Hi everyone Im back! Loopy but here.

So here is the scoop.

I was of course REALLY freaking out yesterday. After I typed my post the hospital called to see if I could come in ASAP, since their big surgery got cancelled. It was a very long surgery and all I could thing was either

a) The person had it done sooner due to emergency


b) they died!


So I figured if I got in sooner I wouldn’t need to keep freakin out, and I may get to actually go home and sleep in my bed.

Problem was I had 2 kids home sick so HOW was I going to get there EARLY?! My mom wasn’t coming till 11am

Well by fate, my dearest friend Paulette called because she was working from home due to a migraine that hit her  the night before. She popped in on my blog and read how I was feeling, so she called to check in on me. Well being the sweetest person in the world that she is, she came down to take care of the kids so I could go early. Then my mom would get here to relieve her.

I showed up at the hospital about 10am and they whipped me together in like 15 minutes.

 I asked about the catheter and the doctor said as long as I pee before I go in, no need! WHEW! I was all in a tizzy for nothing.

 I have to say I really like the doctor I had. He is amazing. Definitely the kind of guy you want doing your surgery.

Before I went in he said “Are you in the mindset of staying here or going home?”

I said Listen I pushed out 3 kids, all 9lbs, with the first I discharged myself AMA 5 hours after giving birth so I could be with my baby, then with the other 2 I was quickly up and running. I think I can go home. I’ll see how I feel, but that is my goal.”

 I had the staff rolling with my talking about my feelings and funny thoughts of surgery and all kinds of other funny stuff. It was great. I told then if they nicked my Vegas nerve I wasn’t going to be happy and a few other funny things as we all waited.

Next thing I know Im off to the OR.

They give you something to sedate you as you go in. So you start getting loopy. I must have been REALLY funny because while I don’t remember what I said but Jay and everyone else was laughing hysterically, and I said I think I better stop talking at this point.

They put these leg things on me, and after only one leg, all I remember is looking at the ceiling. I don’t even remember closing my eyes. Then I hear Lauren time to wake up!

I was SERIOUSLY- kid you not, dreaming about a template!

I woke up and said ” I’m awake whats wrong?”

 They said “nothing we just needed you to wake up. You did great.”

What! Its done?

“Yes, its all done. In a few minutes we will call your husband for a shirt visit.” 

I said “Do I have to stay awake?”

They said “No!”

I then said “You just interrupted a really important dream. My template was almost done! Now I don’t know how to finish it”

They guy was very confused! LOL! Anyway I couldn’t keep my eyes open to save my life. I never felt so tired.

Then all of the sudden I felt the PAIN and VERY itchy all over my body.

I was having an allergic reaction to the pain med. So after some Epi I was fine I guess.

I have 4 holes in my body.

The doctor asked if I had been really tired the last few days, and I said yes why? He said my gall bladder was getting infected!! Good thing we had it out when we did.

Then lots more pain meds. Whats amusing is the pain in my should was far worse than the abdominal pain, for the most part.

Are you all familiar with Clog dancing?

Well that is what my abdomen feels like! That a line of clog dancers happily trotted across my body, one at a time! LOL! It actually feels like when you have the wind knocked out of you and can’t really breath. I love to sleep on my side, and no matter what side it HURTS-alot.

Im happily living on 2 vicodin every 4 hours-and that is RARE for me to take meds.

I have actually decided that my FUTURE idea of gettin a tummy tuck, will never happen! LOL! I only have 4 holes in my body, and feel like this, I can’t imagine a HUGE scar like the one from a tummy tuck.

Anyway…..I was able to go home at about 5:30! So surgery at 11 home by 6pm! The staff was in shock! LOL! But that is where my healthy eatting and exercising come into play.

I loved hearing the doctor say ” You had no fat to go through so it was so quick and easy”

I asked him to repeat that to me! LOL!

Then one of the nurses was like “Holy cow your legs are so skinny. I can’t believe you had 3 kids” I was in HEAVEN!! I work out so hard now, and those were words I never thought I’d hear! LOL! I could have lived there! LOL!

Anyway so far so good. Jason is taking amazing care of me. At one point he joked about getting a picture of me in the hospital for my blog! NICE!!!

My mom came to care for the kids, and cleaned my house! THANKS MOM! She also made a killer dinner with lots of yummy homemade bread, and gave the kids a bath. Aren’t moms great!

My neighbor is making me dinner tonight! Isn’t that sweet.

I feel so loved.

Then I pop on to check my emails and I have hundreds of get well wishes and over a hundred on my blog! WOW!

Thanks everyone. You made a girl feel special.

OK Im getting tired and am in pain so Im signing off- below this I began typing before surgery. I don’t have the ability to go into details.

Back to bed for me, but thanks again for everything


I don’t know if you remember, but the last Saturday of every month here, we are going to just do a sketch Review! That means you get to browse the OLD sketches and pick one you like or that inspired you!

I now have a Saturday Sketch page for you EASY viewing (thanks Sara!!) and my NEW! Badge! So if you want one, just click and you will be able to get the “code” for your sidebar.

If you get to play this week send a link here

I STILL have to do last weeks. Sorry I’ll get to that one!

But for this week I loved Sketch 20


So I used it again

I’m sitting here WAVING hi!


This little piggy says HI!

My layers are a little different, but I think its adorable. I colored with my Copic markers of course

Paper is Papertrey Ink, and patterned paper is by Chatterbox

This is ANOTHER NEW! Release to come, from Stampavie-Rachelle Anne Miller Spring collection called Happy Piggies. I LOVE them.

Im not going into all the details as I NEED to get back to bed.

SO thank you for the well wishes and stopping by!!

No promises for a post tomorrow.

I am definitely taking my time to recover so I don’t end up with a complication.