It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home!

From Welcome Home set. House is stamped, colored and cut out. Very simple design. A go to sketch of mine.

 I want ONE day at home-no running around!

OK I gotta be quick because I am ACTUALLY getting a video done today if it KILLS me! (Now I say this because I WANT to do a video-not cause I have to!)I haven’t stamped in like a week and I may go insane! I actually have a plan to get 3 done-but that may be TOO optimistic! LOL!

Im compiling a list of what to share, so email me if you have suggestions 😀 Since Ive been stamping a while now I forget about the SIMPLE things others may NOT know about!!

OK the video I plan on getting done in time for my Saturday Sketch-

One is going to take  a sketch start to finish-from drawing to the computer, then MAKING it! FUN!! Ill share my tips for cardmaking too.

Yesterday was CRAZY-Noah had to get some bloodwork done for pre-surgery stuff, and Alexa had to go to the ER to remove a splinter that was WAY deep in her palm, and infected :C She did amazing! They put a pretty large needle into her hand to numb it, and them sliced open her hand to get the sliver out! OUCH! We rewarded her with MC D’s and was them bummed because they FORGOT her chicken nuggets! Everything else we ordered for Drive-Thru was there! GRR!!! Poor girl couldn’t catch a break this week.

Now we realize we need to TOTALLY re-do our basement steps sooner rather than later, since they use them to get to the playroom (which is turning out to be a dream come true. The kids are on vacation and its been a God Send to us).

So that was how I spent the majority of my day- 3 kids at the lab and in the ER :C Don’t know WHY her pediatrician couldn’t take it out, but whatever.

SO todays projects use Welcome Home from Lizzie Anne Designs. I LOVE the house and all the elements that some with it! Like the mailbox! Its SO cute.

Now here is a  some quickie card if you are SHORT on time (and energy or inspiration! LOL!)


This is a postcard-so you can mail friends with your new address on the back.

OK this one is a THUMBNAIL. Click to enlarge.


This photo is NOT agreeing with me at all

Quick and simple!

OR as a gift for a friend-print them up some handstamped Address Labels with their NEW! Addy on it 😀

Easy Peasy house warming gift that will ACTUALLY get used, so matter HOW you decorate it 😀 Who cares if it doesn’t match the kitchen or isn’t their style like many gifts you may give! This one can ACTUALLY get used!

That gives me an idea 😀

Ill have to write it down and share later!!

OK now Im on the run-tomorrow starts peeks for ATS! So check back in OK!

Thanks for reading