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Now Starring Princess Alexa!

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Well since you all LOVED the “movie” of Alexa and Amber I did a movie/photo clip of Alexa getting her Surprise Princess Party Dress! You all have followed Alexa’s story and agonizing journey I thought you may enjoy this.

Wait till her party! Now that will be a great video. All the details leading to this video can be read below. Not a reader-no problem-watch the video!

BTW-I hate my valley girl voice, and I am originally from Massachusetts hence the probable accent.

Here it is!

 Playing Princess Alexa
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Her actual birthday is the 29th! I got ONE RSVP to her party today, and am anxiously awaiting more! Alexa is so excited for her Princess Costume Party-its insane!

I bought her a really pretty purple Princess Costume dress. In NO WAY CHINCY. You could easily wear it as clothing. She loved it,  but when she put it on said “Oh but its not a Cinderella Dress.”

I was quick to ask her if she wanted Cinderella instead of the purple and she basically spared my feelings by saying “Well this one is pretty too! Its OK Ill wear this one to my party” I thought OH GREAT! She’s secretly disappointed. Now THAT is the type of thing you NEVER forget. I can see it now-20 years from now…………………………..

” Mom, remember my cool princess party. Its was really great. I really wanted that Cinderella dress. That would have been perfect. Remember X (insert girls name) She came in the dress that I wanted. She got to be Cinderella for my party.”

Well you know I couldn’t let that happen! The girl wanted a Cinderella dress ,well then she was gonna get a Cinderella dress. You only turn 8 once ya know!

So my online hunt began! For a mere $60-$80 I could get one online! GULP! Explain that to a DAD! Guys do NOT understand nor do they care about the NEEDS of an 8 year old girl, who NEEDS a Cinderella dress! Let alone one at the cost of $80 then shipping!

My dear, sweet, very pregnant-like due literally today-PSF friend Tracey said Hey Im going to go to the Disney store and try to find a dress for you! She knew there was not one close to me, and the kids have been sick! So she and her very preggers self, along with cutie pie daughter Shannon not only went there to find the PERFECT Cinderella dress but they found the matching GLASS LIGHT UP SLIPPERS! HELLO!!!

The dress was on SALE! $25! Unless she lied to me and in that case I would NOT be happy! And its beautiful!

Thank you so much girls for helping me find the perfect dress for Alexa’s party! I wish Shannon could go!

Paulette-if you are reading this I would love for Ally to come but was unsure if it was “too young” for her. If not, let me know. She is just at that ‘age” when you arent sure what is too young for her KWIM??

So anyway-that is the whole dress story! Imagine when the girls get married! Good Grief!

I did get an amazing compliment about the invite and party festivities! Cant Wait!

Well I better TRY to go stamp something! Havent done that at all today.

Tomorrow I’ll share my Blogger’s Challenge! (Oh yeah now I really need to get inking), and a Smilebox of our Apple Picking adventure. Wait till you see Amber sing a song! OMG! WAY cute!

I really want to thank you all again for the thoughts and prayers for Alexa. She is a little junky with her cold, but no fevers, or progression of the cold so far. She is so enjoying school. Her reading/writing are coming along great. I hope she can remain living a “normal” life as possible this year.

Also, thanks for sharing your stories with me as well. Ido read EVERY comment and email that gets sent my way! I love hearing form you out there in blog/stamp land! I love the personal emails as well. Dont ever feel like you are bothering me! LOL! I get alot of that wording. It may take time to get back to you but its not bothersome.

Im in a much better mood today, and *may* get some MYTIME! Lets hope! I just need the ambition!

Amber and I went on a fieldtrip Apple Picking this morning, so you can expect the CUTEST Smilebox later! Plus some awesome Nana’s Apple cake from Tastefully Simple is going to be on the dessert menu! Its my favorite! And Im not a huge apple flavored anything fan! I swear-its just the best. I just tried the Old Fashioned Bread Pudding-with banana and nuts added-OMG! To die for! Ok Im going off on another direction again-sorry!

So-Another Smilebox will also be posted of Alexa! My friend Tracey found her the most perfect Cinderella dress for her Princess party (still no RSVP’s) next weekend with matching shoes that light up! Im going to catch her reaction on video! So stay tuned! Thanks Tracey-I had to peek real quick first! She’s gonna be so excited!

