my mail

Wow! I have had a CRAZY week. Design team stuff sure has been demanding lately, but- can I confess I LOVE every minute of it. Well almost every minute. I have been working on Christmas submissions! HELLO! I’m trying to get rid of the snow, and here I am stamping Christmas items and singing Walking in a Winter Wonderland! WHERE ARE MY FLOWER STAMPS!!!

So, in between submitting, I got an email from Christine yesterday telling me I was tagged! The goal is to write 7 things you want people to know about you!

So in no order I want to say

1) I love my SCS peeps, loyal PSF’s and readers. I am addicted to browsing SCS! BADLY! First thing I do in the AM (after I sip my coffee, and last thing I do before bed-well sometimes)

 I have met SO MANY amazing people through stamping. You are all like family to me in some ways. Thanks for checking in regularly and ALL the kind words you send me. I enjoy learning about each of YOU as well, so instead of me tagging someone else- I tag YOU!

IF you want MYTIME MAIL you need to respond to this post, by telling me 7 things about YOU! I will pick a random winner Sunday evening at 7pm eastern time.

2) I have a shopping/stamping addiciton. Seriously. I am an online shopping addict! It runs in my family. I love to get mail-not just any mail, happy mail. If I realize I dont have anything coming I panic! Then hit submit somewhere. I love waiting for my goodies. I think thats why I shop so much. And no Mr. Brown is not HOT, nor is my mailman. And since most days I run in the shower just before dinner I would say its definitely not because I want to run into ANYONE! LOL!

3) I have a “touch” of OCD. While my house is not the most spotless, I will notice if the littlest thing is out of place. Turn my salt shaker a hair, and I will notice-ask my husband. I wish it wasn’t true but I inherited it from my mother. Although I have RELAXED alot! Its still hard to shake. Thanks mom! My son Noah has it too! GREAT! I have to make sure the4 house is clean several times a day. CRAZY! I vacuum at least twice-

4) I wear mostly black and brown. I have no idea why. I just notice that I do. Open my closet, and its full of black and brown. And jeans. I only wear jeans- Maybe because its slimming!

5) I haven’t cut my hair (besides a trim) since I was 12! My hair has been long since then. Never shorter than a few inches past the middle of my back. Usually its to my waist. I look awful with short hair. My hair was long-to my waist when I was 12, my mom chopped it to my shoulder, and LAYERED it! OMG! That year of photos makes me cringe! That day I swore my hair would NEVER be short again! And it hasn’t. Also another FUN fact-my hair was straight till my mom chopped it off! After that it got curly! (IMAGINE: short, layers curly hair-oh the horror) Now I have naturally curly long hair. It also got darker as I got older, and now I dye it! Yes I admit it I dye it-so what!

6) If I could eat anywhere it would be at either TGIFridays or Olive Garden! Im so not high maintenance. I LOVE both of those places. One of my most favorite food I NEVER get to have is Greek vegetables! OMG! Love them! I also love italian food, and seafood. Since meeting Jason I rarely get any seafood!

7) I use to bite my nails as a child. My dad always said it was so gross and no guy would ever date me if I kept biting my nails. He offered to pay me $250 if I stopped for 2 weeks, and grew just a little white on my nails. I could not bite ONE single nail. I was so motivated for the money that I did it! AND he actually paid me! Since that time I have not bitten my nails! I do however, pick at the sides when Im upset-you know like hangnails-I know really gross and too much info. You should have seen my hangnails when Erik and I had court (my ex-mistake aka Alexa’s father) and when she was in the hospital! OMW!

STAY TUNED for tomorrow! Saturday Sketch challenge!

Your turn!