Hi everyone!!

Am I busy? Yes.

Should I be blogging? No. Not really.

But I love what I do and sharing here, so I figured if that is what I want to do, then I am gonna do it 😀 Its like a break from the craziness KWIM?

(I feel like a little kid who broke the rules! LOL!Now I know WHERE my kids get it from)

Plus I was SOOOOO excited I  HAD to share my latest creation !

WARNING: This is what happens when you are SUPPOSE to be doing something, then you get sidetracked doing something else, that you AREN’T suppose to be doing-its like stampers ADD! LOL!

You know how much I LOVE organization right? Well when you combine it WITH stamping I REALLY love it. There is nothing like being able to create something that allows you to personalize your crafting area. Oh, and give as gifts 😀

Anyway I was in Michaels and I saw a 4 drawer organizer that I liked. Problem-it was like $17. Now for only chipboard covered with a UGLY pattern paper on it-NO WAY! I looked at it and thought-WOW! I could make that EASY PEASY!

On my drive home (without the organizer) I realized that my Perfect Match Box © template would make it SOOOOO much easier, so I flew home and grabbed some Amy Butler paper (I have a handbag to match :D) and whipped up my own in less than a 1/2 hour!

Create and Store


SO for the cost of a few pieces of paper, and some fabric brads-I have my very own PRETTY 4 drawer organizer!!!

OK I should have pushed the drawers in more! SORRY! I was just so excited I HAD to get it photographed and uploaded.

(This doesn’t match my stamp room actually! LOL! I just loved the paper and colors :D)

I printed my Perfect Match Box template 4 times.

The base was in gray (4x’s) and the slider box was in sweet blush (4x’s).

SO I print, cut, scored and assembled each box as directed by the instructions.

NOTE: Before putting the slider box together (pink insert), I stamped the FRONT with my Simple Stationery circle in gray ink, then applied my fabric covered Amy Butler brads (pink one’s have butterflies, gray ones have birds :D)

I then lined my drawers with the patterned paper.


Now once you have your 4 gray base templates done, you just adhere them ALL together!!!

LOTS of redline tape 😀

I then prettied it up by covering the top and sides with patterned paper (Amy Butler).

This also strengthens it, and covered the fact that it is 4 boxes stacked 2 X 2.

Think of the possibilities now!
You can make MORE drawers, or a 3 drawer stackable unit. Whatever you want!!

I think that is really cool.

You can make them for everyone. Even TEACHERS!! Beats the usual coffee mug.

They can keep it on their desk. Maybe even cut a slit in the drawer front, and fill it with ROLLS of those REWARD stickers teacher’s always give out. (OH!!! I am so going to do that for end of the year gifts-good idea)

Can you tell I have WAY too much fun creating with my templates? Seriously! Sometimes my brain just won’t stop spinning. I wish I had the TIME to execute the ideas I have sometimes. I usually have to just write it down, and save it for another day.

Anyway I wanted a design on the top so I used my Harmony Classic Oval II in gray ink for the “create” sentiment.

I love the way it turned out.


With Sympathy matched my paper PERFECTLY!!! So I stamped it on gray and added a soft gray to the leaves. Flowers stamped in sweet blush.

I layered it on an oval scallop for some more POP! This is on dimensionals as well.

I also punched a butterfly from the paper, to match my theme.

Then I was done.

Now this idea sparked ANOTHER idea that I will most likely share Sunday 😀 You won’t want to miss that.

Easy Peasy 😀

OK I gotta run, but some back tomorrow for my Saturday Sketch 😀

Thanks for checking in today. Have a great Friday.