Noah had a great soccer game yesterday! Im so proud of him. His team has been working so hard, and each time it really shows. Im just happy he loves it!

Now for a card-

black tulips 

I made this card a little while ago, and forgot ALL about it! LOL! I was inspired by a skirt I saw that had black satin fabric, with white/gray tulips. It sounds gross but really is pretty.

I thought “How can I recreate that into a card?”

 Well, here it is!

The shimmer in the main tulip is from Lumiere, that I painted onto the stamp, then stamped onto the cardstock.

I thought it was a different take on the “spotlight” technique. Being that THIS tulip POPS out at you. The other tulips are soft in the bkgd.

Tulips are my most favorite flower and I loved using them in this way. By that I mean colorless! LOL!

What a fabulous sympathycard dont you think? Or thinking of you?

I love the tone on tone. Gray, Black, White, and vellum. LOVE IT! And that ribbon-to die for!

If you dont know this set is Garden Whimsy by Stampin Up! I LOVE that set, and didnt get to crazy over much this catalog so want to put what I did get to use.

Im just in awe of this one. I just really like it.

OK Im off to stamp-I hope.

Check in later, as I HOPE to post my Smilebox stuff.

Hope YOU get some MYTIME!

True Rejection!

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fabulous friend

This is the post that was due to go up yesterday. As many of you read my MOOD changed drastically after my radio interview and re-living the emotions of Alexa’s Cancer. Those SAD emotions are ones I tend to push off, so I can stay positive.

I learned that kids absorb alot of what their parents portray.

EXAMPLE-if they hear/see you freaking out they will freak out. You are their safe haven. So if you need to get worried or freak try to do it in private! Im NOT saying dont be honest or show emotion, but how can a  child cope with this stuff if you cant-KWIM? Anyway this mentality works for MY family.

All Alexa knows is that her insides are sick, and she needs lots of treatments, procedures and medicine to make her all better. ONE DAY AT A TIME. She has no clue about the what ifs.

OK anyway-I so appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.

Alexa still has her cold but it is still just that-so Thank God, no progression.

You all really helped to pick me up a bit. Im still a little “off” and have a awful headache, but hope it will reside by days end. Noah has a soccer game, so that should be fun!

So thank you!

OK back to the original post. I thought to not go into my initial feelings but, hey, I’m going to keep it cause that is how I was/am felling anyway!

I called it TRUE REJECTION cause both cards used True Friendship by SU!, and Im giving my honest opinions! LOL!

Lets face it-Rejection really SUCKS! There has been alot of talk about that on many blogs and whatnot. Any form of rejection is difficult.

I also have to say I really dont submit much, and considering that, when I do, I have a pretty good success rate-Im not saying that in an obnoxious way, Im just saying to to make my point that its still not easy. I also dont get what they accept sometimes vs what ‘I” liked!

Ill send a card I sort like-and then one I LOVE. Well youo know which one gets the shaft right? YUP! The one I loved! Makes me think I dont have good taste or design insight!

Another thing I must say-I never create for a call! I just do what I love, and if it happens to fit-FABULOUS! I found if I try to fit a call, my heart and mojo are not in it!

So I stick to stamping what I LOVE. MYTIME, MYWAY, for ME!

In truth-its a very tough “business” to be in. There are SO MANY awesome stampers out there-its gotta be hard to choose what will fit here and who will get picked for X. YOU need to make yourself stand out in one way or another. HOW to do that-I have NO IDEA! LOL!

That being said I still wish these 2 cards got picked up! LOL! BUT they did NOT.

Here  in this post are 2 rejects-that “I” really liked. They seemed publication worthy cause they were clean, and simple, yet detailed enough.


 The first one at the top I LOVED! I used my cuttlebug Red Tag alpha for the “f”. I stamped a flower from the set, to make it look like these way cool acetate alphas I saw from Making Memories, but wasnt buying. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I was happier with MINE than the ones I would have bought.

Numerous reasons for that- I can get any color-upper/lower case, and as many letters I want=FREE!!! GO LAUREN!! SAVIN MONEY!!!

That usually never happens-LOL!

