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My Time to Color Challenge 01

Apr 25, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, My Time To Color Challenge

 Im so excited to get the NEW! My Time to Create- weekly challenges going! You all have me so inspired.

Don’t miss the blinkie on my sidebar 😀

Here is the line up of what I will be hosting each week-with sample PEEKS from my NEW! Design team (which will be chosen tomorrow – announced Monday-ish) This week we are winging it.

 Week 1-Sketch Challenge

Week 2-Inspiration Challenge

Week 3-My Timeless Template Challenge

Week 4 -Color Challenge

I hope you will get inspired, and play along! Remember tonight is the Papertrey Ink Blog Hop using My Timeless Templates 😀 I’ll be checking in on those for sure 😀

Now here is my First Color Challenge


Feel free to save this to your computer, and paste it in with your post.

Key Word MTTC 01

Photo from Etsy shop: Clutterbags ( I just bought a bag from her for myself for my birthday-and can’t wait to get it!)

Send us your link below:

Now please note the color names are just what “I” have on hand. You can use whatever colors you have, that you find are SIMILAR!

My little PEEK!


Here are the design team peeks-Next week will be REALLY fun with a complete team!


You can see what the girls did by clicking here:

  • Dawn Easton
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Here is my sample using stamps from Lizzie Anne DesignsSpring Release!


    Stamp: Garden Inspirations and Everyday Sayings.

    I used the “spotlight” technique, which was FUN! I used a shimmery gray paint for backgrounds. I love the fresh, fun and FUNKY feel this has to it.

    I don’t think I EVER used these colors together, so I enjoyed the challenge 😀

    I cannot wait to see what everyone does.

    Your turn!

    Amber’s Photo Shoot with mommy

    Apr 24, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: camera/photo play, family stuff

    I’m very excited about this post!

    It features one of my favorite subjects-my daughter! 

    SO here I am going to share  my very first photos playing with my new camera-totally unedited except for cropping. Obviously I don’t have the lighting down or anything cool-just messing around, getting to know my new camera. I feel so “professional” even though I’m so NOT.

    I have to say I had SO much fun for the 10 minutes I got to play. Amber had a playdate, so I couldn’t steal her all day.

    I just played around with my settings for each photo, to get some fun photos of Amber for possible consideration for the Parents Magazine Cover Model contest-and this is what I got, while playing with various settings.

    Obviously I have no idea what I used for each photo!

    She was very patient as I thumbed through my camera manual! LOL!

    Photo 1


    I LOVE this one. I like the ANGLE 

     This is the smile (or smirk) that Amber will give you, and then, while looking at you like that- at some RANDOM point during the day-then will blurt out-Mommy I love you! Or some other really sweet thing.

    AWE! Melt your heart cute, I tell you. She has us SO wrapped around her lil finger its ridiculous. She is my little side kick. My crafting and shopping buddy. My baby. So sad to see her growing so fast.

    Photo 2


    This was a bit bright! YIKES!

    Now we move to a profile shot (Yes! I know its time to trim her bangs!)

    I told her to just turn her head and look at the tree.


    She was uncomfy sitting on the rocks, so we moved.

    Now we go the the front porch area. Better sunlight.

    I adore this photo because this is the face I see when I look down at her. So small and sweet.  Someday she will look me in the eye.


    She has the biggest prettiest eyes. So blue-like Daddy.

    Now-This photo is my favorite. I see her ALL grown up some day. So serious looking.


    This was her, waiting for me to figure out what to do next! I told her to stay exactly as she was!


    See, she can’t help but smirk. Thats Amber-always a little smile on her face.

    That concluded our first photo session.

    Thanks for letting me share my first photo attempts! I have a LONG way to go!! But the camera is so fun. I want to take the kids to the park and get some REAL photos of them in their natural element! Those are the best photos.

    Photos are truly amazing when you think about them. ONE- tiny, precious second, engraved into a tanglible moment, forever.

    Lizzie Anne Designs-Spring Release!

    Apr 24, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Lizzie Anne Designs

    OK its time to share some peeks of my latest Lizzie Anne Designs Spring Release! LOTS of great stuff, including digi paper 😀 I know you must love that.

     Sets will be available -tomorrow on the 25th.

    I have quite a few samples, but will spread them out a bit. I don’t want to overload ya! (wink)

    WARNING: My mojo has been compromised-so I apologize! That last few posts were rough mojo days.

