of hard work, our playroom is about together!

Well MY part anyway!

Jay has to add the trim work, buy the Futon, and bring the TV and computer down there (hook it all up), put in the special lighting (we have a standing lamp for now that will do till next year when he finally decides to get to it! LOL!) Oh and we have a bathroom down there that has to be re-done, but that can wait.

(yes I will post photos once it DONE!)

Amber helped me move all her toys in! She is so excited. She asked if she could move her bed in there! LOL! Um, NO!

What is HILARIOUS, is when my brother and Valerie were moving out, they weren’t even out the door and Amber was saying “Once you leave I get to take you room and its going to be mine playroom> How much longer till you are moved out?”

OMW! Amber! That isn’t nice. Funny, but not nice. Poor kid everyday since then its been “How many sleeps till you do my playroom? I am waiting patiently you know” She cracks me up.

Im more excited that they now have an EASILY accessible (for them) crafting cabinet that will allow them to be creative more often-without me needing to gather everything. They are old enough to know how to properly use and clean up their crafts. (AKA know mommy’s expectations, and what happens if they don’t clean up-goodbye crafts for the next day!) So it should be great.

Can you say 15 trash bags of stuff is cleared out of my basement 😀 How good does THAT feel.

Plus I cleaned (the day before) my ENTIRE house floor to ceiling. So everything is SPARKLING clean! AHHH!!!!

I totally cleared out all our CRAP from the basement. You know organizing it all, and our Christmas stuff and other storage stuff since it is visible from the playroom. I would INSANE if I had to look at it all messy. It was packed in one little storage corner-floor to ceiling-CRAMMED. Now all our Christmas stuff, luggage and a few other boxes fits UNDER the counter there, with LOTS of extra room-all clean and neat.

I swear I burned 8,000 calories EASY moving boxes, luggin stuff up and down the stairs, moving the OLD playroom stuff, and cleaning everything.

I have to organize when Jay isn’t home because he is a HOARDER! I think every relation ship has that ONE person who can let go of crap! LOL! Jay gets it from his mom, who may not want what YOu are getting rid of, but if she hears you are dumping it, will take it, just to save it. “I” have the attitude “Oh I haven’t missed this in the time it was gone-so GOODBYE!!!” Unless obviously it has sentimental value.

He looked at the bags and wanted to go through them! NO WAY BUDDY!! You don’t want to help clean it, then you get NO SAY as to what stays or goes. Trust me you won’t miss it!!! Did he even know ANY of what was down there?!

We now have room to grow-can easily access everything in a pinch, and will use LESS boxes to lug Christmas stuff.

I have every single doll I owned in ORIGINAL clothes, looking about as good as the day I got them as a little girl. So I know how to take care of stuff. I also decided to organize the “special” artwork my kids do that I decide is important enough to keep in one of those LONG under the bed storage bins. BOY you can hole YEARS of stuff (for all 3) in so little space with one of those.

I just feel SOOOO good right now about all of it. I should tackle the kids closets! They are HUGE walk in closets that have gotten out of control (mine included). Im a neat freak, but for some reason my closets are a mess! I guess Im a closet mess! LOL! Oh and my drawers! I know this is too much info! No one is perfect right! My drawers(despite carefully folding everything, everyday when I do laundry) always get messy. Maybe I just need ONE area that I don’t control like crazy?!

I also re-organized (AGAIN) my stamp room. I went through all my ribbon and made it nice and neat. When I was watching one of my video intro’s I about DIED when I saw how messy my ribbon racks were! That caused me to spiral into a cleaning/organizing my stamp room FRENZY-that took like 4 hours, and it was all already pretty organized. YIKES!

Can you tell I LOVE organizing?! I love the feeling of accomplishment.

Maybe I should get a job going into people homes and cleaning out their spaces for them! LOL!

Anyway-I have no idea why I shared all that! Maybe you can get inspired to finally re-organize something! TRUST ME-you will feel like a million bucks!!!!

OK I do have card to share.

I made this for Jay for Valentines Day.

Hedgie Love


I think these Hedgies are beyond cute! They were fun to color too.

The image is called Prickly Love, which makes me think OOPS! Are they porcupines?

Oh well I see hedgies 😀 so I’m going with it

I sponged a layer of pink, and colored the hearts red. To me it was like “love is in the air” kind of feel to it

This layout was a version of my sketch 18

I had to add all the hearts to it. I think its a nice addition to the card, and REALLY says I love you. Jay likes detailed cards! LOL! He loved this one, and thought the images were adorable too.

Some years I do a serious card, other times I go cute and fun. He is less serious than I am, so I think he liked cute and fun.

Sentiment is from Love Songs set

OK signing off now. I have to get moving on some upcoming release work, and design my project for Stamp New England!! WOOT!!! WOOT!!! Sorry Im running late Julie :C

You KNOW its going to be using a NEW! My Timeless Template right!!

OK Gotta go.