thing NOT made by me, is the 2 rose leaves, and the pearls in the center of 4 of the flowers!

    Oh, and I also used Beautiful Bloomsfor the stamped leaves on the cardstock base.

    I then  moved on, building dimension with the flower/leaf layers.

    Isn’t it amazing???


    I’m just in love with the finished look. All from scratch. It was hard to give it away!


    This is another side view


    I wanted a nice, neat look from ALL angles, so this is the up-side-down view


    You can’t see any of the STICKY stuff! Looks like a floral garland, stuck onto the box 😀

    Isn’t it all so lovely?

    I would have died to get a box like that 😀 HEHEHEHE

    OK I sound like Im so into myself here, but I think if you make something you LOVE and are super proud of (and honestly this took me a LONG time to make!) that you totally need to give yourself a pat on the back 😀 So I am! LOL!

    Anyway, I think my point is, how cool is this hobby, and companies that provide the tools, so that we can do it all ourself ? !

    So have fun seeing what everyone came up with for th3 newest release!

    Yes! I AM here…and with lots to share

    Apr 6, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    OK I have been flooded with emails asking me if I am OK!

    Thanks everyone 😀 I am doing alright. Just busy. Its nice to know you miss me when I’m “gone” :D.

    Maybe you forgot but I had a Wedding to go to for the weekend, and don’t think Jay would have been happy if I interuppted our SCARCE ALONE time weekend to BLOG or STAMP! He’s very good and patient with everything I have to do for “work and I felt he truly deserved my undivided attention-besides he OFFERED to take me shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop! Now THAT proves how happy he was! LOL! We don’t have one around here, so it was REALLY fun to go (on his dime of course! LOL!) and have him not be annoyed with me OH-ing and AH-ing over everything. He actually said at one point-Are they filming you right now?! You sound JUST like the commercials! LOL!

    Anyway-the Wedding was FABULOUS! We had a SUPER time!

    Here we are with the Bride & Groom!


    I know you are waiting of photos my version of the PERFECT “little black dress”.

    As you can see, shocker-I didn’t find anything in black, but I did find one in a deep eggplant! My favorite color!


    This baby zipped up and ended up being a little big 😀 I had to pin it 😀 LOVE THAT! To be 5’10 and have 3 kids, then PIN your dress cause its too big ROCKS. Especially when just days before it was too tight from the surgery. All that NOT eatting anything other than fruit paid off! LOL!

    I have to say its a BAD angle! LOL! The top is a little LOW, but it was as good as it was going to get!


    I was TRYING to have you see the side details!

    I’m obviously not a good poser! I felt SO ridiculous, and the stance is horrifying.

    And here I am modeling the luggage on the floor! LOL!


    But, despite is all, I loved the dress and got LOTS of compliments in it. A compliment from WOMEN is like a thousand compliments from ONE guy, in my opinion! LOL!

    The dress kind of sweeps to the side, hence the gathering. It was very comfortable and I felt GOOD in it. When you feel good in what you are wearing you look even better I think. You exude confidence. So buy stuff you feel great in!! Even if you are pickin the kids up from school. It makes a difference.

    I made Jay match me. He definitely got harassed by his friends for it too! LOL! But I think we looked super cute 😀

    Here is a photo of us the WE took! LOL!


    Here we are!!

    I used a self tanning lotion! What so you think? Thank the good lord the SPOTS go absorbed. It was a self tanning disater! LOL! I was all brown and splotchy the first 2 days. I was going to look like a leopard. I put the first day layer on with gloves so I wouldn’t get orange palms-NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! Anyway its lookin real good now.
    I’m not entirely sure how I feel about puttin on a LOTION that can change the pigment of your skin for a week with ONE application! Does that idea not freak anyone else out? I guess its better than getting skin cancer!

    Then this is one someone else took


    I straightened my hair, and had curled it with an iron. I swept half of it to the side, and wrapped the ponytail with my hair. Something different. I can see how people have the SAME hair for 20 years. Its hard to break out of your comfort zone. It also doesn’t help when you hubby doesn’t like your hair, styled differently, until his friends say its HOT! LOL! Suddenly what was “OK” is NOW amazing.

    Now my hair is naturally curly so usually take the curl AWESOME! NOT this time. I have NO IDEA what happened (maybe my age! LOL!) but the curl just FELL out! GRR!!! Oh well. I think it still looked OK. I just kept TWIRLING my side pony to make it more elegant. I have no idea.

    I am VERY behind on my work! My 2 weeks of surgery stuff and sick kids has really slowed me down. I have my post surgery appointment today-hopefully I get the A.O.K to work out again because I ate MORE food at that Wedding in a few hours than I normally eat in a WEEK! LOL! I kid you not. People said WHERE are you putting it?! LOL! I hadn’t eaten much in 2 weeks so I was starving! LOL!