    I did use my NEW! camera for these. YEAH! Watch out! They are CRISP and bright.

    I want to share a couple using Garden Inspirations

    You can NEVER have too many floral sets 😀

    FUN-ky Flowers


    I added a dab of color to the flowers. This is my favorite image in the set. The sentiment font ROCKS, in my opinion.

    I just did some doodling around the edge for break it up a bit.



    Clean and SIMPLE. I just loved the plain ole flower. I want to just have the SINGLE flower be the focus. Nothing else. I actually began this as a single layer card, but cut it out.

    This one opens from the top, for a change of pace. The floral circle holds it closed.


    See! SIMPLE, and plain ole pretty.

    I used the sentiment set as well-Everyday Sayings-a totally cool sentiment set that Im certain will bet LOTS of use 😀

    I used the sentiment set again  on a MASCULINE box I made.


    The cahir uses the faux suede technique.

    I love paper piecing, and this suede technique is so fun and easy!


    This is like a pillow box style only I changed it up to suit my needs. I like it-for a guy-perfect! Plain, simple-masculine, not too frilly. To the point!

    You can see the complete stamp sets and some more peeks —>HERE!

    I have more to share tomorrow!! AND my first COLOR CHALLENGE! YEAH!! So stay tuned.

    Sunshiny Day- full of blah blah blah

    Apr 23, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, Cards, Home decor/3-D items

    WARNING: UH! OH! Watch out!-Lauren is on a LONG WINDED kick today! Sorry!! (I added this to the top to warn you when I reviewed my post, after I was done ranting! LOL!) Althought if you visit regulary this is of NO SHOCK value to you :D)

    I wish I could say it was SUPER sunny and warm here today, but its a bit CHILLY.

    But this should brighten your day-rain or shine

    Pink Cat Studio release of Lily at the Beach!


    Seriously cute!! Im super happy that Melissa has been adding sentiments to the sets as well. You can NEVER have too many sentiments! EVER!

    Now for my card

    Sending you some sunshine!


    I took thos one quite literally.

    Another thing I like to do, as much as making gift packaging is make shaped cards! I haven’t done one in a while, so thought this was the perfect time 😀

    Lily all wrapped up with the towel-needed to warm up! So I made a SUN.

     I just cut my card base in a half oval. Adhered a punch of square’s around the edge. I applies glue, and irridescent ice embossing powder-heat set, and VIOLA! A SUN! I then put another half oval over it to not only cover the squares, but make sure the front, and aback of card have a more finished look! You don’t want a MESSY side to your card!

    I may do a video on it-if you need to see it, but its pretty straight forward!

    I think this is super cute card!

    Here is the close up of my Lily


    She is just adorable!

    Make sure you check out the PCS Blog…HERE and the Design Team peeks

  • Becky Carafa
  • Janna Hull
  • Jodi Ann Lee
  • Lise
  • Maria Bell
  • Mariska van der Veer
  • Melissa & Pink Cat Studio
  • Nikki Fairbairn
  • Sarah Anderson
  • Vicki Garret
  • Also check out Tori-our Guest designer this month!
  • I have been practicing with my new camera-and WOW! (NOT ON THIS PROJECT OBVIOUSLY!) Did I ever get some STUNNING photos of Amber! Wait till you see. I’m having fun with it. Thank GOD she loves posing for me. Her friend was over yesterday, and I was trying to get photos. Amber was having a ball and her friend was HILARIOUS! She said “I didn’t come here to get my photo taken, I came here to play! How many pictures do you need?!” Amber was saying “This is fun! You don’t want your picture taken? and her friend was like “NO! Lets just go play” Her friend was right! LOL! I shouldn’t have picked that time to play model! LOL! Oh well. There is always TODAY!

    So, I was hyperventilating when I saw the guide was 125 pages long-with LOTS of info. I just decided that since I am a VERY visual person. I need to just “figure it out” pick it apart kind of thing.  Im not good at “directions”, and understanding all the blah blah blah, that I will just take my camera and practice. When I want to see HOW to do something, I look it up at that point. Its working OK.

    I ALWAYS wanted to be a photographer, yet I don’t like taking photos of my cards! LOL! Maybe its the editing?? But I do love using this new camera, and maybe with better photos from the camera I will get more involved into it. That hardest part is realizing that I have to look IN the eye piece! Unlike digital cameras with the SCREEN. Too funny. I FEEL like a photographer.

