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Words of inspiration-For a Cause! Read ON!

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words sketch Just Words

I love the new Just Words set that Lizzie Anne is releasing! Given my missing mojo-I thought using my favorite words altogether in a set would inspire me-and it did!!! How ALL occasion can this card be right!

Especially for a little pick me up! Sometime people who are dealing with touch times need a card that isnt so dreary, and rears a message of HOPE!

I LOVED this ribbon I got at Michaels literally years ago. I used it to inspire my design. Jolies Fleurs is just the perfect match. I also used So Swirly (all Lizzie Anne sets)

I stamped the flower on choc. chip cardstock, and embossed it with white embossing powder. Colored the center with my Lumiere, then cut out the inner petals, using my tool taxi-that idea was taken from another card I did——> HERE  Trimmed out the flower, then added the BLING, and the flower was done.

I attached the ribbon through my tab punch.

Very detailed, yet clean all at the same time-I think. I was quite happy with how this turned out. I especially LOVE using colors I dont normally pull out-such as olive, and being happy with the results.

I especially love feeling like I can stamp again. I made a few other cards-but the sets aren’t being released till the end of the month!

MFT Stamps is releasing FIVE sets October First! Holy Moly! I better get stamping!!!! I ahve a lot to do.

ONE set is going to be for a special cause! Check it out———-> HERE

Speaking of causes………………….

cards for cancer This box of cards is going postal this week! I told you I am sending most of my card to Cards for Cancer! I packed them all in there as tight as I could! LOL!

I am also going to be speaking at our area local radio station at a fundraiser for the childrens Cancer Center at Dartmouth and CHAD on the 17th! They are looking and hoping to raise $20,000! I will speak of Alexa’s experience. Almost like the St. Jude’s commercials you hear on the radio that make you ball your eyes out (at least I did and that was even BEFORE I had kids let alone became one of those parents).

I always dreaded being one of those “commercials” but that fact is we are! And if it can raise awareness and money for a cause COUNT ME IN! I love to do whatever I can to make the smallest difference.

So I hope some of you get inspired to make a difference for whatever cause is dear to your heart. Even ONE person can make a difference.

I will soon be posting a Smilebox from Noahs first Soccer Game! It was a BLAST! I was so proud of both Noah and Jason! Jason is the Coach, and he has done a great job teaching first time soccer players!

More on that later………………..

Happy Grandparents Day!

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Did you know that today is grandparents day???

I sure didnt! LOL! Working with Smilebox-I just found out! They have some cute creations for just that occassion. You know I LOVE making cards-but finding out THIS morning that its grandparents day a card would be WAY late.

How do you make a grandparents day card anyway?? Stamp makers- here’s a challenge for you! I think its just another Hallmark Holiday, but I made this Smilebox creation anyway and sent it via email to all the grandparents. THERE! Now Im covered!

Seriously try one out-you’ll be so hooked. Its like super-cool interactive digi scrapping only EASY! 😀 I especially like that I dont have to re-size my photos either! A HUGE time saver for me as well.

I added a Smilebox Creations to my category list. Alot of people write that you love looking at them. This will make it easier. Now I need to add them all in there so it will be easier to view!

Here is my latest-hope you like it.

Grandparents Day Wishes
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And guess what! I think my MOJO came back! I’m hoping to post later. I woke up feeling like CRAP. I have a sore throat, stuffy nose, and up and down temp -let the fun begin.  Amber and Noah are both sick already from all the lovely new germs at school. THANK GOD Alexa is the only one who seems to NOT be sick. Lets pray it stay that way.

All the “sickness” brought my mojo back so hey I can deal! LOL!

Enjoy the day!

Saturday Sketch

Sep 7, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

OK Im posting this a day early cause tomorrow Noah has Soccer, and we have a full day of family stuff. I feel a Smilebox creation coming on!

 Send me a link here in the comments section if you try the sketch OK! I LOVE seeing what you all do!

Oh, and if you find my mojo please return it! LOL! Its lost and Im so sad without it!

