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I have 2 posts! One a video- then another-is a sample of my challenge for Stampavie

I have LOTS of emails asking about my NEW! Team. HOLY MOLY you are all amazing. Im in awe of your work. This will be HARD!!

You have till the end of the week to get your links/samples to me.

This is what I am doing- so you need to be up to it if I contact you. We are mixing it up! If you can’t or don’t want to do this (since we aren’t JUST doing sketches) no problem ūüėÄ OK!

Starting May 2nd (I am already doing this now but won’t have the team till then)

My Time to Sketch-Week 1 of the month


My Time to Inspire- Week 2 of the month (Hosted by a different team member each month!) We will use a inspiration photo, that you will use to inspire your creation. This is the week of my template release so I will create a template sample for the countdown based on the inspiration piece!

My Timeless Templates Challenge- Week 3So you can all share your new creations following the latest release! There will be a challenge with the¬†use of a template! Don’t worry this challenge won’t be template specific! ANY TEMPLATE you want-but like our first one (inspired by bath product packaging) will have a challenge attached! So get those templates hot off your printer! Gifts will be made in advance now! LOL!


My Time to Color- Week 4

Sooooo-this group of challenges will be called My Time to Create Challenges (Those above will be my challenge titles)

I look forward to seeing what YOU can do!

Thanks for the encouragement and excitement for this new adventure.

¬†I’m looking forward to something new each week.