    I told Jason once I learn this I am going to enter some photo contests! LOL! I know, I know-I JUST got my camera! But its good to have GOALS!!

    Jason often thinks Im a bit insane sometimes when I voice some of my “dreams”. Like when I began stamping. I told him-someday I’ll win a contest-and I did! Someday I’ll be published in that magazine-and I was! Numerous times 😀 (too busy to submit these days), or I want to be on a design team, and many, many other DREAMS. Now I think he realizes not to underestimate me, or think I’m CRAZY!! I’m a go getter! If I set myself out to do something it IS going to happen. I work hard towards achieving my goals and doing what I truly LOVE. I don’t sit there and think things will fall from the sky and into my lap. That isn’t how it works. The biggest thing is having faith and confidence. Always better your best. Be passionate about what you love. No matter what it is.

     (That includes all of you who are on the new healthy lifestyle and exercising and or losing weight! I will tell you once you get to where you want to be-if you decide to not let yourself OUTGROW those skinny jeans-maintaining is MUCH easier!! Nip it in the bud immediately and stay fit and healthy! Im so proud of all of you out there who have joined me on this journey! Keep at it! Its not “I know I can do it!” Its “I WILL do this!” OK!- Sorry I had to add that in there-its important! I know I am proud of the 65lbs I lost (and the 9 1/2 inches from my waist, and 9 inches from my hips!! I feel amazing. More energy too)

    That being said I know photos are KEY to success in this craft! You can spend HOURS making the most stunning thing the world has ever seen-take a bad photo and it was pointless! I want to get involved with using more PROPS too. Im just SOOOOO lazy when it comes to that. If its not in my stamp room Im not hunting through my house for it! LOL!

     I am looking into photography classes-thanks for the links!! My problem is (after buying an expensive camera) the classes are expensive :C I would LOVE to take one. I did sign up for the email alert when Jessica Sprague has hers starting. I also found some at my Local camera shop! They have a cool website too with photo tutorials of the month! Its called Take Great Pictures. Also I was sent to another website Nikon D40 Blog. Between all that Im sure to get going in a good direction. I’ll be posting a PHOTOGRAPHY link on my sidebar soon for easy reference to places I will be checking out. If you want me to add something-shoot me a comment or email.

     At this point Jay is like-JUST FIGURE IT OUT! LOL! We have to pay for part of my surgery-which was 12,000!!! Obviously we aren’t paying THAT much but HOLY MOLY! For a less than ONE HOUR-laproscopic surgery, that I only stayed 6 hours MAX in the hospital for! WOW! Glad I didn’t stay over night. Plus we have to pay like $1,000 for my 911 ambulance ride! LOL! OOPS!

    I will say when Alexa was a baby, and had her open heart surgery the SURGEON bill ALONE was 52,000! Granted he literally saved Alexa’s life, so how can you put a price on that? But seriously! Maybe I should have been a doctor rather than a nurse! LOL! We won’t get into her chemo stuff. You haven’t seen medical bills till you have a kid with Cancer. It no wonder people without insurance lose everything. So tough.


    Right now Im finishing up some more samples with my Templates 😀 I just designed 7 more of the BEST templates EVER!! Im so  proud of myself! LOL! Wait till you finally see them 😀 I try to keep WAY ahead!

    As for the Design Team-I will notify the people chosen via email Sunday night-announcement will be Monday OR Tuesday depending on the number of people to check out.

    The TEAM starts the first weekend in May! You have all gotten me so excited to begin this new challenge here. I love mixing it up! Thanks for all your input and ideas! After the feedback Im really looking forward to lots of participation too 😀

     SO you have till Saturday night-which means you can include the Papertrey Ink Blog Hop in your submission! This month is to use your  My Timeless Templates! YEAH!! I’m going to be GLUED to the computer that night. As you can imagine, Im totally excited to see what everyone does 😀 I LOVE when you share your stuff with me. Its a dream come true 😀 I think more and more people are catching on to how fun, easy and affordable they are too 😀 Even better.

    OK I did NOT plan on being THAT long winded (as usual). That would have been one expensive long distance phone call! LOL!

