I am just in LOVE (like the rest of the world) with my Just Rite Mongram stampers. There are SO many possibilities. I really want and NEED to play more, but wanted to share my recent note card set. I was OVER THE MOON, when I found out Christine was carrying them!

You can view her selection—>HERE! I am almost embarrassed to say what I already own from this collection 😀 Seriously a MUST have.

I was excited to try this particular project that I am sharing today.


BECAUSE-As a little girl “Lauren” was a very uncommon name. I was the kid who couldn’t find the license plate for my bike with my name on it. Or stickers, and fun pencils and pens. No dorr plaque for me either. Now I hear little girls named Lauren,  being called by their mom in the store endlessly! LOL! It’s funny to think it wasn’t that popular back then, but now mainly 7-8-9 year old girls everywhere have my name. My friend even named her baby Lauren (not after me but cute all the same). I was always the only one in the class, amongst the dozen Jennifer’s, Michelle’s, Jessica’s, Amy’s, and Kristen’s. At least those were the top names where I lived.

So, as a kid anytime anything was found with MY name I just got so excited.

Now I can take that excitement and make my own stuff! LOL! Who knew.

PS-I now have 3 kids with “unpopular” names, Alexa being the most difficult to find. Noah is definitely more popular, and Amber is not uncommon but still not as popular so harder to find. But Alexa-well she is the Lauren of her generation.  As I type this I am thinking of all the great things I can make for her now too. YEAH!

I am having too much fun with them. I decided I would create a SIMPLE set for MYSELF!

Of course using my FIRST name 😀 What a great gift idea for the college bound person or teen/tween!! They are the most difficult to make gifts for I think.


This is the set I used the Large 1 5/8 set—>HERE and I also used the small letter set, to spell Lauren. I fell in LOVE with that the flower from Unity’s Fanciful Dots, and thought it was perfect for the center of my monogram set. I stamped the flower in Pearlescent Beige ink by Brilliance.



And another


I just wanted very SIMPLE note cards. I used the Avenue collection by Crate Paper for this project. Its so pretty and elegant.

Granted these could be made more “gussied” up but I like SIMPLE most times.

Now to present this I would make my Simple Card Wrap found HERE. I am tooting my own horn here, but I have to say its a really simple but AWESOME gift wrap! LOL! Endless possibilities.

So that is it for today. I had a SUPER productive day yesterday. My mojo was in HEAVEN!!!!!!! Off to swimming lessons, then taking the kids to some play place.

I got some new goodies I will share very soon 😀 and so many other fun things to share.

Till then……………