Despite no mojo I do love this card. My motivation is just gone-so no stamping for me this weekend. I do ahve PLENTY to share so keep checkin in 😀

And thanks to all of you who wished me and my family well! The prayers must have worked for Alexa cause she has her best “after chemo” time ever. She is generally exhasuted and sick, Like really sick, and this time she was up and ready to go to school! Made it through the whole 6 hour day with energy to spare for homework and reading!! Thanks Oh and her counts were OK too.

I am happy to report I am feeling much better too-definitely stress related!!!

OK back to the sketch

bella birthday  sketch 13 Bella-Beautiful b-day

Its Saturday once again. My FAVORITE day of the week, for sure!

I always post my sketch on Saturday, and hope you find tme to try it out. Dont be afraid of all the “layers” it really is an easy one!

I love making birthday cards. While Im always late on sending them, they are my favorite! My problem is I cannot send someone a card unless I made it just for THEM! I have this guilt that I just cant send it. So Im always late.

I still need to make a card for Jay’s grandpa-dang! I keep forgetting that!

I used my Cakeabella for this one. I love the Bella’s! I wish she had a place in the US to sell them cause I NEVER order due to the LONG shipping wait. I’m very impatient! Despite my long Bella Wish List-I havent ordered due to that fact! Plus the shipping for UM stamps from Canada-EEK! AmyR has been spoiling me with them, here and there! Im so lucky!

Anyway-they are CUTE ,CUTE, CUTE, and undeniably a must have.

That being said this is for my friend Nicole! I missed her b-day too! SORRY! She LOVES the bella’s.

So I made her this card. I have to say I LOVE it! The paper inspired my colors (scrap from a stamp store so I am sorry no clue who makes it) which are not your typical “mytime” combo of colors! LOL!

The sentiment is High Hellos by Lizzie Anne.

May arts ribbon, primas. bling, glitter on the candle, scallop punch, copic markers-all the makings of a great card!

You cant see that the black panel is dry embossed with polkadots-used my fiskars texture plate for that one. So there is some gret texture in this design as well!

Love her hair tie!

Anyway-I hope Nicole doesn’t mind a late b-day card!!!

Till tomorrow……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….:D

Blogger’s Challenge Sketch

Sep 7, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: blogger challenge, Cards

lizzie dove

Here is my first card for the Blogger’s Challenge! I just joined this group and am very excited to be a part of it!

This week’s challenge was to re-crete the card on page 12 of Stampin’Up! Winter Mini catalog. I love this sketch, and plan on trying it again!!

I decided to use L’Amour by Lizzie Anne. Since I told you I love this “Dove” image I figured I better use it! My Dove is CHIPBOARD! Just like the star in the catalog card.

You can make any stamped image into chipboard-here is how you do it-


1) Stamp your image in scrap cardboard/chipboard. Cut out.

2) Stamp your image on patterned paper/cardstock. Cut out.

3) Run image through a Xyron machine.

4)  Layer the finished image over the chipboard. File edges if neccessary.

Easy and cute!

You can also just layer it onto chipboard FIRST, stamp and cut once-but I liked this way.

My patterned paper is from a LSS and is unknown! It was scrap-and practically FREE 😀

The prima’s were the perfect touch in my opinion. Liquid pearls in the centers.

My glitter pen’s are back to work! I am waiting to stamp a sentiment in the middel panel-its one of those-any occassions this way! And I LOVE that!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a  Saturday Bella-Beautiful Sketch!!!

Stampers BLOCK! WHOOOOOO would have thought!

Sep 6, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

I am so upset! I have all this cool new stuff, and had TONS of ideas flowin while it was “in transit” but now that its here POOF! GONE! NOTHING!

I am having a serious case of stampers block! I made a few cards I wont even consider posting! These 2 almost got trashed, but I said OH WELL! I still sorta like em.

I still feel crappy and think Im just not “up” for stamping-GASP! I have a card done for tomorrow’s Blogger’s Challenge and its not that great either.

Go figure! I get all this time to myself, and now I cant do a thing. Tomorrow I’ll NAP instead of stamp. Maybe once I feel better-

Anyway-my good PSF Laura just had a birthday-missed it! BIG SHOCK right. She always says these funny things like “Have a Hoot of a day!” So of course I had to make her a card using this owl by Stampendous! Ollie & Olivia. With any luck it will go postal tomorrow.

laura card

Sorry Laura-I dont LOVE the card-but wanted you to get it THIS year-not when my mojo returns! LOL! I doodled the border. The senitment & hearts are So Many Sayings by SU!