    OK as always-thank you for stopping by. You all brighten my day 😀

    Till tomorrow………………

    The Little Mermaid

    Apr 22, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, Pink Cat Studio

    Are you ready to screech from your computer screen?

    If you have a girl you will need this set! If you have boys you will be beggin your husband for a baby girl! LOL!

    I have another peek from Pink Cat Studio-Lily at the Beach!


    OH MY HEAVENS! Isn’t she fabulous?!


    Amber-elle (Instead of Ariel-My daughter Amber called her that! LOL! She said its her name as a Mermaid. We always say Lily is a cartoon version of Amber :D)

     Is this not the cutest Mermaid you ever did see?

     I’m in LOVE people!


    I altered this little plastic tomato container for this project. Nifty eh?

    Jay was getting ready to throw it out, when Noah said “NO! Dad! WAIT! You better ask mommy first if she wants it for her stamping stuff!” What a good boy!! Great thinking Noah. HAHAHAHAHA Isn’t that hilarious! I didn’t even think to keep it till he said that! Then I praised him for his good thinking.


    Makes a super cute gift, don’t you think? Thank goodness for purple Easter Grass!

    Amber has inherited this, as we speak. She claimed it before it was even finished. She is funny- she likes to carry around LITTLE weird items. Ever since she was a baby, she would find these little (choking hazards) and hold them, or put them in her little pocketbooks and carry them around ALL day. She even hides them under her pillow. Her pediatrician would yell at me that they were choking hazards, but she NEVER, EVER put stuff in her mouth. She just loved holding them. Anyway-she is 4 now and still finds weird little things to carry in weird places. She loves little containers. Lord only knows what will end up in here!


    I made the sea shell myself! A total AH! HA! moment!

    I used the SU! Scallop punch to cut the 2 sides at a curve, then dry embossed it for the shell! I then sponged on some shimmery pastel chalks-to finish the look! LOVED IT!

    I hope you like it too 😀

    Well I have TONS to do! You are all ROCKING your design team samples for my design team. SO HARD to pick. I think Im extending to 12! LOL! I don’t know-you are KILLING me with your creativity. Im still working on looking-but think Im mainly waiting till the END of the week to get it done all at once.

    Thanks for the great efforts and submissions-you all blow me away!!

    Don’t forget to add my NEW Blinkie to your site! I have a FAB challenge ready for Saturday! Im actually SUPER excited about it.

    So, I’m off and running!

    In the meantime check out the PCS Blog…HERE and the Design Team peeks

  • Becky Carafa
  • Janna Hull
  • Jodi Ann Lee
  • Lise
  • Maria Bell
  • Mariska van der Veer
  • Melissa & Pink Cat Studio
  • Nikki Fairbairn
  • Sarah Anderson
  • Vicki Garret
  • Also check out Tori-our Guest designer this month!
  • Till tomorrow…


    Apr 22, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    A month or so ago I was asked by Danni from Danni’s Dreams- to participate in her blog challenge called Flutter By Wednesday’s. She features a guest, so I figured-why not?

    Danni-knowing my LOVE for Butterflies/Fairies, was totally asking the right person! How could I say NO?

    I had fun taking time out of my INSANE schedule of events to “play”! We all need that. This is what its all about. I have been purchasing some Greeting Farm images (which I am just in complete LOVE with), and sadly they sit un-used. Waiting to be inked. So I knew NOW was the time to finally ink one up!

    So I used my Eva Fairy (I have a few more on the way! YEAH!)

    I like to call this Bliss


    She looks so happy, calm, and at ease. Like she took a deep breath of the fragrant flowers, and is enjoying her day. I’m am joining her! :D)

    I’m in love with the colors-ripe avocado, spring moss, teal, aqua, and melon berry-with some orangey color-that I don’t know the mane of but am loving too.

    I used my  Sketch 28 for this design, which really helped make things so much quicker. Sketches are always a great starting point. Happy I finally used my own sketch! LOL!!!

    Here is the my close-up


    I totally LOVE making images pop out of their little “box”. I think she looks like she’s flying right towards us.

    I’m happy with my coloring on this too. You can’t mess her up, she is SO cute!

    So that is all for this post.

    Thanks for stopping by!


    Apr 21, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me

    I *almost* did an actual cartwheel today!

    Mr Brown came with a MYSTERIOUS package, addressed to my husband-that required someone to sign for it!