    Anyway-let me fill you in on what I am behind in! LOL!


    All That Scraps is having their Stamp release today!! (I do have MORE samples, but will post later in the week)

    They have 4 sets!

    Ladybug Friends, Tweeties (my fave), Ginger Snaps Celebrate, and AmyR Birthday Sentiments

    Check out the BLOG



    Also Stampavie is now having a bi-monthly challenge! There is BLOG CANDY involved!! Check out—> the BLOG I didn’t get mine done :C I CONFUSED the sketch and the next challenge (don’t take pain meds and MAKE your stuff! Not a good mixer) so I have to re-do it using the the SKETCH! LOL! Oh lordy!

    AND I still have my last weeks sketch too! OYE!

    So I will get to that.

    OH speaking of sketches……I forgot mine too! LOL!

      Only I DID get a card done for this week. Just didn’t get to post it.

    My sketch team must want to scream! LOL! Sorry girls!! I just can’t keep up with myself these days.

    Check out their take on the sketch too

  • Dawn Easton
  • Kendra
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • mytimess29.png

    Sketch 29!

    Hope you give it whirl-link it up here!

    Now for MY sample! 

    This uses a NEW!! set I bought from The Greeting Farm called Forest Friends.I LOVE their stuff, but hadn’t bought anything yet! Then I saw this one so I had to cave !


    I just got some PRETTY patterned paper from American Crafts, and thought it would be a fun pairing for my card here.

    I cut out the owl and his branch and made it work.

    I made the cute little flower-to match the “circle” theme from the paper.


    I obviously changed up my version of the sketch a bit, but that is the FUN of it!

    Now for tomorrow-I am participating in a Blog Hop for JustRite Stampers!

    I will share the GIFT BOX I made for the Bride & Groom! It is GORGEOUS!!! I was immediately asked by the hotel events coordinator if I would make them for them to sell! Um, NO! LOL! Im too busy. But that is how ROCKIN it was 😀

    OK I have a lot more to do and share, but it has to wait. DEADLINES! DEADLINES! DEADLINES!

    Till tomorrow


    Apr 2, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Uncategorized

    Its that time of month for All That Scraps

    I have TONS to do and better get to it.

    Not only are they gettin in BOATLOADS of awesome NEW stuff, like DAILY, they are having a SALE, and a NEW! Release on Monday the 6th.

    There are a total of 4 sets this month.

    Im previewing a new line Christine has called Tweet-ies. Can you say ADORABLE?!

    A little birdie


    in a wagon.

    How flippin cute is this bird? Seriously LOVE it. I had so much fun with this new image. I’m totally into birds and stuff .

    I created the “ground” and my “sun-shiny sky”.


    I used myCopic Airbrush system on this, for the sky, for the very FIRST time! WOW! Is that ever a FUN tool!! I never used it before, and need practice but enjoyed the results all the same. A bit SPLOTCHY, but it got easier as I gained “control”

    I waited a LONG time before caving on the airbrush system and am so glad I finally gave in!! I was determined to NOT cave in on this, but couldn’t help it, after ALL this time, I went for it. Kind of like the Copic’s and nestabilities 😀 One of those plunges you just have to take, and you will be so glad you did.

    I have to be brutally HONEST, you don’t get SQUAT for air with the starter kit. I only did like 6 SIMPLE airbrushing projects, and then the air was G-O-N-E! I’m not even talking I got to really even practice. So make sure you get REFILLS!!!! I just ordered some more because I cannot stand being OUT of anything I own. I’m a bit miffed over the amount of air it used, but not enough to NOT get anymore.

    A little birdie told me……


    You were under the weather!

    My other airbushed background. Lovin the SU! paper, and felt flowers

    I sent this to one my my blog readers who is having a ahrd time recovering from surgery! I hope it cheered her up a bit.

    ONE more sample before I go…..Ladybug Friends


    I LOVE the POP this has. LOVE! Now the overall card-not fabulous, but the image I think is. I did these after getting sick so the mojo wasn’t flowing too well.

    Now this is a simple card with a rather CUTESY set, but I enjoyed making it a bit more “serious/elegant”.

    Another airbrushed creation-YES!  I went WILD! This was the LAST one I did, and you can tell I finally got the hang of it. Well, at least in MY opinion I did 😀 Im not certified Copic professional, but I’m OK with that.

    So that is it for me.

    Make sure you check out —>THE BLOG, for more inspiration, ideas and of course BLOG CANDY!

    Tomorrow the Saturday Sketch. Cross your fingers I actually have a sample! LOL!