You may be asking WHY its 2 owls cuddled together for a friend card-well her DH is in the military, AND SHE MISSES HIM, and she likes owl-I wish them happiness! And I thought of them when I saw this stamp-so there, thats all.

Happy belated b-day Laura!

OH next owl card

oliver Oliver & Friends

OMG! I LOVE THIS SET! Its by Sassafrass Lass and its called Oliver & Friends. Now I did it NO justice-like I said I have stampers block-but its way cute- a must have.

Owls seem to be the new trend-and upcoming rage! Im going with that one cause they are cute & fun!

I swear Ill get ya some worthy samples!

Till tomorrow-as Laura would say- Have A Hoot!


Sep 6, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

SALE!!! TODAY ONLY!Check this alphabet out————–> HERE!

trio bloom Thanks Trio

Here is a card I made a little while ago!

You can also see it HERE Im not going to post all the details-since they are there. The stamps are by Green Grass. I totally love this set.

I also love the repeated pattern just on different paper. EASY and CUTE! This was one of those under 10 minutes cards.

I also wanted to say that a comment was left here about Handicap accessibility for Alexa to be able to attend Dance Class! Well thanks for the reminder-it totally did NOT cross my mind! And ya know what-I dont think there is an elevator! HOW SAD!!!! Its an old building and I have no idea how to go about finding out more.

Paulette if you are reading this-maybe you have the answers?? Is it accessible? And I just dont know it? Ill have to ask the teacher.

Another note-a comment was made to use Alexa’s set for her birthday invites-DUH!!!!!!!!!!! Why did I NOT think of that? Thank you!!! I think I will!

So, why my title is blah blah blah-

Yesterday after dinner I began to feel a WAVE come over me. It was a wave of tingling, and achiness. Like I have the flu, only no heavy head, cough, fever, or other ick symptoms. Im exhausted, and aches ALL over!

Its very strange.

I think its stress related. This happened to me a few months ago, and thats what it was chalked up to. My bodies response to stress, to make me slow down and “deal”. Well I dont want to “deal” with my life insanity and stress right now!

VERY coincidental that it would happen the same day I find out about Ambers murmur.

HMMMMMMMMM. I just got labs on Friday-routine, and I assume they are OK. I learned along time ago if something ISN’T OK you will know very quickly! Oh well.

Im praying I feel better tomorrow cause I want to STAMP! I got some new goodies in, and have mail to get out-but havent made the cards yet! HATE that! Plus with the kids being gone I dont want to waste my time taking a nap!

Anyway-This card to me is very cheery-I wish I felt as cheery as this card looks! LOL!

Have a great day! Ill be back to most more latr-Im on a roll………………………………………

Oh and tomorrow I will post my very first Bloggers Challenge!! You can see those people on my side bar- so that on Fridays-those people in the links will also have their challenges posted too! How fun!

Sunny Daise

Sep 6, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

sunny daise

Ok I know that is NOT how you spell Daisy. Just wanted something funky for a title. I hate always having boring titles for my stuff. Its almost like the pressure of picking the right name is so great, cause it reflects the cards value! LOL!

I know I’m LAME. Am I the only one who sits and ponders a fun attractive title for my creations?

I hope not!

Anyway-how can you see a Daisy and NOT use yellow-white-and black? I just dont think its possible!

I loved the sentiment. See how the colored daisy is above the 2 others-and bright, cheery and beautiful? I like stuff like that.

This is one of my favorite layouts-simple-one layer-stick something in the lower right corner-and some ribbon with a tag up top. You cant go wrong!

The diasy is colored with Lumiere-so the petals are all shimmery. This photo doesnt capture that-but I swear its quite pretty for a simple card.

In case you dont recognize what set this is…………….High Hellos by Lizzie Anne Designs.

All a Flutter………..Im published

Sep 5, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items

WELL-if you happen to pick up the latest Special Paper Crafts Edition-Room to Room

alexa mirror Once Upon a Princess

Check out my Mirror on page 89!!!! It uses Alexa’s Set! Im WAY proud of that creation 😀 All procedes from that set benefit Pediatric Leukemia and Lymphoma Research! There is never enough money being raised for this cause!