    I called him up to let him know he had a special delivery. He said I could open it-and it was MY CAMERA!!! I am so beyond happy to get that.

    The Nikon D40 I have been wanting for like ever!

     My birthday is May 3rd-so he gave it to me early so I can find time (yeah OK-time! What is that?!) to work it before my birthday, and for my next template release! That way you all get the very best photos 😀

    I just had to share!

    Now-if you have any tips for using it-I would LOVE YOU FOREVER! Im so technically challenged and the book is like 130 pages long!

    HELLO! Blond here! Good luck to me

    Amber is super cute and very photogenic. Parents magazine is having a modeling contest and Im totally entering her! So I want to get some good photos 😀

    This was Christmas


    This was the other day -before Dance Recital photos. She looks SOOOOO cute in her costume.


    I definitely need a close up-but wanted to share these ones for now.She has the prettiest eyes. I know Im biased 😀 But seriously?! I know I sound crazy!  Ill let you know how it goes. Im obviously NOT entering these ones, but am excited to see what I can get with my new camera!!!

    Wish me luck!

    Lilly At the Beach Peek #1

    Apr 21, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Pink Cat Studio

    JEEPERS! Its been QUIET! Where is everyone? Are you getting my email updates? I got some emails with people saying they have not gotten them in over a week!

    Maybe Im just not that interesting this week?! LOL! I don’t blame you! (:D) I can really babble on, and yesterday I had tons of posts! YIKES! Did I scare you? Anywho…..lets talk about todays eye candy.

    I’m so lucky to be part of a team that gives me such wonderful images to work with!! 

    You simply CANNOT go wrong with Pink Cat Studio Lily and Billy sets!

    This month is NO exception 😀 Today we are all peeking Lily at the Beach! She is super cool and ready for summer!!

    She is being released on April 23rd!

    Fun Friends


    HOLY SMOKES do I love this image! WOW!

    It was so fun to color! The turtle is beyond adorable-beyond! ANotehr image I totally love-turtles. I just love turtle “cartoon” images. I don’t think turtles in real life are that cute!!! Although when we went to Hawaii it was very cool!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED the turtles-even swam next to some. I got scared to death when one swam into me while I was snorkeling, that I gashed my knee on a coral reef, and still have a huge scar. I was then terrified that a shark would detect the blood and eat me alive! Yes, surprisingly I can be a little dramatic (and I wonder where the kids get it from :D).

    I wanted BRIGHT and CHEERY!! I love the colors and pop this has.

    I had fun layering this. Would make a great sketch too 😀 I had no idea which sentiment to use, so I left it blank.


    Speaking of POP

    I cut Lily’s head, and the turtle head for a 3D POP! I then re-popped the flower on her hat for a bit more WOW! LOVE it.

    The flowers were great for texture and matched the entire ensemble, I think.

    Fun in the sun


    I was inspired by my Sketch 31 for this creation, but fear I was way off on the challenge! LOL! Oh well it was a start right?

    I wanted her in summery colors-so I was thinking sun, sand and water!


    I airbrushed the sky, and sand. I made the sand even more so “sandy” with various DOTS of my marker.

     I pierced free-hand my clouds in the sky. I thought it was cute 😀 How can ANY Lily card not be right?! Added a subtle detail, that I liked.

    OK that is all for today-more to come tomorrow!

    In the meantime check out the PCS Blog…HERE and the Design Team peeks

  • Becky Carafa
  • Janna Hull
  • Jodi Ann Lee
  • Lise
  • Maria Bell
  • Mariska van der Veer
  • Melissa & Pink Cat Studio
  • Nikki Fairbairn
  • Sarah Anderson
  • Vicki Garret
  • Also check out Tori-our Guest designer this month!
  • I’d LOVE to hear your favorite thing about summer if you get a chance! Im so ready for that time of year 😀

    I love not having to bundle up the 3 kids to go places, and playing at the lake with the kids. I REALLY love trips to the beach but its too cold for the kids to enjoy the water.

    Till tomorrow!

    OK all set!

    Apr 20, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

    Sorry for a BAZILLION posts today! I got the video all set now-scroll down to watch it!

    EEK! I have no idea what happened

    Apr 20, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

    YIKES! Like the last part of my post disappeared on my video post!

    Ill be editing that to try again!

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