    Till then

    Hi everyone!

    Guess what! Im featured on the Moxie Fab World BLOG! How fun and exciting is that? It only added to how I feel today!

    I don’t know if its the meds or just life, but I’m in a super happy mood today. SO thankful, and just plain HAPPY.

    LIKE I’m bouncin off the walls ( in my head -not physically! LOL!) with excitement. I honestly feel like CRAP, but the weather is warm-like the kids can PLAY OUTSIDE warm, I got a NEW TOOL that is BEYOND fabulous (share a video on that another time :D) and my dress fits!

    What is there to be upset about?

    Yesterday was a BAD day. I hurt worse than ever!! My first day on my own. Can you say OUCH!! They have switched my pain meds 4 times! Basically everything except Motrin make me feel like I’m on the Tilt a Whirl ride, still in motion. I end up getting every possible “adverse effect” listed, so I’m done with it. Just say NO to drugs! LOL! So now Im just resting and relaxing, no meds. I can see HOW people get addicted because they are quite quick to dish out OODLES of stuff. I have a virtual pharmacy going in my bathroom cabinet right now. Maybe that is because I don’t have a history of going to the doctors, let alone abusing meds! LOL! I actually refused most of it, Im the type of girl that won’t take so much as tylenol for a headache, let alone the BIG GUNS.

    Anyway, yesterday: I was very upset because my dress before surgery fit like a glove: AKA no room to GROW! N-O-N-E

    Well since my surgery I was definitely BLOATED! I measured! I added an INCH to my waist! There was NO ROOM for an inch in the dress-if I sneezed it would BUST! LOL! Not kidding.

    I was upset because I haven’t eaten anything that would warrant the BULGE. If Im going to gain an inch it would have been nice if it were “worth it”. Meaning CHOWING lots of sinful goodness. But I hadn’t done that. Quite the opposite. Im living on cereal and fruit. If I eat “food” I feel like a swallowed a fire ball.

    Anyway-I woke up today and felt “skinny” again, and low and behold lost 1 1/2 inches! YEAH! So I tried on the dress, and it fits! With room to sneeze! LOL! no SPANX for me!

    I have NO IDEA how Im going to walk in HEELS (Im so not a HEEL girl!) let alone dance  at the Wedding Saturday (belly is NOT feeling good-driving feels like everything is PULLING-let alone dancing), but Im going to that wedding, and I’m going to have a BLAST!

    On a FAT note:

    I also have someYUM-A-LICIOUS cupcakes coming to my house tomorrow, and me and my friend Paulette are going to gossip over cupcakes and all sorts of frozen big girl drinks 😀 I know I was just complaining about being bloated, but I haven’t eaten anything worth talkin about in a LONG time-especially with the surgery-week before, now on my second week. I think I can afford a sinful delight-or two! LOL! I’m sure I’ll go into sugar overload, but Im OK with that.

    On a stamping note:

    YIPPEE!!!! I have another video for you!! Just a quick one I did, while still doped up on pain meds-see same horrible hair, and you can kinda tell I’m a little loopy! LOL! At the time I thought I was “fine” obviously NOT! LOL! I watched it today! YIKES!!

    I think its a great, informative video (despite my lack clear thinking) on how to custom color ALL your embellishments, which allows you to SAVE money!

    Anyway enjoy it! Its at least good for a laugh. 

    If you want to safely view  ALL the videos I published on Veoh, please CLICK HERE! 

    NOTE: DO NOT CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS !If you click ON the thumbnails AFTER the video it takes you to the Veoh site. Some of the content there I am told is “R” and “X”rated and you may not want to do that around young children. So if you just watch the video here on my blog, and avoid the thumbnails you should be OK. Not sure WHY they don’t have ONLY stamp related videos pop up, but I guess some aren’t.

    Bottom line: Click at your own risk!

    I am not responsible for content that links to the videos from the Veoh site.

    Thank you D

    I still haven’t been able to STAMP or create anything. Even sitting here too long KILLS me. But it felt good just to SMELL my craft room 😀

    I also have to announce the winner of the My Timeless Template Class Kit

    Chosen Via


    Random Integer Generator

    Here are your random numbers:


    Timestamp: 2009-04-02 18:37:34 UTC

    311. Stacy |

    Hi Lauren, I hope you continue to get feeling better. I love all of your fun projects. I think we all have a wonderful friend that got us into stamping / cardmaking. Thank you Annette! You were always there to help me and loan me stamps or stamp pads until I was able to create on my own. I love all of the PTI products.


    So thats it for me.

    Don’t worry i’ll get pics of the cupcakes in a jar!

    Thanks for stopping by

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