I am so excited to share my project I have today!

One of my best friends just had a baby last week! They named her Molly. I LOVE making girly stuff. LOVE IT! So of course I had to go with PURPLE 😀 My favorite color.

After I got “the call” I made sure to get all her info, I went to work to create a framed keepsake for her! I purchased this a while ago at Michaels for about $4?? I try to make some sort of cool baby name thing for everyone I know who has a baby. I attempt to make each thing different, so people have no idea what to expect. I know I get behind sometimes but really tried to make this special.

When I think special, I think PERSONALIZED. That is the awesome thing about stamping! You can MAKE anything you want 😀

I also like that it is most likely to be herished and appreciated. How many stuffed animals can ONE baby get?!


Welcoming Molly-

PS I blurred out her last name to respect their privacy. So my frame isn’t messed up I warped it that way.

When you have a baby you never forget the vital information and I think a fun way to display it would be cute.

Instead of putting my INFO inside, I decided to stamp it ON the glass using white Stazon. A really nice layered effect. For the inside of the keesake frame, I decided to make it a “scene” by using patterned paper by Memory Box for the inside, since it looked like  fairy garden, and punching some 3D flowers. I stamped my butterfly from butterfly kisses, and put it inside. The outside has the plum pudding pattern from Guidelines, then put a pretty purple satin bow around it.

Since  I wanted to personalize it , I turned to my new stamps from Just Rite Stampers-I think that everyone should treat themself to at LEAST one Font set!! More of these will be on my yearly “Christmas Must Have”  list! 😀 They are so cool because you get 3 complete alpha sets (and numbers), that all match in one easy to store kit. I am ALL about storage. I got rid of most my wood mounted alphas since #1-they take up so much space, and #2- I cannot SEE what I am stamping and where. With these stamps you get to have everything align perfectly, no fuss. You NEED the Harmony rectangle handle ! Its awesome for creating the blocks with all the info you want. I basically got to put all my info on the block and stamped ONCE!! Yeah! No lining up everything seperately. I LOVE THAT!

I pulled out my GORGEOUS Special Occassion Font set for this task (just bought that last week).

So I used the 95pt for the baby initials M I D since I LOVE the script look of it.


From the top

Then I wanted to use the smaller font for spelling out her name- the 50 pt font for the announcing info!

When I went onto the height, weight and time I used my FAVORITE the small letter set (that is an abolsute MUST HAVE!!)

I should have done different flowers, but I honestly had a 1/2 hour to get this together, so I was happy.

Now to work on the card! LOL! Can’t give a gift without a card to match. Cross your fingers I get that done today!! Ill share it when I do 😀


OH! one more important thing to share!! My friend Mandy shared some info for a special sale on her blog HERE! I agree 100% with everything Mandy said and the cause repesented! I am all about raising money for cancer reasearch and when you find something great to purchase that helps to do that DOUBLE BONUS!!!

COPY/PASTING Mandys words (hope thats OK Mandy) -but please read her linked post!!

“This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there is a new pair of Pink Ribbon BabyLegs. For every pair of Pink Ribbon BabyLegs purchased, the BabyLegs company will donate 10% of the proceeds to cancer research. But get this…Jill will also donate ANOTHER 10% on top of that!! And look how cute they are…

Jill would love to donate pairs of BabyLegs to a local children’s hospital to be given to children who are cancer patients. Jill points out that BabyLegs are convenient for children in the hospital to wear, as they are often hooked up to IV’s and having medical procedures. Clever. She has comprised a list of BabyLegs styles to from which to choose, and for every TWO pairs that you purchase to donate, Jill and Heavenly Blessed will donate ONE MORE pair! As if this wasn’t good enough, the BabyLegs company has heard about what Jill is doing, and if 100 pairs are donated, they will MATCH those 100 pairs!! :) Be sure to donate and pick up a pair or two for your little ones as well!



TO DONATE A CARD, E-MAIL Mandy  MANDY@LIMELIGHTPAPERCRAFTS.COM FOR her ADDRESS! All cards must be postmarked by Friday, October 31!


OK Now “I” am back. The part about the legs being great for kids with Cancer, is a DEFINITE YES!HECK any kid who has lines to deal with. I so wish I had some of those when Alexa got sick! I was SO freaked out her PICC line would get caught on something, and pulled out. Plus they are SUPER cute!! I think this is a great idea, so if you see some use for a little one in your life, now is the time 😀 Or if you want to donate a pair that is FABULOUS!!

I hope to order a few pair myself. Granted my kids are bigger but I have lots of little ones around me, and I know that ONE pair could be used for TWO kids in the hosptial :D, and make them feel better about all they have going on, not having to LOOK at the lines. I know Alexa use to kind of get upset when she would see the lines.

I want to thank Jill for doing her part in making a difference 😀

For those inquiring about Alexa, we had a fabulous appointment with NO concerns. Now that her meds are straightened out she is OK. No weird, scary and wonky symptoms.

I also want to share I have tried SEVERAL of the tips you all provided for Math help and she is doing MUCH better. We are using a wipe board for her to SEE, and TOUCH the addition/subtraction of numbers, and I think its working. Thanks so much for all the tips and programs. I have several more to look into 😀

OK I think I may FINALLY fall FLAT on my face. After the birthday day party Alexa has to attend (gotta make a card!) and the Sat. sketch.

OK I’m really done now 😀