I also like the center matching up but being popped up!

Oh well!

OK next up…………………

Bohemian Blossom So blue

I loved this one cause I used my SAMJ (stamp-a-ma-jig) to line up the larger flower, and the smaller solid one.

I thought the Onare pierced border was so simple yet elegant. Oh well!

My headache is killing me-so Im not posting all the supplies. If you have any questions, post it and I will answer it in the colum! LATER!

Thanks again for reading my whiny post.

Now its your turn! Tell us whats upset you this week. I know Id love to read it.

NEW! ATS Design Team

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I want to personally congratulate all the new member’s of the ATS Design Team! I look forward to getting to know these women better. Please know any of you can contact me anytime 😀 As can my readers!

Let the fun begin!

Here are the newest members, and their blog links.

Cathy Indelicato – her blog: Crafty Thoughts 

Christina Fischer – her blog: Flowers and Ink


Jenn Diercks – her blog: Stamp Your Heart Out


Jennifer Ofiana – her blog: Jen’s Stampin’ Spot


Julie Buhler – her blog: Paper Pleasing Ideas


Michele Boyer – her blog: Paper Cuts


Sophia Landry – her blog: Moonlight Inker


Valerie Stangle – her blog: {stampin’ gal Val} creating paper sunshine

AmyR had such a hard position of choosing these new members. I did NOT envy her position! I listened to her agonize over it, and I was fortunate enough to not have to make any decision’s! Not always fun being at the top! 😀 There were so many amazingly talented women.

I never realized how hard it must be to pick a team when so many people are truly deserving! It made me realize that we really cannot take the rejection personally. I KNOW everyone keeps saying that but it really is true.

So if you applied, and did not get picked, dont forget they will have another call in a few months!

In the meantime keep stamping, and perfecting your style, and photos!

Alexa Here is Alexa the other day! She has been spiking her hair, the combing her small bangs to the side, and putting a barret of head band! LOL! Her hair is finally growing in nice. It actually does look really cute. She looks so old in this photo to me! She will be 8 on the 29th! Still no RSVP’s to her party-HMMM!

This post is family related-no stamp talk!   I had a post planned for today WHINING about rejection! RIDICULOUS! There are so many more important things in life sometimes, than WHY did this card not get accepted and whatnot. Im not saying people have no right to complain and get upset-I do too! Just somedays I acknowledge life is so precious. And there are worse things than rejection.

 I had a LIVE inteview for our local Radio Station in town this morning. I spoke with Nazzy from WJYY. They are working to raise money for the Kids with Cancer at CHaD. Their goal is $25,000!  He is staying up on the Zipline till the money is raised. Sadly they are far from thier goal, and he has been there for over 24 hours now.

I was there to speak about Alexa and our expierience with Cancer, and at CHaD. It just ook me back to that first day, and those 9 months in the hosptial. And NOW! How blessed we are to still have Alexa with us. I never forget that-just today made me sad. Some parents aren’t so blessed. Caner is cruel disease.

You dont know what that will feel like till you are THERE. I true nightmare! And it can happen to ANYONE-sadly.

So, for the radio staion stuff- Check that out ——>HERE This is where you can help make a difference!

I love speaking and helping in any way I can. It was hard to talk about our expierience but I got through the LIVE interview with no problem!

He even told me after the interview, I ahd great prescence, and I have a great radio/speaking voice, and thinks this thing is my calling! LOL!  Dont know about that. He said I should publically do stuff more often-YEAH dont know about that! He also said he loved my story, and how I advocated! What a nice compliment. I do feel compelled to make a difference in any way I can, and he confirmed his belief God put me on this path for a reason.

I dont know why God wants me doing anything-LOL! But here I am. 

I wish I could get a “copy” or something and have people here listen to it!

Please check it out, and if you can afford to-make a difference! No amount is too small!

Also please pray for Alexa today! She is starting with a cold, and the littlest cold can seriously turn into a life threatening virus/ illness for her. I dont want her to end up in the hospital.


Ill try to post later, Im now having a sad day. Just listening to the doctors and other families talk about this, has taken an emotional toll on me, and Im worried about Alexa’s cold.

Sorry no cheery upbeat stuff to share.