I was quite excited to see it when my copy arrived. Yes, I am tooting my own horn-and dancing the GO! LAUREN! Dance- LOL! Im amazed how much BETTER my stuff always looks published! Maybe I need a new camera? For WORK purposes-insert evil grin! I already have the photo set up, so it has to be the camera right?

OK Done dancin-a blabbering.

flutter Hearts a Flutter ELEGANT

Do you notice that the flourish has an heart-just upside down? Am I just a dork who looks for stuff like this, or does it go with the mild OCD most of us in the craft have???

Anyway-I loved the iriony in it. This set is L’Amour, and the swirl is So Swirly. Both Lizzie Anne Designs Added a light touch of Martha Stewart glitter.

Well I THINK this is DRAGONFLY, and NOT a butterfly-BUT “I” want it to be a butterfly so lets go with that OK! The wings are stamped on a vellum cardstock layer as well-and dry embossed the details for some POP! Colored from the back with my COPIC markers. LOVE the look.

That wide Chocolate Satin ribbon by SU! is to DIE FOR!!!!!

I have some ROCKIN samples with this set-but Meridith keeps pulling them before I can post cause they are going into the Lizzie Anne Idea Book!! YUP! You read it right! They are having a cool Idea Book! How cool is that. Most of my bestest samples get pulled to go there. I believe its due out January! Ill keep ya posted OK!

Now as you will see both these card were sorta inspired by eachother-

The tall panel-and circled “butterfly”.  Each very different though-one is whimsical-the other elegant! I though it showed a bit of the versatility-IMO!

So I hope you like them, and get inspired to make similar cards-one elegant, and one whimsical using similar layouts-

flutter wishes Looking Up Whimsical

Its really alot of fun to try. SEE the similarities??

This whimsical card uses L’Amour, Jolies Fleurs, High Hellos. I designed it around my FAVORITE collection of Crate paper  the Birdie collection. Added some cute Prima’s (of course), and bling!

I thought the colors and sentiment really conveyed CHEER UP!

Im sending this one to my PSF Renee!!! She needs a little pick-me-up! Its hard when you have a friend that lives far away and they need a huge HUG! I know I’ve been there.

Thanks for lookin! Stay tuned for more eye candy as the little rascals are stuck in school! LOL! That means MORE MYTIME 😀

I also joined a Bloggers Challenge Club (thanks Stefanie), so every Friday I will be posting a creation based on a challenge!

See ya tomorrow.

Pumpkin Patch Pocket Pouch

Sep 4, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items

Well I want to say that I always appreciate the comments you all leave! And thanks for the prayers.

Your cooments always warm my heart, and make me laugh. Some things some share make me cry! LOL!

I love it all. Those that email-know I WILL get back to you-promise! Just been a tough day today.

I will post my Lizzie Anne samples tomorrow if Im not totally wiped out by the LONG day of Chemo for Alexa tomorrow.

Im a bit FREAKED out cause it turns out the during Amber’s 3 year check up today, they detected a heart murmur. She is getting set up to see a cardiologist soon. This murmur has never been picked up before, and I am told it doesn’t seem “serious”. Better to get it checked now,rather than later.

They really didnt seem concerned too much-just wanted it rechecked in a month-but to sooth ME decided to refer her to a cardiologist. I am very familar with all that crap cause Alexa had open heart surgery at 3 weeks old.

She has grown well, and doing great otherwise. Off the charts even for her height. So that is good-weight has stayed on the same “curve”. She will be tall and thin-most likely.


OK had to get that out-It was a rather large long shriek/sigh here at home. On a better note: Lets get to stamping-my therapy! Which it sounds like Im gonna need alot of that! I sometimes think how great this hobby really is! IF I DRANK when I was stressed Id be getting more rehab than Lindsay Lohan! Maybe she need to get inking and stop the drinkin-

OK over it!

pumkin patch pocket Pumpkin Patch Pocket Pouch

HA! Now say that 5x’s fast! LOL!

