Before my niece was born, I told my SIL that I would make the baby a wall hanging with her name. I told her I would do a different frame for EACH letter.

So what does she decide to name her? One of the LONGEST names possible- Gabriella. But a promise is a promise. I wonder WHAT was I thinking?! Must have been that new baby high women get.

Now she has been here for 2 1/2 months and I ONLY have 2 letters done! (looks like one for each month! LOL!) If I keep on at this pace she will get the set when she turns ONE! LOL! She may even end up with just GABBY at this rate! LOL!

G is for G-abriella


So this is the FIRST letter. I used my JustRite Stampers Trompe Script Uppercase. Its perfectly scripty yet clean.

I left the frames natural so they can be changed later if need be. Plus Im lazy! LOL! I don’t like painting 😀 I got these in sets of 3 at Target for $2.50! They are 4X4 inside the framed portion. Really sweet. Makes a great and affordable gift.

 I want to use the Rachelle Anne Miller line to complete the frames. A different image, and color for each letter. This is Candy Time. I think this little girl is adorable, so had to use her for this start of the frames.


Makes me think and feel Spring just looking at it.

I have to be honest-I didn’t have the set name when I made this so I thought she was holding a bag of goldfish! LOL! Then just sitting down resting by the flowers, waiting to go home with her new friends! LOL!

I later learned it was CANDY! LOL! I wasn’t going to “tell” but I think its pretty funny!

No matter-the girl is beyond adorable, don’t you think?

I hope my SIL and Niece like the frames, if I EVER get them finished! LOL! I have 2 done, 7 to go!

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Here is a photo my SIL sent me 2 weeks ago


Gabby is ALWAYS smiling.

Right now they are on vacation in West Virgina, to see Valeries family. I guess I have to share her :C

I miss her already 😀 She is my baby fix! Im totally content once I spend the day with her.

I cannot wait to get a hold of this little beauty with my new camera!

OK I need to go, and finalize my new design team!

Be back later!