Here is an early view of tomorrow’s sketch! Save your reply because I ahve a SWEET give-away tomorrow in honor of my day,

I’m on a real shopper high so be ready for a ramble! LOL!

First thanks for all the lovely emails! Im BLOWN away!

Second I hear my classes are filling up! YEAH! Can’t wait to meet you. We are chatting about the whole mail order classes tomorrow.

Third-my day:

I had THE BEST day today! I took the kids and went shopping! They were excellent!

 I got myself a new bedding set from Target, bought a bunch of new clothes that make me feel good about the way I look NOW- not how I want to look 10-20lbs lighter! LOL!

I got some black casual shoes! I have worn the same pair since I think I was pregnant with NOAH! I have shoe issue’s! I can’t walk on thin, and high heels. Makes NO sense to me.  I need style and comfort. While I lost the comfort  in my pair,I sorta had style. Anyway found the  PERFECT pair, and they were on sale for $12.99!!! From $40!!!! HELLO!!

I also bought a cutterbee system. Not sure if I like it YET.

Lindt chocolates, and body/spa stuff ! YEAH!

I went to an antique store and found some other cool items that aren’t post worthy, but fun to me.

OK deep breath!

I got lots of cards, and a frame from Sue!! Thank you so much! I was sad the glass was shattered into a billion pieces despite your big GLASS label!

 Oh boy.

OK I gotta run and finish posting for tomorrow.