If you do help-thanks so much! Even if you cant afford to, thanks for reading, and any prayers you send up for Alexa today will be so appreciated! I know God heard every voice that prayed for her when this all happened.

Have a great day!

Bonjour from Paris

Sep 17, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

I decided to attempt the Sunday Sketch over at CPS. I decided to go with the travel theme!

This is my “Bonjour From Paris” post card.

card from Paris

I used my Sizzix post card die cut to make a “postcard”.

This is a view of the postcard-close up

tower accent click for larger view

I decided to flip the sketch  on to the side. So my postcard is the panel-slanted.

Instead of the 4th square, I placed the heart tag from Making Memories tag rims.

stamp details click for larger view

The images at the bottom are suppose to be like “stamps”, that I made using a hole punch, and some square punches.

39 cent stamps Click for a closer view.

Isn’t this cute? I was SO HAPPY with it! I love PARIS themed stuff so Oh La La was PERFECT for this idea. I also used Simply Sentiments, and L’Amour. All found at Lizzie Anne.

The paper is by DCWV-its a glitterfied paper, that is really pretty! I used Pixie Pink for the pink accent color. My Sakura Glitter pen colored the items and added some sparkle with out going overboard!

The ribbon is by Autumn leaves, and the whimsical swirl and flower was perfect for the style of the set.

I hope they like my submission! You can never go wrong with pink & black 😀

Fun Tag! READ number 5! My word!

Sep 17, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me

Well I was tagged by Kristen  to play this cool name game! If you dont have a blog- try it in the comments section! It was pretty fun! I love reading them all so I hope you put yours in the comments or link us wherever you end up posting it!

Here goes!

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car) -Kristie Carolla

2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fav ice cream flavor, favorite cookie) This is a hard one! Banana Chip

Not very GANSTA is it? I think Id be a goner.

I love banana ice cream (aka chunky monkey by Ben & Jerrys, and choc chip cookies)

3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name) -L-Mea

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) – Purple Butterfly (Ok Im not sure what my favorite animal is! So Im going with my butterflies even though it is an insect!) I can do what I want-its my blog! LOL!

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)-Oh God now everyone will know my middle name! Dolores Lowell.

REAL LIFE SOAP OPERA-HOW I got my middle name-

Dolores was my dad’s sisters name. She was murdered by her husband-who hid in the backseat of her car. She got in and began to drive (my dad was in the car behind them) and he (husband to the sister) popped up from the backseat, and shot her as she was driving, then shot himself. My dad saw the whole thing! Since he was following her. As my dad rushed to her car-even though her husband killed himself,  my dad still began beating him till the police arrived.

It really affected my father as you can imagine as him and his sister were very close. She was a singer for the Hampton Sisters-a while ago. Figure my dad is 15 years older than my mom and is close to his 70’s now.

My mom thought it would be nice to give me his sisters name. It was ALMOST my first name! OH LORD!

Talk about a soap opera eh?

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first) – Meala

I could so see some little EWOK saying that! I love this one!

7. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink put “The”) The Pink Frozen Mudslide


8. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)- Richard Roberts

9. STRIPPER NAME: ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne, favorite candy) Liz Twizzler

(Ok that is weird! LOL! Sounds sorta kinky! YIKES!I love Liz Claiborne most scents no real fave, and twizzlers is the candy I eat the most!)

10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names ) Ann Wilfred

That was fun!

Now I must tag 5 people-Hmmmmmm






Thanks for checkin in! I never know WHO to link-its just so hard!

Think Snow!

Sep 17, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

OK I wrote this on Saturday-but forgot to post it! So if its not raining and its not the weekend dont worry about it!  I couldnt access my photo editing so put up the ” Do you know how to Fake it post” instead! I hope you try it and tell me how it works for those of you who havne’t “faked it” yet! LOL!

I was happy to see I got another honorable mention—-> HERE! YEAH! So close yet so far away from winning! LOL! Congrats to everyone! I feel really lucky to even get a mention considering there were over 450 enteries! WOW! The winner herself sent OVER 50! WOW! And people say “I” stamp alot! I do try to stamp daily, but dont think I make 50 cards in a month! Let alone with One/Two sets!

