Sorry this is LATE!!

Im running around crazy here, and Jason FINALLY decides he has the engery to move the kids play room to our newly finished room (my brother was living there for several months) in the basement. We now have to run out and get the carpeting purchased, so he can install that later this afternoon, then we will begin the BIG move.

Boy do my kids have a TON of crap! That’s it. Next Christmas NO GIFTS! LOL!! That’s how I feel most years, but obviously that doesn;t happen. What is worse is I do go through ALL their stuff like every 3 months, yet it somehow manages to get out of control, even still.

Every have a day where you turn around and REALLY “see” a room and the clutter? I despise clutter! And now I’m in panic mode. I feel like I need to clean and re-organize everything (which I so don’t have time for). I think “I” am getting that nesting thing that my brother and his girlfriend SHOULD be getting, but haven’t got yet.

Anyway-I hope she calls me SOON. I’m excited for this baby to come. I feel like I get to have a baby without all the “work” and weight gain! LOL!

OK here is the sketch



I’m sure you want to kill me when you hear I don’t have a good sample for you :C I have just not had time to make one. But I swear I will!!

I have been too busy working on stuff Im not suppose to be.

PLUS-We are in the process of switching to a new computer so we have to transfer everything from this one, and I’m STILL trying to get my email properly running. Fairpoint doesn’t have great timing on this.

OK I know, noboady needs to hear the blah blah blah-sorry. Im just on a little tangent.

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