What an honor to make someone’s day. I was so happy to receive this badge. I pass this along to all of you-who I have come to know and become friends with. I am awful about tagging people.

People who comment, leave funny stories and send me emails. All of you who just stop by or have followed my life, in any way, you all make my day-everyday!

 My inbox gets flooded often but I read EVERY blog comment, and email I get! Each one truly makes MY day!!! I know, I said that already, but I mean it.

On another note-I have tag’s I have yet to do, and people who have sent me these cute little things to post, that  I made their day in same way (THANK YOU!!!). Now I can’t find who else has now, because of a flood of emails and whatnot but Melanie sent me this yesterday! I was determined it WOULD get posted!

Thanks Melanie.

Isn’t that so sweet of her?

 That reminded me that I had her super-duper adorable set Just So Hippy, that has NOT seen ink!

Now you have to know I LOVE giraffes! Part of the fun (for me) naming Noah-Noah was the Noah’s ark theme 😀 He will hate me someday I’m sure. You an’t name your kid Noah, and NOT go with a Noah’s ark theme! Its like naming your daughter Summer and she is born in the dead of winter-you just can’t do it 😀

The day I found out I was pregnant I had seen this little giraffe by GUND. I knew I wanted it if I were having a boy. Once we had our ultrasound, and all was well, my friend Melissa bought Raffee for Noah. We had already picked this name about 3 hours after finding out I was pregnant! So it was good it was a boy!

Since birth he has slept with that giraffe. I brought him to the hospital with me.

Here is one of my favorite photos of Noah with him.

He is 11 months old here. See how he looks at him? PRECIOUS!


He would hold him by the neck, and crawl/walk around the house. Where Noah went, Raffee went.

He would often look at him-like in this photo, then hug and kiss him. It was adorable! He loved him to pieces. Now he is tattered, and worn. He has that well-loved look to him.

He still has Raffee and sleeps with him every night.

I have a keepsake frame box ready for the day Noah is ready to part ways with him. I will save him to have when he has his first baby. OK Now Im getting all sappy over this, so let’s move on shall we?

My point is that when I saw this set it reminded me of Raffee!

So I had to get it.

I figured in thanks to Melanie, I should use the set SHE designed, and share my story as to why I always say “awe” every-time I see a giraffe.

It also made a great sketch 😀 Simple-but great.

sketch-32.JPG click to enlarge

 Here is my first card using the set.

mytime-raffe-love.jpg Raffee Love

How supah cute is that giraffe?

I colored it using my copic’s, and put fun flock on the spots.

I used the For Peep’s Sake collection as my inspiration. I just love it.

Here is another-

mytime-flutter-thanks.jpg Flutter thank you

The point of making a second is to show you, you can basically take the long image and put it on either side! Whatever suits your fancy.

In place of a circle, is this butterfly I made it using Fantasy Film-in a pink tone. The butterfly is from a Stampin Up! set-one of my fave’s -Touch of Nature. The flower’s are another favorite-Stem Shilouette’s.

When I got a smaple of this Cherie paper by SEI, I fell in LOVE! Hello pink & brown (my favorite combo) GLITTER with flowers and butterflies! It’s a little piece of paper heaven!

So I used my markers and colored the bloom, then added some stickles. The thank you-is a rub on my Making Memories.

The 2nd butterfly is punched with a Martha Stewart punch, and shows the back pattern of the paper.

Overall clean and simple.

I would love for you to try this weeks sketch! Send on over a link-so we can all see what you do.

Thanks for reading and playing along 😀