OK back to the post!

so in case you forgot the title was


Or in our case RAIN RAIN RAIN. Noah’s soccer game is cancelled. I’m bummed, cause he was excited to go, and I was excited to watch!

So poor me- instead,I get to stamp! LOL!


I just love the Cat’s Pajamas  clear and swanky sets! As I posted previously, I got all three! I only wish there were tiny snowflakes in the sets. Yes, I do own little snowflakes but wanted to keep with using JUST the CP sets.

When I saw this Chimney image I felt it needed a HOUSE!  So I whipped out my scalloped giga rectangle, trimmed out the soft sky piece. I also crimped a piece of vellum cardstock, and attched under the scallop roof for the house! Having the set be clear really enabled me to stamp the dog perfectly onto the roof WITHOUT stress or a stamp-a-ma-jig. So that was nice.

I saw the idea for icicles HERE. I didnt use the technique, but the idea was really cool, and perfect for my project-so I just used my stickles instead! I also thought it would be a cool thing to share, since I came across it and was WOW’ed!

This card took maybe 20 minutes. Not too shabby! Another great winter hello card!

Do you know how to fake it?

Sep 15, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: How to FAKE it!, My family stuff, Tutorials

Something every woman needs to know!

Now get that dirty mind of your’s out of the gutter.

I’m talkin fake it,like you have spent the day stamping, but by the time your hubby comes home it looks like you spent it cleaning, and possibly even cooking!

I dont really cook much, but if I want to seem like I SLAVED I do a croc pot meal! Just throw some meat, sauce or whatever, and frozen veggies-cooks on low all day – hubby arrives-DONE!

Im am going to share my very best tips for “faking it” with you!

FIRST let me say, if your house generally looks like something exploded in it then this will NOT work for you! LOL!

Your house should in general-be in “order” as in not 8 piles of dishes, clothes everywhere, and so on.

Now I started cleaning and having a little OCD since 3 years old! My mom always made me clean. She would start me young on her “tips to looking like you have a clean house” since I can remember!

She owns her own cleaning company now, and is quite successful, so Im am so proud that she has taken something she does so well, and made a living for herself doing so. And NO she doesn’t FAKE it! lol! Shes a super cleaner!

You should clean well once a week! You only need max-2 hours if you plan on dusting, and staying on top of it will keep it cleaner looking, and the faking it part much easier! Plus, after the kids go to bed, do things that cut the chaos in the am down-like put away/fold laundry, put away dishes, layout clothes, pack lunches, have notes done, coffee ready to go-blah blah blah.

It really does help you start the day fresh and gets you ready to create!

OK so here it goes. All you need is about a 1/2 hour! We can all spare that now can’t we? So start 40 minutes before he comes home. Just in case……

You will do the “clean sweep”. Now, what this is, you go from door he will arrive through-then work your way from there through the house. This ensures that at least the begining will be ok for sure!

Now the clean sweep is when you pick up and move any items that do not belong, and put them where they do, as you go along! If neccessary take a basket! This will allow you to carry and deposit the items where they belong as you go. The idea to to work from ONE room to the other! Use your time effiecently! Not running room to room and back again.

Carry the windex and paper towels with you, and remove obvious fingerprints from mirrors, or glass surfaces! Clorox wipes or baby wipes are fabulous too!

KIDS-this is the hardest part! LOL! Ages 2 and up! Not YOU cleaning!

Ok if you have them-set a timer (for 20 minutes) and have them start cleaning up 45 min. before Dad gets home! Have them throw toys in their toy box or baskets. If you have multiple kids have each one take a room that their toys are messing up. DONT WORRY ABOUT THE UPSTAIRS! Only daddys immediate view!

REWARD with lollipops or other fun sugar filled snack before dinner! This works when you are desperate! TRUST ME! Tell them it has to be done before the timer goes off so there is time for the treat before dinner!


Hall 3 min

If you have one, make sure shoes are away or whatever funky thing you may have going on! If he wont be in your hall or see it then skip it!

Kitchen 10 min (if you have to wash the dishes)

If there are dishes-and you have a dishwasher HIDE them in there! If not you may have to take 5 min and wash them! Fill the sink, then RUN!

Take care there are no fingerprints on the stoves, and the counters are quickly wiped down.