I was suppose to share this yesterday, but decided to have it on its own.

This was a pouch I made using the new Halloween set by C.C. Designs (Fred and Bob). My Scor-Pal, made it super easy too.

WICKED SIMPLE! (Yes that is a Massachusetts thing I guess, and without realizing it I say it ALOT)

Cut paper same size as an A2 card (4 1/4 wide x 11 1/2 long), then score at the 5 1/2 mark. Score again at each bottom-2 inches. It then fold into a pouch. Inside are some glassine bags filled with candy by Paper Trey ink.

All I did was stamp the pumpkin on the left-on  my Paper Trey white cardstock, with Brilliance ink in graphite, then colored with my CopicMarkers. My Sam’s club glitter pens added dimension and BLING! You bet your sweet hiney when Christine gets in the Copic Glitter type markers they are SO MINE!!!!

The second pumpkin was stamped/colored/cut from scrap-then layered.

 Paper frills by Doodlebug make the “grass”. All in all very simple. The ribbon is from Michaels.

Hope you like it!

Now I think I need to go chill out-

Back to School :D

Sep 4, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My family stuff, Smilebox Creations, Uncategorized

What’s that noise? Did you hear that?

NOPE, I don’t hear anything?

The only sound I hear is my own thoughts!

Imagine that?

My house hasn’t been this quiet since September 28, 1999. How do I know the exact date of when the last time it was that quiet?

Well my first child was born September 29, 1999! LOL!

Seriously-this is nice. I feel a tiny pange of guilt saying that, but that quickly melts away as I sip my coffee in silence. No screaming, running, yelling “SHE hit ME!” ” I’m hungy”, Wipe my butt” “Can I go do this or Can I have -INSERT RANDOM WANT OF MANY KINDS? “No I dont want to”

From 6 am to 8pm this banter is non stop. Dont believe me-call my house in between those times, and you will hear it. Somedays my voice get hoarse from all the “NO! Dont do this!” ” Hey Get in Time out!” “What did I just say?” No!No!No!.

Its really awful when you type it out, but I KNOW I’m not alone. I didnt want to be my mother but somehow it just happened. Overnight really. Once my second became a toddler-I was done for. The ONE kid I could handle NO problem. No one to share with, fight with, take from-EASY!

Dont get me wrong I LOVE my children. I would give my very own life for them, but for now I’m going to enjoy my time of just ME. MAYBE I’ll actually excercise! Maybe I’ll run errands, or clean the house. Maybe I’ll stamp and eat my twizzlers instead! LOL! Ok maybe do that AFTER I exercise.

Here is scrapbook of Noah’s First day-and all 3 kids going off to school! YAHOOOOOO!

school time
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Now here is Alexa’s! I did a few photos from the other years. Keeping in mind she missed the last 1 1/2 years due to her Chemo treatments. She was so silly her first day back I couldnt get a decent photo! Oh well! We also dont have photos from her 2005 cause Jason and I were in Hawaii and had the camera! So we have Kodak photos that we still ahvent developed! YIKES! What bad parents!

Anyway-it was heart wrenching for me to view all these photos of her.

Cancer SUCKS! Im really feelin it today. She has Chemo tomorrow. This round is rough on her cause she will ahve her Spinal Chemo, and bone marrow aspiration. Keep her in prayer PLEASE! All the germs at school! Her immune system is so fragile after these treatments. We have had some scary bumpy roads, and I really can’t handle much more of that this year!

Anyway-she is loving school, and is doing so good. God has been good to us. I meet too many parent who aren’t as fortunate as we have been. I still have my baby. Some dont win that battle. I cant even imagine, nor do I want to even fathom the thought.

OK Happy note-here it is.

fresh start
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Here is a clip from Amber’s first day at pre- school. She LOVES school!

Ambers first day pre-k
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Aren’t these so cute! You should try making your own. Its free-unless you upgrade or decide to send it or print it. You can even blog them-obviously! LOL! They only took a few minute each! I really love these programs cause I am SO not computer savvy, and they make it all super easy.

If you install one let me know!! I’d love to see it.

OK I promise to come back and show you some STAMPING stuff. I just wanted to share these! Now Im off to stamp land!

PEACE AND QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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