I have a FAB project to share today (well I think its FAB! LOL!)

Before I begin I really want to thank you all for the support. I was very upset yesterday and given the fact of how much time and effort goes into the videos, and I pour 110% of myself into everything I do, it was just a awful let down. I get so much joy sharing anything I do with all of you, you have no idea!

I was truly ready to just stop them if I couldn’t prevent those links from happening. I work really hard, and to find all that trash was very disheartening. I have really enjoyed the video process. SHOWING you is by far easier for ME (minus editing! LOL! But I’m getting better I think), than taking a hundred photos then TRY to explain it-KWIM?

Im so over the moon that you all get that much from it, so I will continue on! You all really lifted my spirits. I can’t thank you enough, or tell you how much your support means. You are all like an extended version of friends and family to me.

I will keep my disclaimer, and did get some AMAZING emails guiding me to some places I may want to look into loading my videos. I need to make sure there aren’t any time constrictions because it seems I’m a bit too long winded! LOL! BUT! I think you will agree its all warranted to be able to PROPERLY show you the steps, and not cut down too much. I guess it is like a virtual class. Its nice to know it helps people all over the world, and beginner stampers KNOW they CAN do it.

Think-we were ALL a beginner at one time. You have to step out of that box sometimes if you want to grow and learn. That was the whole reason for My Timeless Templates ©. To help EVERYONE (even kids) be able to make gift packaging EASY!! Then you add some imagination and you get versatility!!

Speaking of templates 😀 Remember THIS POST? Perfect Match © Goes Organizer

Well I told you I had ANOTHER idea!! More ways for you to PERSONALIZE your space, and get organized in style 😀

Using my Perfect Match Box Template © I created this adorable Tool Box Organizer!

Created by Paulette


Now by adding decorative panels you are not only personalizing the tool box, but you are also covering the seams of the 4 boxes adhered together, AND you are reinforcing the template to hold heavier items (as seen in my photos)

NOTE: Sorry Paulette Im keepin in tools, but you can have the organizer! LOL!


Now using the same idea as the drawer organizer, I took the Perfect Match Box base template, printed it 4 times on gray cardstock, then adhered all 4 together

Here you can see the bases, adhered together, form dividers


Now with the template, this project WHIPS together!

I made this for my friend Paulette. She is the unfortunate one who always gets the phone call when things are going awful and I need to vent. She lets me get it out, then get back to the “happy” place! LOL! Thats when I remember (usually) that there are more important things to get upset over than X. Poor Paulette. I can only imagine how insane I have made her with my blah blah blah blah blah on so many days. I kid you not!

She always lends an ear and good advice!! Thanks Paulette!! Plus it gives Jay a break from my drama 😀 He is always good about listening but how interesting can it be for a guy?!

I made this box  using some GORGEOUS Amy Butler paper (I think she is a fan of this too). I like the gray because its dark and if you get markers or “dirt” on it, it won’t really show up.

Here is the close up view of the front


I used CraftyBella for my image, and colored (inspired by my paper colors)her to look like Paulette. Although Paulette doesn’t wear vests, or a headband-and is way cuter! LOL!

I personalized it using my JustRite Stampers Small Letter set, and my New Times Roman upper & lower case font.Pretty cute huh? I love how it appears that she is cutting the letter “t”. Trust me that took SKILLZ! LOL!

Again a SIMPLE project using the templates, that ANYONE can do to get personalized and organized.

OK signing off. I need to reorganize my basement so I can start moving toys into the playroom! YEAH! My upstairs will be clutter free!!

I don’t honestly know yet how I feel about the kids fighting playing right mext to my stamp room while I work. It could be a good or bad thing. Granted I don’t stamp TOO much when they are home, only during Craft Hour, and maybe here and there, so maybe I’ll get MORE time since I can monitor them better??

To be continued!

(thanks again everyone :D)