Go do the dishes LAST!

Bathroom- 5 min tops

pull shower curtain closed, empty barrel, clean mirror,sink, and sink top.  flush tiolet-throw in some AJAX-quick brush clean-flush again.

LAUNDRY-LEAVE it in the dryer! He wont even know its in there!

Living room 3 min

-straighten cushions, windex glass tables and tv screen.

QUICK vaccuum! I mean quick-just suck up anything visible! If neccessary Swiffer your kitchen and hall floor. Makes a huge difference! 5 min

RUN through the house spraying with that lovely smelling Febreeze!

DONE! This is also great for last minute guests!

Now you cant do this everyday! Just once a week or so!

AGAIN we arent being super picking. We want the clean look FAST! MOST  guys dont notice when we miss a “spot”. They are just thankful to be done work.

Time yourself and try it! I swear it works 😀

Triple the fun! Sketch Time!

Sep 14, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

Yes, I am aware its NOT Saturday-its Friday eve. Im busy ALL day tomorrow-so decided to post early. 

   sketch 14

Click thumbnail to view larger version. This sketch serves as an inspiration point. As you play around feel free to mix it up as you wish-you will see I did this with my samples as well!

Boy did I get carried away today! I drew up this sketch, then went to town!

Not only is this sketch meant for 3 images , but I did three samples too. I like how my samples are each different enough to show you a couple takes on the sketch itself. You can have it simpler, or add lots of detail-its all up to YOU how basic you want to keep it.

If you try it out, send me a link in the comments section-that way I can visit your creation and other readers can have a peek too!

Penguins at Play

penguins no peekin If you know me you know I LOVE penguins! LOVE them! They are like my butterflies of winter!

So when the Cat’s Pajama’s released their clear swanky sets—->here  I went NUTS! I had to have all 3 sets! What a deal they are too! Im so in love with their images. There are many more to come-so keep checkin in!

This set is the Kitty Christmas. Basically I was inspired by the ribbon I got at Target-DOLLAR SPOT! HELLO! Superlicious deal! Target has like the best dollar spot EVER.

colors-soft sky, banana, celery, rose red, regal rose

I had to use yellow in my Christmasy/wintery card after seeing Stefanie’s card —->here.

Penguins are colored with my Copic’s, and stickles (crystal ice is my favorite and most used one)made the snow. The chipboard sticker is also Target $1 spot. Cute eh?

Next Up-Cold Elements!

 cold elements

This card uses another favorite Christmas set of mine called Christmas in the City. Its by Lizzie Anne, and I have quite a few items using this set that will soon be published 😀 Really cute! Im so glad winter is sorta long so I get some good use from these sets!

My focus was WINTERY hellos, not necessarily CHRISTMAS cards-cause then Im limited as to what I can do with them. Not that I ever really MAIL them to anyone! Naughty!!!

Well the ribbon and colors are the same as above! Ribbon from Target! Lots of GLITTER! I used another chipboard piece from that set as well! Isn’t this so cute? A little different take on the sketch.

Daisy Dance

daisy dance Last but not least, my simple version!

PINK! I love pink! I wanted fast, and simple-this was a under 10 minute card EASY! I already had my sketch in mind-so the rest fell into place.

This just used some GORGEOUS Esprit Prima’s as the focus! What more do you really need?

For the flower centers I punched some vellum cardstock using my Spring Bouquet punch from SU! Added some adhesive Rhinestones-

Ribbon is by SEI!

The butterfly is another one of those SCRUMPTIOUS Heidi Swap Ghost shapes-only butterflies! HELLO! AWESOME! Used some stickles for the butterfly body so it wasnt clear. I use glue dots to adhere these. No show adhesive!

The sentiment is by SU! Stem Sayings-love that set. It was perfect for this, and it was stamped with a brilliance ink in orchid 😀

WHEW! That was alot for one little post! Hope you like the sketch! I have a crazy weekend!

Hope you get to enjoy your time as fall creeps through. Do you realize we are smack in the MIDDLE of September?! OMW! Where are the days going?

Thanks for reading. Cant wait to see what YOU do.

Anyone staying up for the Paper Trey Ink reveal? You know I am!

Till tomorrow-

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